Oct 5th 2022

Senior RPG Teams

Meeting Saturdays 7-9pm - Casual RPG VR Shared World Tours and Chat, Fallout 76, et al

Virtual Reality Persistent Worlds, like Fallout 76, which allow for building and casual social play among working adults with limited time, as a method of getting out and enjoying contact in a non-competitive for-escapism civil community with other persons over 30 years of age. Parents and family members are welcome, with responsible adult, and servers set up at the convenience of sponsors for specific groups in various RPG multi-user 3D game worlds and communities. The community emphasizes a non-competitive non-goal-driven casual learning experience for older members to experience VR and bring mature points of view into virtual environment and gameplay development groups.

Game design among most console players is oriented on reward and short term achievement. Our player group is focused on long-term and persistent game design and development for world building, in concert with other technologies of virtual reality and persistent design research sponsored by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma.

If you are old enough to remember DOS, you are probably old enough to join. If you never heard of DOS before, you are still welcome. The goal of these groups is to study human interaction across the spectrum of technical skills, and better design virtual worlds to be comfortable and accomodating to users who are not already involved in competitive e-Sports or virtual persona development; in a quality and safety environment based on conservative and social values including player-to-player and atmospheric respect of content and environmental setting.

Interactions are not monitored other than by observation in interactivity and player feedback. Independent games and 3rd party game service experience is not part of the study, and may vary. User intactions in online environments is not under the direct control of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. or the publisher or developer of such environments, and require reporting and safety practices in addition to privacy and screening of member access tools which cannot be fully guaranteed nor controlled by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. or other publishers or players.

In other words, restreaming of content involving other players is discouraged, as user activity to interfere with player experience is not fully guaranteed to meet or pass requirements for commercial content at all times; and players agree not to restream these sessions in privacy or record such activity as part of their membership in the group and for the benefit of the privacy of communications among other players.

In general, these groups are exclusively not in virtual environments which allow or use erotic content or sexual language, and are focused on a public audiences standard of commuincation and safety in player expected and required behavior toward other players. Fallout 76 and Minecraft, for example, do not evoke any sexual themes or images. Other games use or promotion are on a case-by-case and ongoing review basis to ensure minimum standards of a safe professional and public business environment among users.

The group was founded in the Planetside 1 era, and operation of "The Fluffy Bunny" company in Planetside 1 and 2. The group leader is a founder of Planetside 2 by DayBreak Games.

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