We have gone through a number of iterations of software, platforms, and technology for this work.

From early single-core mulit-tower stack to 4-core 2006 monster servers, to modern high density multi-tower and virtualized platform stack.

Early work in boolean slice technology and spline curve objects for Caligari Truespace and Sculpt4D (Amiga) to Newtek Lightwave3D and Modo, and finally Maxwell Renderer.

Bringing compiler technology on par with the gcc and Visual Studio ends was expensive, with over $2000 per year in licensing work, initially cited as a "DEMAND FOR MONEY FOR THE CHILD ABDUCTION" which was paid for from AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and such funds a BUSINESS ACCOUNT not eligible payment to the abductor nor income as BUSINESS CREDIT - this fraud to block our development has been about "money", not child welfare or legal or academic rights.

Where competitor claims that they have "NOT SEEN US DOING ANYTHING" raised the first red flag something was wrong with regional competitor conduct; having then no legal right to negotiate with us or enter into labor negotiations with prospects and attempting to insert themselves into our booth during paid appearance and public promotion of discreet technology job opportunities in the sector - it has become clear that such fraud and effort to control our public right to work in "syndicate" threats is evident in the Oklahoma City and City of Tulsa area, in coordination with local Ada and Dallas and Lewisville criminal threats on behalf of the Dallas Data Center groups TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TERRABOX (named in self-identification in 2011 Sept 7 letter to the Court to extort).

Growing up in an Apple Computer store, having access to business software and games on expensive early personal computers (Apple IIe, Machintosh) and enjoying some of the benefits of those early 8-bit games set a tone for what can be done in computer media.

Nothing therefore strikes me as more ignorant and obscene as some of the statements we could hardly believe coming out of the kidnapping group - including one written remark suggesting that an individual could not come up with anything that Microsoft Corporation had not already done so.

It is simply so absurd, as to suggest mental illness in any person in the industry who would utter those words - exclusive of genuine "narcissistic personality delusions" to believe in the lack of personal right or property, or inferiority, to such a well known shitheel as Microsoft and their world famous (famously unstable and irritating) operating system Windows 95, Windows 98, and Window 2000.

This made even less sense when our "Azure Technologies" project was suddenly tasked against the new "Microsoft Azure" cloud computing product, imitating our virtualization program and platforms after the purchase of technology from a vendor we were working with.

The use of the name forced us to change the name of a character - originally named in the 1990s as a joke and reference to IBM Corporation, known then generally as "Big Blue", and citing some catalogs by an independent company whom IBM had sued for using the literaly name "Big Blue" in confusing branding.

Considering how few people knew about this, and how unlikely it was - further raised concerns as to how much of our work was being maliciously and vindictively leaked to companies like Microsoft, or where the connection could be.

We then saw MASSIVE ATTACKS From ARIN assigned MICROSOFT IP ADDRESSES, and came to realize the DALLAS DATA CENTER was hosting some of their equipment, while learning only later that in 2008-2022 the primary party was a "VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE" for FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGATE, supporting a strong and direct MICROSOFT CORPORATION contact with the specific party concealing the child in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION at that time and during such fraud.

Ultimately we were not going to "fight over the trademark rights to a color".

However, we opted to move the brand away from that mark while trying to retain the original story which implied some undefined phonetic relationship between that alien species in the fiction and the South American and Middle American "Aztec" culture - keeping at all times a distance to respect the real and proud people of those cultures, and to limit such suggested styles to the beauty of their great (real) architecture and achievements lost in European invasion.

The name was changed to further distinguish it from "Azure" Cloud technologies, denying Microsoft that caveat and any legal claims in future; while affording some fiction to the software and platform lore of the character group with distinct branding.

Were that the first or only time such brand collission occurred, it would be supsicious.

But after 1998, we observed that Dell Computers began using our prior term for Heavy Operator services, reversing the letters and applying it as a model number to their computers systematically for Windows XP. We hoped it would end with the XP platform, but Dell Maintains that brand today, due to its popularity, in contrast to our "Cross Platform Solution Provider (XSP)" brand.

This, again, raised questions how a strange and specific leak like that might occur, with a very short list of suspects and repeated incorporation of other product names including our "Dream Engine" line, and "Dream Machine", in short order.

It became evident, just like the Toshiba America leak of contract information at Sykes Ada by a trainer working there, that someone was purposefully promoting for-sale our brands, marks, and product claims in a systematic fashion.

We changed marks just to see if this persisted, in high correlation, and continued to see a distribution of content in context to server products like those used at INFOMART / aka EQUINIX DATA CENTER in DALLAS TEXAS at Stemmons Freeway.

This led to a policy of not demoing any product after 2002, without strict non-compete non-disclosure terms; and a frustrating pattern of "attempted industrial espionage" and threats to extort upon those barriers in 2007-2008.

Name infringement is not the worst thing that can happen, but it is irritating about the fifth or sixth time your competitor does it.

As we saw in a (copycat issue, infringement) aka "Blue" version of our "Redhat Fedora" stack platform, an exact copy, being sent out of Italy in concert with staged attacks on our network identical to modern ongoing denial-of-service attacks from COGENT/NTT platforms.

This impaired our work and damaged our ability to sell support.

We saw this expand in CentOS distributions, seeking to replace FEDORA long term support with an inferior model and to convince IBM to shorten support lifecycle of the OS; which was done prior to CentOS falling apart and requiring a massive overhaul to continue to operate as promised, a fraud in Long-Term-Support (LTS) and clear effort to lend real commercial aid to UBUNTU LTS and other competitor distros altering the software stack to corrupt our work and tool set.

This sort of "bad faith" activity versus IBM Redhat Linux due to its corporate interest, left us in a very bad position against Canadian Developers aiding in this fraud and promoting their own copyright-violating platform which they sought to assert a monopoly over distribution and support via a "committee" similar to the Communist Party models used to invade Ukraine the first time (1918).

As a BeOS developer, I have very little patience for people sabotaging a software platform, and already lost a good amount of work in that area due to similar bad-faith activity ending with Microsoft buying the rights to those good works before shelving it as a competitor.

We saw this in the division of hard surface versus soft surface 3D asset development as well, amid growing disputes with NURB / MetaNURB technology and organic model tools. Ultimately this led us to The Foundry taking over MODO, and our focus shifting to advanced modelling in Zbrush and ray tracing in Maxwell Studio.

Before RTX, Maxwell was the only ray-tracing solution with intelligence to give real-time and dynamic output product for theatrical work. We had been working in CPU based ray tracing since Newtek LLC in the 1990s, but this was essentially early brute-force CPU DLSS technology now used by modern RTX cards in its infancy.

Being aware of what we could do, with the right discreet chip accelleartion, work for the graphic elements of the project took a back seat to logic and network infrastructure, control, and perception design. We assumed it would be a short (5 year) leap to public adoption. That was 17 years ago.

As of 2021, only 27% of the public have an RTX card. As of May 2022, that will increase with the 4000 series launch and stable A6000 server-side equipment required for our project. We are, as they say, expecting delivery in Summer 2022 of our "consumer adoption milestone" and looking forward to that.

So are several other companies whose early adoption and initial funding were based on "pie in the sky" promises of future graphics and achievements styled as software innovations, which are really just bleeding-edge early adoption of hardware features everyone has to have in order for anyone to play their absurd game. Fortunately, their design appears to suck as much as their avionics package HUD quality, and reminds me of a Russian one-man attack helicopter. So we are not exceptionally concerned despite a record amount of money raised in that "venture".

Other properties who defrauded their way into early market on false claims and false excuses for foreseeable coding limitations without our approach, are now struggling despite having excellent artistic skill in their application and presentation layer - even for the technology at hand. If their ethics and character were half as good, we would not be terminating service to their entire country for ongoing extortion in 2021 and 2022 to coerce us to drop out of the market before this hardware launch occurs in May.

Any industrial business that understands that May will be a "big year in the past ten years" and thus an attack onour business in April of that year by a party using those firms assets to launch an extortion scheme cannot be viewed separately from the competitor and regional industry it supports by this fraud; nor dismissed over a pattern of such abuse and false claims.

When my son was abducted, these shitbirds actually asked if I would work for them to sell as their product our work at our company, which they had taken overseas to market and sell illegally in prospectus. Had they not fucked it up so badly that it became an Internet legend for fraud and self-dealing, that might actually deter me from wanting to finish the project despite the assault at gunpoint and threats to murder my family and burn down my office (again) which continue to be published by their self-identified employee.

In light of such conduct, any claims about how their IBM Mainframe based implementation fails to perform really do not even deserve a comment that could convey any hope of fixing their platform or distinguishing it from other work we contributed to with better thermal dynamic gameplay elements and prior established mechanics dating back to the 1980s. In short, they own nothing but their racism in that game, and they can keep that (slave trading, drug trafficking, and smuggling narcotics and human cargo) concept.

Considering that was all ESRB 13+, I find that a little disturbing.

Parents rarely know what is in video games, nor did Walmart before we wrote them a stern letter. And even so, it still exceeds cannibalism and other polygamy elements in other start-up firms popular on Twitch Interactive Inc. today.

Considering that many of the complaints we initially got arose from options like "eat crew", now a staple joke in "Sunless Sea" and other classic games as good "H.P. Lovecraft" horror elements long overdue; and as much a part of deep space film also as "Pandorum" (2009), and similar levels of violence in "Pitch Black" (2000) and "Riddick" (2013), the public is far more aware of what "horror" in "space opera horror" means to many. (especially an M for Mature or 24+ age rule)

As always, the imagination and mental illness ("delusions") of our critics seem to take those things in a very awkward and central direction contrary all ordinary and (salty) use of the matters that an 80s comedy fan would instantly recognize are more satirical than visual elements in a theatrical work or game.

The point is to create an atmosphere, not replay the B17 zombie scene from "Heavy Metal" (1981) until it gets dull. We kids who grew up on the illustration of Dungeons And Dragons have a much different sense of visual detail and quality (fine art, oil) than those of later (1996-2022) era products. Even if games like Activision-Blizzard "World of Warcraft" do allow you to eat the corpse of other creatures as an undead character for health, and such mechanics are not unusual if a bit gruesome for ages 13+ use.

Artists have struggled with this "realism versus impression" element since Call of Cthulhu first published fine art oil works to evoke the physical sense of terror in the mythos, while other illustrators have taken it to different directions with "REALMS OF CHAOS" books showing putrid bodies and creatures living in other helpless creatures, a staple of Warhammer 40,000 lore.

If space-faring tyrannosaurus rex captures your ship, it only stands to reason that space-faring tyrannosaurus rex may want to eat you or your bridge crew. It's not like he can really grab you with the little arms, but the fun is in watching him try as a game developer in a satirical practical space-comedy. Why someone would opt for racism instead of that never really let me see the appeal of such cheap knock-off games and false claims; while video games give us a great deal of liberty with alien species which we cannot achieve with actors on set as part of practical effects or production costs.

I cannot be too precide, or space-faring tyrannosaurus rex will be on the SyFy channel tomorrow in a hot minute, given today's predatory commercial plagiarism as-a-business-model. But to build a software engine that can support those necessary mechanics, we just could not get the mileage out of Unreal or similar "purpose-built first-person shooter platform" kits and environments. There are techniques in our work which I look forward to sharing with the public, provided we can get this fraud put to rest and move ahead in local development for the domestic market value such a project can create. As the $70 billion Activision-Blizzard sale versus the $423 million sale of the ICELAND property in copycat work shows; our relationship and positive support of the Activision-Blizzard group paid off far more than the $100 million false loan and false prospectus claims to hire developers did for the ICELAND group. My only regret is that the people of Iceland did not put them all in jail, rather than just the bankers responsible for their borrowing $100 million USD from Royal Bank of Scotland against the future earnings of the public illegally.

When your competitor is willing to sell out their own country (140,000 people) to beat you, you keep things very close to the chest. Finding workers who can do that is hard. It is easier to train them than find the right candidates in a public education graduating class. So we are always on the lookout for 'quality people', not 'qualified graduates'. If you knew how out of date a 4 year degree is, it would be evident that anyone coming out of such a program requires another 3 years to "re-train" to modern practices and policies.

While the tools have become cheaper, with "Community Edition" of Individual Developer Environments (IDE), the need to recruit quality people remains a contest - and public fraud to intimidate candidates against helping us by using a child as collateral, is exceptionally disgusting evidence of the other business those firms are conducting on the side and among their members. Peristent worlds are "social media platforms", and I am still deeply unnerved by the number of drug dealers and other persons willing to do business via such tools to evade the attention of ordinary law enforcement and set up other channels and meetings before young audiences.

This is the main reason when developing our technology, I chose to have the platform limit access to persons who were 24 years of age and older without special permission and registration of such persons in the main office. Drug legalization has further complicated that in Oklahoma, creating an even bigger business for online distribution to vulnerable audiences. Our firm remains committed to protecting children and assuring the user base that all persons they encounter are both adults and responsible for a higher standard of conduct than ordinary "all ages" games.

That may make us seem less attractive to certain investors and buyers initially, but I am confident over time we will be a property based on our community - not our technology - which secures the value of higher order investment and franchise opportunities for the brand and those participating in it.

When I look back and see competitor OS projects which only span 1997-2022 trying to gain some authority on stolen code and after paying a settlement: then suggesting that grants them a unique franchise right - I realize we made the right decision to ban BSD platrorms from all use of our products and services.

I never even cared about Canada prior to this fraud, but since 2001 I've learned to regard Candaian businesses as a more immediate threat to national security than the Russian Federtion. Their conduct has been so offensive as to warrant denying all sales and service to the whole country over the actions of their associates in Michigan and Texas, and in State of California supporting human trafficking and child abuse to gain commercial advantage.

Ultimately, our platform is designed to transition from game simulation logic to real world signal processing and fire control, not just build encrypted "jails" to store their drug crypto and child trafficking sites in Canada, Denmark, and The Netherlands.

While they are busy spanking it to Filipinos kiddie porn, our Linux-based systems will meet their cousins on the battlefield and burn those human trafficking swine out of their holes - no matter how cold they are.

In that regard, I have no regrets regarding the military use of our technology or its purpose to deal with deeply embedded child traffickers in the IT industry.

Listening to them cry and lament that we haven't sent them a copy or a download key like that means nothing exists if they can't stick their sausage in it only affirms my confidence that we are giving those technologies to "the right people". They would only make porn with it, anyway - and nobody wants that.

BSD (1993-) and FreeBSD (1993-2022 per the real developers; 1997-2022 per Theo de Raadt) - are still trying to add the basic features Linux OS has and pioneered, while clinging to their superiority complex and public ignorance.

In the meantime we've been kicking ass since 1979 with Texas Instruments while those California punks were in diapers. And yes, that is my cartridge from my house.

Programming is not a one-man operation in industry, but when one person tries to take a narcissistic tone over an older programmer just because FORTRAN or COBOL or other language is obsolete, and they haven't bought a boxed OS product since Visual C++ 1.0, that is most unwise.

The same old coots know where the ten-key code for the minuteman missile silos are, that it is 9 and no other number, and to keep very detailed files for a very very very long time (since the last World War) for reference, just in case.

Those skills are just as important as a new "feature" at a conference or pay-to-play dev kit, and twice as handy. More importantly, those old coots have been through more administrative turnover than the entire graduating class of PhDs, and they understand the business is not about bragging - it is about trust that someone is going to have your back and can trust the word of those people without having to "call for a peer or authority" to prove what they say is true. It's about trusting that when the enemy throw up a white flag, that one bastard doesn't shoot them anyway, that wins wars.

I do not get that feeling from BSD / FreeBSD community members. All I've ever seen is fraud, hate, and predatory behavior I wouldn't allow a child to be near or alone with.

If you don't know why you can't get a job with FreeBSD or OpenBSD experience, don't blame us. Just look at the real world charts and you can see Linux is kicking the shit out of BSD on the daily for features and modernization. But I would still not hire anyone if I see any "BSD" info on their resume, no matter what.

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