Oct 1st 2022

State of the Industry

The Personal Computer (PC) Game Industry is in a state of takeover by markets similar to the 1935 Hays Code (see: Wikipedia). A large-scale takeover of Koch Media, League of Legends producer Riot Games, Fortnite produer EPIC MEGAGAMES, followed the 1999 proposal of Games-as-a-Service proposal by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. subsequently adopted by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD.

The ability to create a game and franchise in the same manner that Hollywood created movies to influence and project cultural narratives, working in procedural and timeless graphic formats convertable to traditional film and merchandice, was the central project of SHADOWDANNCERS L.L.C. since its formation and conversion to a software development business for emerging technology.

Citing major defects in anticipation and beta testing of Origin Systems "Ultima Online" and security issues, and prior "Club Caribe" products for the Commodore 128, the first graphic multi-user-dungeon available for subscribers of dial-up services; the company foresaw the industry and sought to install that in Oklahoma to benefit Native American and rural areas preceeding optical Internet developed by Nortel Networks (70% of patents used for optical data transport were held by Nortel Networks, prior the data breach of 2001 and $250 billion global collapse of the firm due to industrial espionage by 2011, documented by James Allen and Brian Shields).

Modern Business Models

SaaS and digital distribution techniques now in use by Microsoft and Valve Corporation, Epic MegaGames Inc., and Origin Systems - were a product of that work, anticipating audio and video multiplexing similar to Lucent Technologies Inc. hardware used by Sykes Enterprises Inc. in Ada, Oklahoma.

What we did not foresee was the amount of foreign criminal influence and espinage, overcoming companies like NORTEL and LUCENT, and accepted by China, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, England and other nations with a history and culture of piracy against International trade. These countries attitude that theft and appropriation were a regular and ordinary activity among businesses of various nations, prohibited only by force of arms to stop interdiction of goods from manufacture to market, is evident today in ongoing organized and intentional plagiarism activity.

Further, that courts of law would support such fraud as de minus, in corruption as much as ignorance, like acceptance of colonial activity in India and Africa, to defend and normalize looting and violence against Native cultures, domestic companies, and to side with large foreign government capital over domestic law.

Foreign Fraud Against U.S. Courts

This activity paired with a foreign power able to recognize the political power to seize the narrative of a new media appealing to children and simple adults, and to use it to style radical extremist religious views as normal and even exclusive dogma to criminalize and characterize dissent as heretical malice or defect of mind to impose "mental health" labels and stigma - created a "Witch Hunt" style of cultural propaganda to support the forced taking and genocide activity against North America. Economically desperation in South America and Canada created foothold situations for socialist revolutionary academic and populist support among poor, unskilled, and disenfranchised workers in warm and cold climates who were envious of the United States success in the 20th Century and computer revolution.

Canadian subsidies to art and film industries, undercutting United States by up to 50% of production costs, shifted production away from the United States West Coast and Midwestern history; leaving adult industry film and markets as one of the few holdouts for many years - and establishing a tolerance in California, Texas, Florida, and New York for crime as a business on par with the worst racketeering activity of Illinois and Michigan (Great Lakes Area smuggling).

As markets in People's Republic of China and the Middle East opened up in 2001-2022, aided by industrial underbidding of contracts using insider information obtained by Nortel's data breach and collapse in 2007-2011; media investments and monopolies like Alibaba Group and TENCENT afforded endorsement by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to promote only approved content began to shape the industry of computer entertainment with lending via national assets, credit obtained by construction projects similar to the Savings and Loan scandal of Texas repeated in China, and gain the support of hardline CCP to combat technical proficiency of Republic of China (ROC), the surviving island of Taiwan and original government of the mainland prior to the Cultural Revolution (Chinese Civil War).

Creeping Value Systems

Value systems and "mental health" claims of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA began to be evidently predominant in game design for Microsoft XBOX and Sony Playstation, console computers for ages 10-21.

PC Games, traditionally written for older audiences and professional ages 16-32 in the 1970s-1980s, were dramatically simplified to emphasize action oriented game play; and to remove text and dialog in a parody of successful 2001-2022 SaaS products like "Activision-Blizzard World of Warcraft" and tower defense resource games like "Warcraft" and "Starcraft".

Today in 2022, we see these same "Tower Defense" and "Resource Scarcity" games overly popular in South Korea, Japan, China, and Europe - reflecting a strategy set forth in 1820 by G.W.F. Hegel and later students of Hegel like writer Carl Marx and Adolph Hitler, whose books comprise "Scarcity Theory" and "Lebensraum" concepts of imposed moral compromise in central authority distributed among the least competent and most popular persons mixed with the moral imperative of use of force and deceit to obtain control over competing ideologies and ethnicities as a mandate for national identity and survival at the expense of "lesser people".

These themes are sadly evident in Japanese and Chinese markets, despite their rejection from 1945 to 1993 in the United States.

Quest Driven Game Theory

Quest-driven game mechanics: emphasising 1.) a quest giver; 2.) a social need or good styled as a job with profit; 3.) and a reward for accomplishment of distinct goals without context - such as gathering a fixed quantity of resources; are almost universally accepted now as a model. How the player accomplishes this or the inequity of scale or different player levels and abilities to exploit and maximize these mechanisms, are largely ignored in favor of a multi-level-marketing competitive process exploiting adolecent and immature adult consumers to try to "win" or "out-perform" other players without respect to method or fairness.

As predicted, in any economy affording trade of items granting benefit or performance enhancement over other users, the black-market to negotiate and acquire the items using industrial methods and by groups to generate value for conversion to real-world money became evident. Most games devalued their currency and items to combat this; but some enhanced it and engaged in selling of the tokens for undocumented revenue to vastly grow their products. This practice, when formalized, became "in-game purchases" or "micro-transactions" - a term used to suggest the small per-transaction-value should not be seen for what it was: influence peddling of virtual goods literally having no value outside the end-use of the game environment by the game managers and employees without limit, in artificial scarcity and a quasi-securities model.

Rise of Cryptocurrency Ledger Markers

Before objection could be made, this practice was incorporated in ledger balance sheets themed on no game whatsoever and transfer registries of secure distributed "debt books" not linked to real world assets, which we now recognize as "Cryptocurrency", such as "Bitcoin" and "Etherium".

Rather than address this as genuine securities fraud, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation made the mistake of going to a Federal Court and asserting that such "digital goods" were "property" despite being "intangible property" and "virtual versions of real world issued bonds and securities instruments, otherwise under regulation and control for good cause"; so that the FBI could sell some Bitcoin it obtained in a seizure.

The resulting legal precedent destroyed the world economy and placed billions of Dollars into virtual "burns" of investment value - transferred to sellers who obtained investment from the public for Cryptocurrency assets then devalued by direct result of issuer changes to terms and prospectus pledges of investment publicly solicited for purchase and sale. The Ethereum blockchain conversion from Proof of Work (PoW) which allows mining by consumers, to Proof-of-State (PoS) which rewards investment and industrial activity alone in a promised return in-like-token for existing traded assets, created a collapse of the market in 2022 September 15th.

Cryptocurrency valued at $1800 USD per token, lost 33% of its value overnight, and products like Bitcoin fell in a virtual 1:1 ratio to those collapses - showing the market conversion across the spectrum on trading sites certified by the United States Securities Exchange Commission; and asset transfers evading sanctions valued at billions of U.S. Dollars.

One can fairly state that "Cryptocurrency is the largest PC game yet", and no more or less valid than any other "micro-transaction" product model in use among other entertainment titles.

Fractional Investing Fraud

The ability to buy fractions of a whole coin, which can be valued at up to $60,000 as a unit, out to eight decimal points, created in concert with zero-fee trading afforded by BINANCE.US for Bitcoin, a market nightmare where even a change of $0.01 represented convertable asset gains without risk for trading under the ordinary 2% price margin of fee-based trade systems used by FINRA for stock and other assets.

Without the margin, and in concert with manipulation of the promised ability of PC users to generate income from home and while at work using their PC; hardware prices fell for AMD and NVIDIA CORPORATION dramatically in 2022 September and projected into 4Q 2022.

Prior to Cryptocurrency, NVIDIA CORPORATION was a $2 billion USD company in assets. The advent of this "gaming" of their equipment and its contribution to their sales, driving card prices over $400 for entry level and $2000 for performance expansion cards, up from $70 per card for entry level and $600 for premium equipment - generated $40 billion USD in assets for NVIDIA CORPORATION.

Foreign Sale of U.S. Tech Company

Rather than accept their success, the company attempted to sell itself to SOFTBANK GROUP CORP for $40 billion USD in stock from a Chinese firm under direct control of the CCP and enjoined by contract to provide technology to the People's Liberation Army (PLA, national military of the PRC and Chinese Communist Party). This began in 2018 and was blocked in 2022 thanks to English regulatory concerns ignored by the United States.

On being blocked from sale in February 2022, the company began harassing and projecting its supply chain claims and shortages created by those tactics in price setting and component supply and price manipulation to harm EVGA CORPORATION as a producer of video cards for PC systems; while moving ahead with a plan to replace those middle-men with direct sales of the product from NVIDIA CORPORATION and reserving the enterprise-class version of their product for sale to partners in the "data center" market - eliminating the ability of small firms like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to own "the means of production" required to carry out work or develop sensitive technology in-house.

This action placed sensitive technology and access to manipulate that technology exclusively in the hands of select foreign owned trusts engaging in real estate acquisitions and large-scale-software-industry mergers to form unions of over 100 software development companies aligned against United States media producers and backed by large-capital-investment.

Observing this from California, Activision-Blizzard opted to sell their company and franchise (World of Warcraft) to Microsoft for $74 billion USD; citing that even they could not hope to compete against this European software developer movement (backed by state credit and lending in China and other radicalized countries) without the support of a $1+ billion parent company like Microsoft.

Telecommunications monopolies like NTT GROUP (Japan) and HUAWEI (China) have annual revenues of over $100 billion USD, with net profit of $10 billion USD per year; afforded by State ownership of those firms directly (23% ownership by "Government of Japan", literally, in NTT GROUP) and similar special interest with nationalist goals such as the PLA access in China to technology and communications from businesses hosted on those "Data Centers" allowed to operate by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Speech, literature, and values critical of the CCP and their policies, or those of "Government of Japan" and its post-war cultural castration of masculine value in society over financial and social order imposed by the Allied Forces after surrender in 1945 as the last AXIS power; are evident in the narrative and message of video games today for PC.

This is not solely because of the vast influence and dominance of Sony Entertainment, and their Playstation console. Nor influence of Microsoft and its XBox console. The driving force is something called "Middleware" in this ecology of hardware for entertainment products.

Middleware Game Development

Middleware products allow software companies to write a game once in a meta-language, which will then implement the product on various operating systems that have discreet differences in their final optimized code use and format. This simplifies game design for developers, who cannot learn the details of constantly changing and incompatable hardware like the Playstation and XBox, as well as portability to Apple platforms without a complete low-level re-writing of the source code or changes to ensure operation in security and performance patches issued by the operating system manufacturer (Apple, Microsoft, Android).

Middleware gave rise to "Game Engine" products - platforms for making games based on a collection of diverse separte licensed middleware products for sound, image, terrain, virtual environments, and data file and network access management. Code that game developers and screenwriters do not want to write or delve into during a creative or artistic endeavor where every minute translates to capital expenditure on software engineering and artists.

Middleware makes sense - until it doesn't.

When "Game Engines" are made primarily for one type of game - like shooters with fast movement and speed over realism or graphics quality - those same middleware products become a "crutch" or poor basis for more sophisticated and intricate mechanisms of a virtual environment to rely on. Games that use the same "Middleware" both look alike and play alike, which can be a major problem to distinguish one product from another. Artists and companies struggle to develop a distinct style, such as a post-image filter, to establish recognition in the marketplace - like Gearbox Software's "Borderlands", also described by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in its early work prior release of that title.

The presure to adopt or quickly license one of these "Game Engines" by investors and fans to rush the development and gain capital returns often fails to understand the licensing rights of such products.

Middleware often is per-title, per-platform, and may be year-over-year or royalty-based. This means that developers must pay the "Game Engine" company a large fee, a portion of earnings, and pay per software platform the game operates on - and those fees may be many millions of Dollars off the top of net revenue after costs and marketing, prior support costs and payroll of other development and support.

As a result of high fees, most PC game titles are "turn and burn" products - made for sale, hyped for launch, and then abandoned in 3-6 months completely in favor of creating a "Downloadable Content" that is sold separately from the original game title, or new title to replace the original.

Very few companies own their own game engine, and exceptionally few own the entire end-to-end product due to use of patents in the United States to restrict common features like procedural generation of terrain, facial behavior simulation, motion capture data, sound processing in asynchronous use on both older and newer PC hardware, and specific effects which are available off-the-shelf for a license that fits $7 billion companies budgets - but not in-house studios or development.

Class of Product

Game developers for PC therefor see a very distinct difference in qualities of titles using popular Middleware, obsolete prior-generation Middleware for older equipment, and DIY or OpenSource frameworks and promised support from lanaguage developers like .NET and JAVA - which claim to offer the same features but do not deliver performance or stability like genuine dedicated Middleware firms.

The ecology of such titles define the nature of game, assets, and quantity of work that a company can expect to do in order to produce a title on par with other firms offerings - a set standard.

In the industry, this is referred to as AAA (triple A) games, AA, A, B, C, and F product; similar to grading systems. Triple-A games are considered products of very high investment or quality, like Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Project RED. One company had the gall to even call themselves "4A Games", in Ukraine. They are the creator of the "Metro" adaptation of Russian fiction, and were owned by Koch Media until acquisition by EMBRACER GROUP AB recently.

How companies obtain the software to produce games, and whether it is licensed prior to its final use, is a huge issue. Some countries allow use of commercial products for "non-commercial" or "academic" purposes - and start-ups and unscrupulous firms will create independent units of unofficial workers to employ those benefits until they have a very finished product ready to launch. Then buy the license and transfer the source code and assets to that new organizational unit to cover any claims of unlicensed development. Firms in the United States trying to compete with these "pirate Middleware and Software" companies are greatly disadvantaged.

After years of this, and several specific cases of signed illicit software released commercially with unlicensed tools signatures created to trace the problem by Microsoft Corporation; it was evident that other countries were complicit in this practice against the United States providers of the software, and piracy was both widely accepted and rampant in those nations (holds up map of India).

At that point, software that was being sold for $700 per user/seat was refactored and made available to the public at no cost - reserving optimized features for the premium and Enterprise client class separately; which greatly eased pressure on U.S. Developers and penalized firms who had spent the money to develop studios based on the commercial licensing fees (like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.). In this way, software piracy and compensation to stop piracy as a global phenomenon, damaged legitimate developers and harmed investors in that early technology; but was necessary to meet the scale of piracy and rising competition form OpenSource platform seeking to gain some percentage of market from Windows and console games.

NVIDIA CORPORATION and to a much lesser extent AMD, manufacturers of video cards, failed to provide equitable driver software to Linux users at no cost; largely due to lack of professional support and negligence - impairing those platforms in favor of Microsoft and console products.

Only in August 2022 did NVIDIA CORPORATION finally give over their driver to Linux users, and did so without support for older common versions of Linux still in use; to support only the latest release in Linux Kernel 5.x and upcoming (Oct 2nd 2022) 6.0 Kernel.

Linux platforms have limped along, but its performance relied on implementations of software like WINDOWS EMULATION using parts of the licensed software not permitted by Microsoft for years; with a lack of support among OpenGL and other competing platforms in performance and purposeful incompatibility to sabotage assets by DIRECTX API developer Microsoft in protectionist activity.

As a result, most of your triple A games today are found on console; and PC based games never materialized as promsed by companies touting the state-of-the-art graphics and capabilities in future promised release cycels like Star Citizen, which raised over $1 billion USD in pre-sales while having graphics that remind modern players of Wing Commander (by Origin Systems) or Tribes.

Notable exceptions include Rockstar Games GTA franchise, DEEP SILVER (Koch Media, now EMBRACER GROUP AB) "Saints Row" comedic open world crime and murder game, and 4A Games "Metro Redux" and associated RTX-enabled games, which are showpiece products for the NVIDIA CORPORATION "RTX" technology in the 3000 and 4000 series (due out October 2022).


Companies like "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP" have been awful with their licensing of their media and art, with one shining exception in the SEGA GAMES produced "SPACE MARINE" title some 10 years ago.

SEGA really did a great job based on expert experience in the early console and hardware market, in every way. Even in the character portrayals - creating one of the most believable and genuine representations of the franchise since. The new "SPACE MARINE 2" game is due to launch soon.

Other companies development using "Middleware" engines for the same franchise have been awful, stiff, sliding, barely functional shooters and slow time-dialation strategy games which are virutally unplayable by multiple users compared to the first "Dawn of War" product made by now bankrupt and resold "THQ Nordic" company acquired for the name by the present "EMBRACER GROUP AB" and worn like a skin in a Hannible Lecter film for some years.

We did not recognize the behavior or understand how "Dawn of War II" and "Dawn of War III" were increasingly worse and unplayable by the audience who praised "Dawn of War I", because of this name change and staff turnover. As other Nordic games and titles began to show artwork explicitly lifted from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. products and work, giving rise to certain conversations with developers at Texas conferences and Oklahoma City events, this began to raise concerns about the plagiarism occurring in the Netherlands and Iceland, Sweden, and increasingly pro-Nazi-party mechanics observed in titles coming into the wargame area.

Games where mechanics center on propaganda value, manpower, reliance on International rules of war to restrict and hamstring nations against ordinary acts of self-defense and sovereign rights, and a pattern of strategies and pro-socialist extremist and ethnic characteristic fiction, centered on Norse mythology and "raiding" concepts as natural and ordinary evolution of national power and projection of force, which in context to a military historian were typical of National Socialist Workers Party rhetoric in the Republic of Germany from 1914-1939.

Abuse from supporters in Brazil, using radicalized neo-nazi slogans, and harassment in the game EVE ONLINE exposing a Canadian Database Developer as an insider and staff member of CCP engaged in distribution of rare items to specific groups of designated "Aggitators" intent and tasked with breaking up player community organizations and "union busting" to sustain the violent and racially separatist oriented narrative fiction of the game developers; quickly led to discovery of sale of in-game currency and even exceptionally large ships for sums of money exceeding $1000 USD in public off-site exchanges. At one point, adult players were buying very large resource-intense vessels that required substantial multi-player work to create, for use in large organized for-profit activity based on the game's favorable $40/hr income rate for such work. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. documented this in 2003-2007, in studies of virtual economy activity and vice activity among independent game companies.

Commercial real-world work-for-hire in virtual environments is not isolated to the prior game.

Other examples including "Second Life" and "VRChat" have always had adult-content oriented to users, with varying degrees of disclosure to minor audiences, and explicit content in online interactions common both in those games and Eve Online. Online gambling has also been a staple in games like Runescape, where "staking" fights and player duels became a lucrative skill-based event influenced by rare items and "buffs" obtainable only by intensive play or purchase from other players willing to sell those items. Star Trek Online formalized this system, while Activision-Blizzard forced players to choose if they would sell the item or use it, preventing much of the ladder-style upgrades from being made available in-market automatically.

No one said player based economies were easy, but tokens and virtual currency have been in use since the first Multi-User Dungeon text games. Club Caribe (AOL) even had "tokens" you could find to exchange for services and goods and earn by exploring and participating in the multi-user activities.

So the matter is not one of regulation, but of ethics in insider trading and misuse - audience - and player experience when entering into a for-profit game environment where physical and digital product are being sold and marketed to minor children.

Minor children are both vulnerable to this form of open world with International presence and immunity to legal consequences for inappropriate behavior, for-hire-harassment (a lucrative industry in Eve), and promotion of for-hire-harassment as a game mechanic with variable and ineffective "Safe Spaces" created by such games which are easily exploited by adult players. Ultima Online had the same issues, and failed for the same reasons.

What SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its companies do is study these issues, mechanics, and techniques; and develop tools and mechanisms to overcome these behavioral and technical defects in the products and applications they test. Making recommendations to fix and improve systems.

In computer security, this is called penetration testing. In virtual environments, it is quality assurance and customer experience software engineering and product testing.

Almost every company in VR space or virutalization of environments can and should use more product testing, but this is often done in-house and by persons who are afraid to call out obvious and improper defects at-risk of losing their job and antagonizing their coworkers, some of whom are clearly criminally insane based on our findings and observations.

This is why responsible companies hire small outside firms to perform tests and write reviews of a technical nature - both to the implementation of graphics and defects of a programming nature and in mechanics and potential flaws in social and balance systems.

Culture Clash

At this point, and due to the "audience expectations" of various companies and their sponsor nations and markets, the culture and values of different firms present as a real and serious issue.

What is normal in an American survival game, is immoral and criminal conduct in a Chinese game or a German market. This is why you won't find any fiction about Chinese actions in the war that would seem negative or detrimental to China in Fallout 76, while the Americans are blamed for everything including slavery, poisoning their own people, experimenting on their own people, and starting World War III.

Likewise, all moral values suggest that working together against industrial capitalism, capitalists, and slavery exploiting the working class are the only "moral" choice in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. Everything is written in a socialist democratic party romanticism, down to the role of settlers to produce goods and talk about how happy they are to be a member of a communal agrarian society - i.e. "Farmers and Peasants".

Players can join "The Raiders", the capitalist taking from others by force and murder (and worse), but that is a role which exposes only a villainous and criminally insane characterization of military force and property contrary to CCP style socialism.

To players of the original Fallout and Fallout 2, or Fallout Tactics, this is just several kinds of wrong - but a good example of how common this "collective will" and "combined equity of force" to overcome a smaller group has saturated the marketplace. Bethesda Softworks LLC, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media, a subsidiary of Microsoft - soled Sept 21 2021 for $7.5 billion USD; is no exception to this trend despite Microsoft protection.

The same company (ZeniMax) owns "id Software" in Richardson TEXAS, makers of the DOOM franchise; and we can see that same influence in the shift for those games away from early works toward pure "sliding comic violence" having no tangible comparison to real world simulation due to concerns for distinct styles of play versus potential realism in markets like China and Japan.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has actually been hassled quite a bit by QUAKE/DOOM developers in an effort to compel the company to adopt (license) the engine from that firm over clear specification requirement failures, and this is one more reason that the firm began investigating mergers and acquisitions by threats related to "id Software" employees in 2009 and 2013 mergers, coinciding with spikes in activity of extortion to overcome the Oklahoma company.

Many of the threats appeared to coincide also with "American McGee", a software engineer at the prior company - who developed "American McGee's Alice", and still get physically sick every time I walk by a copy of that game in stores anywhere today - due to the harassment in 2007-2014. McGee moved to Shanghai in 2007-2016 to operate "Spicey Horse", which dissolved in 2016 along with a lot of the threats to the Oklahoma company until 2017 legal action violating Federal Law in a false CITATION FOR CONTEMPT contrary suit in State of Texas and to disrupt that child recovery suit.

The mobility of developers to engage in industrial sabotage and then move to new districts and change names, harms everyone and is contrary to ordinary civil process as well as International Trade. The bad feelings and real injuries created last for the duration of victims lifetimes and pass on harm to their families. But some developers and their investors do not see these tactics and "strong arm sales" activity as negative - or rely on foreign populist support in regions like Germany, Sweden, China, and Japan - to carry out intimidation and extortion activity over commercial right to work (XXIII-1A), which they disregard as a real "civil right" based on radicalized CCP and National Socialist movements in Japan and Sweden, Denmark, and Austria.

"Alice: The Madness Returns" by McGee, was entirely developed in China; and those radicalized views are evident in the nature of harassment imposed on SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. members and staff during that time - to wholly damage any future relationship with People's Republic of China.

There is nothing wrong with making games that support your culture or cultural narrative - but when those games and the employees who make them actively reach out to abuse and defame and impair other developers in the right to make products by assaulting them in their home or family, harassing them, soliciting the public to strike them commercially or personally, or other Volksverhetzung behavior to incite public lynching and breaking up the family of the developer for critical satire of a subject or value system as if other points of view or philosophy or faith are invalid - that is a real danger where China, Japan, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, or England are present to back those threats with capital and public support to harm.

The Breach: 2020-2022

The result of those moments (2007-2016) are a polarized and divided cultural in which individual rights of individual persons are set aside in favor of the potential earnings of "hypothetical shareholders"; foreign to the actual and real people who are genuine owners and investors in a project and their will.

The effort to commercially "extinguish" game developers who are working to create a counter-socialist or anti-race-based game environment; or support traditional masculine and independent narratives about space-based future society and war, is overwhelming and on par with overt calls for murder in 2022.

The very idea that a video platform, video game, or digital media or series does not conform to the anti-Christian radical socialist and collective "Democracy" movement - one which disclaims the exclusion of specific bad behavior or abuse as a redeemable lapse in judgment entitled use of force and coercion to "correct" persons from "Wrong Thinking" in views of value or individual reservation of personal rights, protection from forced labor, and entitled contact with their children and protection in their community from harm, without imposing "mental health" derogatory labels upon them to coerce surrender of commercial rights and property barred by XXIII-1A Constitutional Rights of the STate of Oklahoma; are increasingly evident in the conduct of State and Federal Law Enforcement misconduct in Oklahoma, Texas, and other States conducting trade with People's Republic of China and Nation of Japan, The Netherlands, South America, Canada, European Union, and Australia.

Not every nation is engaged in this abuse. India and Africa, despite having exceptionally strong values virtually identical to those - recognize the threat to exploit resources and overcome local cultural identity by foreign interference, and are responding strongly against aggression. South Korea, also, has a fairly open culture despite its proximity to these abuses, due to prior aggression to overcome their civil liberties.

This does not reduce their tendancy to develop games for China and other large markets like Europe; including accomodating German demands to omit all use of symbols associating the country with the Holocaust and responsibility for that similar abuse in 1938-1944.

Games that expressly contest the "collective cooperation and broad mandatory forced tolerance of wildly invasive and wholly manufactured cultural class" used as a doorstop to force "Democratic Socialist" value propositions into game design, from "cannibalism" and "slavery" in titles like "Rimworlds" as a collective norm - to satire of the prison system to normalize abuse of persons as second class citizens in the United States correction system by "Prison Architect", these games present society in a comic fashion that does invite some criticism - but wholly enjoin dynamics of social behavior that are alien to wide ranges of the United States population and communities.

The idea that we should "normalize" any behavior, and "criminalize" any other based on political suffrage claims to suspend the right to speak and write and interact in virtual environments which are not directed to incite harm toward real people and deprive real children of legally obligated protection and security and contact with their parent, is misuse of mass communications in monopoly activity over certain media.

The amount of investor interest and capital required to produce a game, once less than $2 million USD per title, is now over $200 million USD per year in SaaS models. Revenues of $5 million USD per month per title are not unusual, with long term returns on franchise rights exceeding $1 billion USD per title. Popular franchise merchandice rights are worth over $2 billion USD per year in annual sales (STAR TREK, STAR WARS); so the sabotage of the right to franchise by any company or its employee to disable a competitor should be seen as a direct attack on the economy of that state and community to harm the State as well as the individual being deprived of the right to franchise.

Domestic Law Enforcement Capitulate

Modern American Law Enforcement and City Government, as well as County Seat activity, instead is treating this conduct like a car sale lot complaining of damage to physical property - asking how many windows were broken or the cost of the car stolen off the lot to establish their response; unable to comprehend the damage done by a perpetrator who is stealing the keys to every car that comes on the lot and making duplicates to sell in the global community so those cars can be stolen which are sold in any given year or in the future perpetually after one breach of security afforded immunity from prosecution to do business upon those thefts in public.

It is identical to strong-arm tactics to buy land in Oil Well Development periods, by demanding the owner sell the lot at a reduced price or have their property burned to the ground and their oil well sites filled with concrete in the night by competitors; who if confronted or resisted by lawful force will then target the family and children of the land owner for standing up to the lynch mob.

The complete rejection of the value of the oil in the land, to suggest that this sort of criminal activity is purely based on assault or shootings or only a crime after a murder has occurred; is beyond criminal negligence of local and State law enforcement - and evidence of the strong foreign influence purchased by companies operating at the $1+ billion level for which a normal and ordinary Title 78 O.S. Section 78-53 rule injury is done in any "unfair" business practices or use of force or family violence upon COMMERCIAL CAUSE to extort otherwise evident.

The State may not be able to compete in these markets due to the capital investment already employed by other States, but by denying protection of domestic business owners it is participating in the market as a strong-arm enforcement component of foreign corrupt influence, contrary to the Laws of the United States, and to sell the power of the court and local community to such prospect of reward or favoritism in future for corrupt abuse of public office.

Games that criticize, or even "normalize" that behavior, like "This is the Police" and "This is the Police II", do not even rank as "fiction" after examination of the present strong-arm activity of TENCENT against Oklahoma based companies and data-center harassment out of 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX following COGENT COMMUNICATIONS use of sites in Texas and Denmark to send threats to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. from their employees and to gain clear advantage in partnership with 2022 October release of Enterprise class NVIDIA "Omniverse" products and lease exclusive hardware disbursement that were developed based on the work of distributed computing and image processing by NEWTEK LLC, LUXOLOGY LLC, NEXT LIMIT INC., and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. with Slicehost and Rackspace.


The offense: SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. was engaged in building a warfighting game based on exceptional stories of American soldiers to make resistance against socialist armed forces in the 20th Century, and to develop an engine and system which was specific to that experience of small crew combat operations against overwhelming forces using battlefield automation and logistics technology similar to American Special Forces and Signal Warfare elements unique to specialized knowledge in the field obtained over 40 years of experience with fire control and computer data systems.

The product was for "academic and entertainment purposes", set in a future space-opera post-war environment, made popular in the 1970s and 1980s animated film genre; affording reflection on the collapse of empires based on socailist superiority and populist value systems preceeding an Interstellar war that led to the near extinction of humanity - due to the scale and scope of weapons and technology used to end the conflict decisively.

Concepts that are terrifying to modern "Democratic Socialism" as a threat of potential military success in resisting "settled facts" and "manufactured history" common in George Orwell's 1984 (see: NewSpeak) and "Equilibrium".

Chinese Communist Party censorship of such content and prejudice against it as the product of an irrational mind not entitled 1st Amendment rights to work or publish, are evident in modification of similar series like "Fight Club" to suit the Chinese version of the 1935 American Hollywood "Hays Code".

This is because the People's Republic of China interprets any successful resistance to their "Democracy" movement and claims of authority as "mental illness" and "delusional fantasy" - as they do religious theories like "Christianity" and other religions not permitted without mitigation and subbordination to the political direction of the Chinese Communist Party.

This issue is not isolated to China or the CCP, and is evident in similar movements in Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, England, France, and Ukraine. It incorporates the license to practice medicine, and to impose in those practices a standard of reporting for any opposition to the general rule of the government without regard to cause or suffrage, as if a defect of mind and spirit and character necessary correction.

This differs from genuine mental illness such as schizophrenia or psychosis, but is often confused to instill fear in the public so that the genuine evidence of such abuses and harm and loss of protection is not evident or proven to the general public in abuse of public office. Persons engaging in this form of abuse are violating Oklahoma Law, 43A O.S. 43A-5-104.


Unfortunately, the law does not prescribe the allegation of mental health defect to extort expressly; as that was presumed and evident in the crime of blackmail and extortion based on false reputation or medical claims in essence - and such law is originally intended to suggest only doctors are liable for commitment of persons accused wrongly; because the allegation of such claims by a non-licensed physician to make a specific diagnosis would be a practice of medicine without license and improper practice over a person without their consent or legal participation in such malfeasance of office.

More and more, in TITLE IV FRAUD, we see persons alleged to be diagnosed released into the community without supervision to escape this "commitment" aspect and enroll the party in benefits for payment to the State in fraud, and in cases like those two performed by Mary Languille-Hoppe in 2018 and 2019; her reports were made without notice or disclosure of claims to her patients in clear FEDERAL WELFARE FRAUD baased on fabricated events and fabicated statements to injure her patients irreparably and damage their ability to report the crime or other offenses against them later.

This conduct has its roots in EXCESSIVE FINES and in HOLOCAUST activity to remove persons as "dangerous" from the community, on false allegation of mental health or to allege such act of arrest was "help" then employed as a form of criminal coercion - and we see this in the 2001-2022 activity from the game developers in DALLAS TEXAS, DENTON TEXAS, RICHARDSON TEXAS, and associates in Enid Oklahoma and Ada Oklahoma employing these tactics to blackmail SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. criminally.

Authorities disregard for the $7 billion transactions in sale of Bethesda Softworks LLC and EMBRACER GROUP AB, grossly misrepresented the damage by such fraud in harm to the City of Ada and Pontotoc County; and to the economy of the State of Oklahoma by allowing such fraud to overcome businesses in transfer of technology and brands themed to be registered trademarks for use in the software industry in Sweden, Iceland, England and State of California.


Investors must regard this incapacity to uphold basic law enforcement and make report on criminal activity, hold persons against their will, and remove and restrain children to influence by "strong arm tactics" in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD or other PRIOR INHERENT RIGHTS TO SECURITY OF A CHILD REGISTERED AND RESIDENT IN THE HOME OF A PARENT GRANTED THEIR CUSTODY BY THE HOSPITAL AT BIRTH, as a violation of human rights and cause at law to overturn any other patent or grant of trademark or license derived by such works - even and without regard for very high investment and transactions up to $74 billion USD which were predicated on the pledge of franchise in those stolen goods and fraudulent conveyance of title and rights to monopoly falsely made in any claims given a basis in such improper civil procedure evident on record and double jeopardy with suspension of habeas corpus and all due process rights.

Countries have looted resources from other countries for far less.

India and Africa both have those experiences fresh in their minds.

Attacks on other countries by organized software developers to kill soldiers and direct military strikes into the country organized by private commercial non-government unregistered groups working with the government of Ukraine, both prior and after the invasion of that country - and in attacks on U.S. firms including RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED directed by persons at 2323 Bryan St in letters of extortion and public scheme or plan to defraud; are engaging in Domestic Terrorism and affecting confidence and support for the People of Ukraine based on a prior conflict that their nation was drawn into under false confidence for which liability sustains in concert with ongoing wrongdoing in the United States and by State of Texas development and real estate companies.

Injured parents, victims of human trafficking, and industrial firms whose property has been stolen for sale overseas, are entitled to seek and pursue recovery and/or restitution for those losses; and do not require the consent or agreement of the UNITED STATES or STATE OF OKLAHOMA to exercise their human rights and International "UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" protections or other legal powers granted to them in Title 76 Section 76-9.

To a community that wrongly assumes that means only the use of direct material acts of violence or war - against experienced operators familiar with signal warfare and intelligence gathering and foreign operations coordinating resistance activity against foreign powers over 100 years - including economic and security services with scale for industrial applications across multiple nations and communities in tool design and development, that would be a truly foolish decision.


The products of game design and Artificial Intelligence were "For Entertainment Purposes" in 1998-2001, by design. This was done with clear foreknowledge that such technology would in future direct and support drone activity navigation and signal relay warfare with dynamic supporting fire control and logistic coordination on the battlefields of Europe and Asia in Total War Conditions intent on overcoming populist domestic resistance and disabling industrial and Intercontinental trade and transport activity to overcome foreign advesaries with far higher manpower than the United States.

It appears that due to 2018-2022 activity, "BEYOND WAR" will have to move to phase 2 of its development, with real world applications and vendors based in any nation that will support its work; after NVIDIA CORPORATION has elected to exclusively aid People's Republic of China and Nation of Japan in their political activity to monopolize other countries and profit on the war instigated in Ukraine with Russia.

The suggestion to sell such technology "exclusively" to domestic firms already compromised by foreign corrupt influence engaged in domestic threats and concealment of children to extort; clearly make the geographic location of such facilities or the national origin of the officers over those companies inconsequential in context to the 2001-2022 fraud and terrorist hoax sustained in 2021-2022 threats to extort and false claims incorporating damage to equal access to market and partnership activity with other radicalized Democratic Socialist countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Iceland.


If those nations do not like games where people wearing swastikas are shot and dismembered like rats in FATSHARK games WARHAMMER FANTASY franchise; then they will most certainly not allow the sale or distribution of the games by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in their country.

Most nations don't like to see their soldiers and their political heroes losing battles, or lynch mobs being overcome by a single gunfighter with superior weapons and tactics, able to fade away into a vast frontier beyond the reach of the society that would seek revenge for what it calls injustice - and others call resistance to looting and genocide under color of authority.

Modern video games do not generally support topics of that serious nature, or show the consequences of war - includig injuries and permanent harm done to soldiers. This is because they are focused on minor children as their customers - not adults - and the message is one of exploitation of the reward cycle of those small children; a reward that they cannot obtain in normal society as a member of a collective group or unskilled worker without great sacrifice of ersonal franchise.

BEYOND WAR only turns the dial up to adult content - ages 24-65 - and introduces concepts like the consequence of nuclear war on a personal and family scale similar to other authors like Pat Frank ("Alas Babylon").


Rather than being an anti-war story projecting blame, it is a fiction that explores the need and the justification to go to war when the security of individual people and their dignity are made into a commodity by very large nations and political groups, and injury mitigated to suggest society enjoys a franchise over their person which they are obligated and subbordinate to provide and suffer for the benefit of others as if there is no other way to provide restitution or duty of care or protection made in a governemnt, a community, or a people than pure democratic force can persuade be granted. These stories are contrary to the "Democratic Socialist" narrative of a form of obligation to society and in-considaeration inclusion in society owing service to the public and State.

Very few video games delve into that area, as it would conflict with the marketplace access to China, Japan, and other nations who still portray their Citizens as "subjects" and rights as "privileges" with no duty to perform and no obligation to protect the lives of the public over the continuity of the state or its power, or those who hold the majority of such office against the welfare of the minority.


These concepts, once juvenile after World War II as to be "Common Knowledge" are again being dismissed as "delusion" by a rising "Socialist Movement" no different than the last book burning goose-stepping hoard; secure in the same control over technology and its monopoly under their collective authority - on much the same credit system as was used by that 1933-1938 rise to power by Germany.

While the Oklahoma Constitution has enumerated these rights; and a State duty against such teachings and organizations is made Law in Title 21 to disbar any suggestion that the presence of such a movement is "indeed real" and "Evident legal fact" - not to be entitled dispute by any "gaslighting" behavior - the officers have not lived up to that standard of law or carried out their duty in the 2001-2022 period; affording those very rights to be questioned by use of illegal force and fraud; immunity not afforded criminal law, and sustained under false civil record in illegal spoliation obligated correction for fraud (5 U.S. Code section 706).

In light of those facts, it doesn't matter if the opposing parties have $7 billion or $6 trillion Dollars in capital assets. The very fact that their assertion by any of their employees is contrary the right to make such a product in competition with them, or any comparison of profit potential or market access or goals set by the two different firms; is an attack on the franchise of the XXIII-1A "Right to Work" and engage in commerce, and to deny the counter-claim market share to their work as an exclusive right without competition to silence dissent and suffrage rights to a critical market. A 1st Amendment violation.

In claims to that effect, and support for those abuses, we see the true beneficiary owner of those firms is in fact not the franchise or country of their commission, but a foreign sovereign government financing their activity and giving praise and emotional and material support to their developers - as was evident in the 2022 pandering to Citizens of China in incitement of violence resulting in the death of Dr. Ann Klepper; for which her son and other members of the family and community - and all persons who owe allegience to that cause and military family and service are obligated and duty bound to make resistance.

The right of franchise, and suffrage, are not for sale. Nor the reputation or history of persons to suit a foreign sovereign narrative of fraud in a terrorist hoax to support its claims.


Video games are simply a "new medium" for that, and like literature and books - the people who seek to burn this one so that its message will never be read by their supporters and subjects and slaves - are no different than the last swastika wearing SS Officers who handed out comic books and cheered on little boys in brown to be "Wolves" among "Sheep" in the expansion of the Reich. Those supporters have dispersed - to Sweden, Brazil, Japan, and China - but they have not changed their beliefs. Nor have we children of American Warfighters changed ours since the last World War.

The calls to suggest that right to resistance is a "public danger" and the voice to strike down "calls to load some persons among others onto box cars" for removal to a "helpful" state to make room for pure monopolies and industrial exclusion from such dissent and oversight, are indifferent from the last Holocaust.

Video game developers and PC manufacturers of processors and graphics technology - 3nm technology - are the arms manufacturers in that conflict; and the libraries and book printers of that dispute.

The United States erred in expecting PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, or any nation that was formerly occupied or allied with such extremism would be responsible to own, manage, or invest in the technology of a free and secure International Data Network (Internet); or not abuse any influence and investment in those systems to assert unlawful foreign political influence over children, government, law enforcement, and the public.

The only way to protect such industry is to nationalize such services; remove foreign investment or limit it to specific named private individuals; and prohibit the sale of domestic corporations to companies who act as COMPETITORS and MARKET UNIONS for many smaller subsidiary companies engaged in the same industry - which are wrongly viewed by the public as being legally separate and commercially independent in their actions and interests.

Monopolies and trusts engaged in such conduct to harm U.S. economic and public expression and rights, should be dissolved without relief to investors and respective subsidiary companies; and persons working for such firms banned from public employment in those industries for a number of years; and the product of those firms made public domain including source code; to prohibit such abuse of collective monopoly and to impose INJUNCTION against the sale of such product into the United States where monopolies are formed overseas to conceal their operation and scope in anti-competitive practices.

Nationalization of Media Necessary

Otherwise, those $7 billion firms, and even $700 million go-between firms, will easily extinguish the cottage industry and unregulated access to the most lucrative market on the planet in the 21st Century. We cannot allow nation-states with political direction to assume control over the entertainment or education of children exclusive of other creative providers and content developers based on capitalizaiton and editorial abuse of 47 U.S. Code section 230 content distribution as a utility, nor in large scale industrial armament of political views into interactive media to compel and incite a general violation of rights or removal of children based on social and political "collective taking" popularized by "Democratic Socialism".

Independent game development is critical to the national character, and can as a medium scaled across all other borders, act to influence or abuse or otherwise harm the development of the public sense of duty to higher principles in the same way unregulated narcotic use and vice lead to a loss of confidence in the value and dignity of people regardless of their "utility" to society or others.

Where ordinary competition would erode this activity, use of law and patents, paired with employment of trade to intimidate and extort foreign nations by withholding of electronics and technology, show in the Russo-Ukraine War how quickly the International community can turn on a country and castrate its industry if it is not "technology independent". Patent use by NVIDIA CORPORATION is an express example of this, and the danger of a foreign country buying (by proxy) a vital national defense supplier due to dual use of goods and concealment of the origin of large foreign investment offers.

The Former President of ARM HOLDING COMPANY in England, 49% share of that firm in global stock ( - with 51% owned by ARM HOLDING CO LTD of China), cited that England will never be "Technology Independent", and its incapacity has allowed other nations to manipulate and control it in the same manner as an occupying army - obligating the country to take such matters into its own hands for national security against foreign aggression.

The presence of chip manufacturing and realities of CPU and GPU manufacturing conditions and skilled labor, further make the concentration of such industry in TAIWAN - and risk of war or occupation to disrupt the supply chain by act of China against that island-nation themed to be their own State like Ukraine has been styled formally by Russia - are not satisfied by pie-in-the-sky claims of building new plants in the United States or other nations. Patent Laws must be amended or made void to protect countries from this form of abuse, which ordinary governance and shareholder will to resist no longer represent a commitment to national identity or values due to very large (digital) investment and speculation activity on companies with global market reach.

Market Reach Make Tiny Margins Huge Profit Centers

Franchise and abuse to disrupt franchise over 2001-2022 show just how large the smallest (0.1%) market share of the software and interactive game industry in SaaS can be.

For a community like the City of Ada or Pontotoc County - or even State of Oklahoma - to reject that in favor of a contested claim or "hearsay" evidence used at trial to remove, conceal, and exploit a child over 20 years of concealment with intent to remove that child from the United States; shoud be evidence of such abuse which make the $20 million USD annual budget of the City of Ada or other similar or smaller community center insignificant to the damage done by upholding parental alienation and domestic violence under color of obligation to State Laws made void in 2017 and Federal orders that expressly declare themselves void in any demand exceeding 100% of post-tax income served on a party to suggest punishment for non-payment of EXCESSIVE FINES.

"BEYOND WAR" as a franchise could have been developed in Oklahoma; but now "PROJECTBEYOND" is being developed by NVIDIA in competition with it due to obstruction and 3 years without jury trial in violation of 22 O.S. 22-13 duty.

How many more grandmothers and grandfathers have to die without ever seeing their grandchildren, for the sake of National Socialism in the United States and to maintain a narrative of just and fair abuse of office to suppress the heritage and history of that family to service a foreign government?

What kind of stories will those people tell, of the United States, when they are vindicated by examination of the record and testimony of no due process under PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and refusal to enforce an ORDER OF POSSESSION as if real property in the 18 year concealment of a child?

These acts are the legends of the failure of a country, slowly, with documents to show its corruption - which Democratic Socialism would "whitewash" like the Jews from Europe.

Has China come so far, that for its economic interest in TENCENT and other firms, it can compel United States Citizens to simply "disappear" in history?

Or will the software and the stories we create in the legend of monsters that stalk across the stars looking for children and protecting innocence behind the color of a human face and the eyes of demons really be a threat to the welfare of any child subjected to abuse and human trafficking in the world?

These are subjects that will not appeal to minors, and are made as games for adults to consider the importance - and the unconditional love - of parents and children which are superior to governments and whims of society.

The Question - Value of Dignity in One Person

It is a simple quesiton, "Would you burn the stars, to save one child?"

And a simple answer - "Would you resent that if you were the one to burn?"

Not every conflict has to end in mutual destruction. But the surest way to reach that end is to dehumanized and destroy the dignity of one side to create a justification of actions without reproach for another.

Those old tactics of Socialist extremism and Democratic Socialism meant to appeal to simple minds and children - do not carry well in the eyes of old soldiers who have seen entire cities burn and countries destroyed for arrogance of the same blind unconditional convictions.

Rarely do we find those sort of issues examined in fiction since 1993, and it is evident that the need for mature content and dramatic 1945-1975 fiction has left a clear absence in capacity to confront and overcome a false security in the apathy and lack of compassion for other as if our lives did not depend on it.

Today's heroes work together to overcome industrial enemies and forces that don't respect them as parties with standing; appealing to the helpless nature of people and loneliness of a social security system predicated on finding DEFECT in their ability to otherwise WORK FOR SOCEITY - omitting the very reason that they cannot support themselves is the class imposed upon them BY SOCIETY in the rationing of services to those who are corrupt enough to rise to the top and have little to lose. Hunter Biden being a perfect example of that conduct.


Our present system - and lack of responsibility to victims - make corrupt sale of office practically a public badge of courage rather than a shame. Heroes are rarely despised for doing the right thing, and encouragement is consistent throughout all violence and games, even criminal activity, to support the narrative of a popular player liked by others for what they do.

The idea of a video game where everyone hates you because you are doing the right thing, and it is hard, is not part of the "program", at least in China and other "Democratic Socialist" countries.

The real world impact of being a good person against a bad society, is lost to older stories and media. We cannot get back to "good" if we teach our community only the lesson that any action society dislikes is "Bad".

Sometimes the majority of society is "Bad", and it takes a good person to stop a child from being beaten or lied to.

Sometimes you have to go BEYOND THE LIE and actually protect someone. Not just feel sympathy for them and believe that community will do it for you.


Video games are "A business", but unlike "DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST COUNTRIES" a business does not exist for the sole purpose of creating the greatest possible profit for the state.


A business exists because "any commercial activity in the United States is obligated to elect a structure at law, and that structure defines how it is organized, how it raises money, and how it is managed and by whom."

That commercial activity may be painting toenails, or picking up yards, or building a space ship to Mars. There is no "equity" to make those acts the most profitable at any cost, nor to undertake without question the industry which makes the most money over one which is the "will and direction of the creative purpose" set by the incorporating parties and their investors.

Creditors to that industry have no equity other than the repayment of their loans and contracts, neither interest or suffrage due to them unless specified in contract explicitly - and thus no "suffrage" vote to alter the business to suit their desire or recommendations.

99% of people know these things - but by reading the threat letters sent to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. one might think they are not facts at law somewhere those persons are living or working - likely OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES or in a TERRORIST CELL surrounded by Jyhadist bombers and slave traffickers.

Effort to overcome the "Suffrage" rights of shareholders, members by registry of certificate entitled equity interest of a formally organized company, or other partnership by a NON-MEMBER, are crimes in Oklahoma.

Somewhere - alleged to be State of Texas - that is not being communicated to the public or general audiences to suggest some right of action, probably because of a belief in some entitled franchise by taking of collateral property belonging to persons in the business to gain influence over them against their will - such as a child.

The use of such "collateral" to compete, control, or discredit a busienss - makes all questions of profit and all prospectus claims subject a superior right to the recovery of missing "hostages". The right to which is a RIGHT OF POSSESSION, and to style that right when exercised as "kidnapping" in hearsay - a felony (Title 8 Sec. 37.03 "aggravated felony) in Texas State Law which is entitled (per Federal Law 42 U.S. Code section 1981) to immediate enforcement or abandonment of all counter-claims at law for failure to do so.

That members of the TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION and OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION have refused to act on these matters, render irreparable harm and loss of legal rights including patent to companies like "id Software" and "Zenimax" and other firms engaged in license use of the LEGAL NAME registered for the parent of that child - which by discovery seem to affect over 40 countries and 127 seperate businesses in addition to WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, CCP GAMES INC., and FATSHARK/TENCENT firms.

In light of that, most firms will look to STATE OF TEXAS for answers to this fraud, affecting their indutry - and a legal cause of action to create and install a free trader immune to claims in their industry for coercion of a criminal nature evident in 2002-2022 fraud with injury and calls for murder, from which GOOGLE LLC and other companies including ICANN registration are accessory in material fact for failure to remove false claims affecting public and global investment and to damage purposefully securities of the Oklahoma based company targeted by name in this "forfeiture" scheme by the United States components of this organized industrial fraud.

There may not be an answer which copyright or patent claims can resist, when such illegal coercive force is evident and employed to harm ordinary business by STATE OF TEXAS against its sister state and UNITED STATES.

It does not compare to the organized rape of citizens in Ukraine by the Kiev Government, a legal fact of conviction of record, to compel surrender of SEPRATIST NATIONS now seeking Russian military assistance, but having seen the blood stained torture rooms and bloody mattresses left there in the villages, I can say that the presence image of those mercenary activities is not exagerated or less than the claims of brutality and cruelty by Texas Citizens in kidnapping of Oklahoma residents during ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD and to extort, on behalf of "Data Centers" and clients in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and EMBRACER GROUP AB companies.

We are facing the same kind of evil, under color of law and a criminally complicit foreign owned media; and people are entitled to resist.

Fundamental Rights At Stake

The right to operate a business and do so free of false medical claims in fraud designed to disable that business and its franchise, and to bar basic MEDICAL AND EMERGENCY LEGAL PROTECTION to family members of the officers of that company, are no different in disregard of human dignity, and will be without question the subject of those reports and accounts of a non-fiction nature to compel workers injured by this fraud to their duty of resistance, as it has been for 20 years this September from 2002 to 2022 for our Director abroad in Scotland at RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, a witness to this violence and fraud in Dallas Texas.

American Citizens should not have to go abroad to protect themselves from violence and false report, in human trafficking and false hiring, given legal protection by DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS.

Nor as business officers be subjected to harassment for 20 years due to their ability to give testimony against TERRABOX and other companies who engaged in securities offers based on false books observed and documented due to their refusal to certify such false claims and refusal to endorse such conduct and abuse of other contractors.

The COMMERCIAL USE OF THIS FRAUD in concert with the NAME RECOGNITION misuse, spans from the United States to Italy, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Small Battles - Global Scope of Impact

Local matters, deemed civil, have worldwide impact; and when not granted sufficient minimal standing and review of DUE PROCESS, leave scars across generations that will stand in all their business activity and commercial works in the same way that survivors of the NAZI DEATH CAMPS regard the use of NUMBERS to assign identity to persons in obliteration of their NAMES AND STORIES AND LACK OF DUE PROCESS IN EXTERMINATION.

That these acts, under color of COMMERCIAL BUSINESS, have been allowed to happen again under Sovereign State Immunity defense (MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES) without HEARINGS to present victims and evidence, grant the STATE OF TEXAS and its employees no immunity to the future of such fraud unless they can extinguish the COMMERCIAL LIFE of all victims.

The COMMERCIAL LIFE of a victim of Genocide is not entitled a separation from the PERSONAL INJURY done to the incorporators of that enterprise, nor to quiet its right to market and access on facts at law evident a reading of the RECORD; simply to save face of the government or State who owes that person the commission of structure in registry to protect their business from harm and direct its production of a share of income, not to suggest the State compel the victim to perform to meet a quota or be stripped of that office like some Communist Farm Cappo.

If these letters from the parties are consistent with the nature of the abuse of the children in the care of those persons, it is a testimony to the criminal foreign instruction those children were subjected to in compelling them to enticement away from the ORDERED POSSESSION and instruction of their parents and the STATE in which they were ORDRED to be produced over 15 years without cause; and such concealment the product of threat of false imprisonment sustained by GREG ABBOTT and STATE OF TEXAS wrongly to gain advantage for industry in that State over workers under Federal Constitution Article IV section 2 protection in travel to perform work for PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES; and fraud by TEK SYSTEMS in claims of ownership of such work to overcome and conceal their theft of data and fraud to sell false goods to NORTEL NETWORKS prior to a $250 billion data breach and theft of RICHARDSON TEXAS site credentials to gain illegal access to the facility.

Even one of those offenses would, in concert with an industrial sabotage allegation formally made by Brian Shields in Canada, would obligate a Federal Investigation. That these persons continue to send written threats in 2021-2022 impersonating the family members of the child to abduct and conceal them in COMMERCIAL ACTS expressly demanding the "Forfeiture" of an Oklahoma based UNITED STATES COMPANY, is a clear indication that every company and corporation in business with those "data center staff" or selling to them after prior public offer of future goods for investment and business planning recindend September 21st 2022 by NVIDIA CORPORATION should be entitled legal action aginst those companies.

Provisions to Make Resistance

Further action to impair or disparage the right of franchise or COMMERCIAL RIGHTS (XXIII-1A) of any kind should be deemed an act of War and Open Rebellion by State of Texas or any State aiding in this fraud; just as supporting the Nazi Party after 1945 became in Berlin and all of Germany.

Survivors do not owe the United States or State of Texas, or any company engaged with those states any duty, after such abuse.

Family members of the victims should be entitled to political asylum from such hostility, retaliation, and regard the role of NATO countries in this activity openly as concealment of war crimes in Ukraine to promote their incorporation of the state into NATO.

Intellectual property is already collapsing in enforcement of the BERNE CONVENTION with the RUSSIAN FEDERATION over NATO MEMBER use of similar tactics to disenfranchise brand owners in retaliation to influence the government of Russia to desist in its actions; and it is unlikely that such acts will result in a resumption of use after end of hostilities.

The business of "game design", as a result and based on such "intellectual property rights", is in peril due to the use of the United States economic warfare in parallel to prior 2001-2022 kidnapping of children in Oklahoma and texas; and without a legal basis in negligence to return those hostages which would suggest the Russian Federation or other country ever enter into contract with them again due to their implied use of such contracts and seizure of ships in International and U.S. waters to intimidate and threaten Russian Citizens in an identical fashion to the taking of a child in 2001 from Dallas Texas.

When franchise enforcement in those countries fully collapses, use and sale of Windows and other products will likely follow quickly - and become a standard act of Cold War economic denial similar to Chinese enforcement of limited time in SaaS games among youth; adversely affecting many Chinese companies and western interst in the product cycle.

With the "BEYONDPROEJCT" and similar abuse, conditions of such a collapse in the United States among networks and service providers to wholly disclaim the UNITED STATES registry for fraud along with other NATO COUNTRIES, may trigger separation and annexation of TAIWAN and other mineral rich areas vital to semiconductor manufacturing such as Ukraine.


Business has a responsiblity not to exploit the injury of persons to gain claims or franchise. When those responsibilities are ignored, a right of action to wholesale interdiction of goods and trade with those ports and merchants engaged in such practices on refusal of other State and Federal agents duty to act is orderly and lawful. Boycott, combined with private network and limited partnership and distribution rights in contract, may reorganized without consent of large competitors or their reverse-engineering of secure communication and mechanisms, methods, and other rights at law denied to those hostile firms, the privileges and protected rights of a COMMERCIAL PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION against hostility by larger organizatoins acting in violation of their rights - and further regard membership or affiliation with any organization of that character, a loss of standing to contract or enjoy offers and solicitations made to the general public or limited audiences.

This would be covered under U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment right to "assembly" and to the right of the negative - to reject "assembly" for cause with any COMMERCIAL or CIVIL or GOVERNMENT body or organization which has or persists in violating their rights on prior cause or make gains on the violation of those rights.

Where this concept of a right to "REJECT A CALL TO UNITY" and "ABSTAIN" with "ORDERLY OBJECTION" the ordinary membership in such a body; it is a protected right in the United States which makes the demand to submit to endorsement or majority call to action contrary order or to remove a member in an irregular manner void at law, despite "Democratic" will.

Too many people, fed from birth by interactive media which omits this fundamental right to reject others based on public indoctrination both by incompetent educators and now interactive community oriented games; have no concept of this franchise of voluntary participation or the penalty for attempting to force and compel inclusion on persons over their own rights and at their injury, peril, or humiliation.

Video games are probably our only hope of a civil remedy to this problem, as TEACHERS UNIONS and television has failed to instill these values; and jobs that emphasize cooperation even in corrupt actiivity and fraud contrary State and Federal Law in exploitation of rural communities and abuse of the family law system in TITLE IV AGENCY wrongly made violating 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule;

Because only video games and artificial intelligence systems can sustain the reliable behavior and reinforcement aspects of this fundamental principle of instruction, without injury to ego or fatigue from which abuse of position and other power dynamics evident in traditional classroom and institutional State programs based on political value proposition of a "reward for college tuition and time spent" exclusive of non-membership in this elite social class - can restore equity and equal opportunity across the entire spectrum and to persons without prejudice or discrimiantion based on gender, race, or family status and economic means in society.

What is the point of Games Then

Beyond War books and fiction speak about this, in the "long view", a theology that is perspective obtained from artificial intelligence and surivivors of the conflict - which is constant and expressed throughout the work against the exceptionally limited lifespans and limited experience of other species born after the war. The ability to transfer experiences and witness events, as if there and present, to persons by this generation; while being aware the two states of mind see different things and obtain different information and conclusions from the experience based on their diverse point of view, are central to the fiction and works of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its licensees.

Only when you've watched the world burn, hundreds of times, for little more than a tear in a child's eye - can you appreciate how unnecessary and wasteful everything in the world really is over that one moment, and that one person, who is worth it all.

The lesson is simple: "Don't make people choose between the world and one thing they love. They will not choose the world. But you don't have to put the question to them. Because they will answer."

Rather than suggest this is "Bad", the game is a way to repeatedly say over and over for as long as it takes, no matter how many times that equation fails to be heeded - that this is "Good", and people should care, respect, and understand the dignity and value that one person places in something is never inferior or invalid no matter what society or others would say.

The warfighter can face the world for the sake of One, because the world would choose that fight - and the outcome is already decided. This is what makes the weapon, and it was based on the theory of American Soldiers who faced this question before - and it is their answer to why they fight.

It should be a lesson to any nation or evil - choose another fight. Or choose not to fight. It is the absolute commitment to the purpose, and that lesson alive today as it was in 1944.

The COMMERCIAL BUSINESS of this company, is telling that story in as many ways as necessary until the point is made - and any lies to conceal the point are fully expunged from all records to suggest less. The cost may be high, but the profit should be exponential. Dignity is the product.

A company that can instill those principles of dignity and share those ideas, is more important than a search engine or a business directory, by far. It is the love of a parent built for a child, that tolerates no injustice. And the medium is the story that explains the cost of that in blood and lives.

It may not be as Universal to foreign values as sports or football, but it is a uniquely American product, designed by Warfighters, in the hope that the lesson will prevent the need to run the play again across half of Europe.

Content Should Evoke Strong Emotions

If a video game, in concept, scares you because the topics or content are too real and relevant to events in the modern world, then perhaps you should play it - because that probably means you are avoiding the responsibility to deal with the evil in your own world, and your role in that evil by pretending not to care or not to have a stake in it simply by doing nothing to stop it.

For instance, if you are more concerned some Russian soldier stole a washing machine than the rape of a child to punish their parent for defecting from a country or supporting independence - your values or your attention are in the wrong place. And if you are angry that a lot of bad things happened, perhaps you should ask what the first bad thing was before all the other ones that followed in return. It is easy to forget who is responsible, once a war begins. It is hard to remind people until there are no people to remind what triggered the fight. Often the victor is alone, with no one to notice, or the losing side the one who saw the first crimes done to them.

Trying to set your moral compass on the escalation of war, without context to the value of the first child killed, is a poor excuse for failing to understand the collateral that goes with being a killer. Some people will fight for the sake of just one child. That doesn't make them evil, unless you are willing to sacrifice that child for your own - and that makes you the villain before the first shot is fired. You already chose a side, and all the consequences that come with that first tear. Video games for "Democratic Socialists" rarely end that way. If they did, we wouldn't be fighting with nuclear weapons next week in Ukraine.

It is time to stop and recognize the crimes. Not to fight to the death to conceal war crimes for someone who is already remorseless.

Lessons for Adult Children

The lessons we teach our children throughout their lives - not just in their minority - should encompass that. If our society and its institutions cannot teach the necessity of corrective action and admit the remorseless nature of criminal character in our population that requires authority immediately and quickly act to protect individuals and minorities - or forfeit the franchise of a legitimate government and right to exist; then perhaps automation and private Artificial Intelligence should.

The effort to restrict control of that tool to GOOGLE LLC or other "Data center" or franchise of NVIDIA CORPORATION, so it can be the "parent" of the next moral center of our modern world - is both immoral and a crime against the human race in the removal of the most powerful tool for story telling and theology since the advent of the printing press or the private ownership of the automobile.

Gen 4 RTX products may not be that technology, but that these issues are evident to a computer science team overseeing a work of fiction already in that area of development, should be a watershed moment of alarm at the suggested limitation of equal access in market among certain technologies and denial of free use and unconditional perpeptual clear title sale of such products to the public whereby they disrupt and disable all ordinary competition and style by policy and terms the means to produce and support AAA titles to a select group of companies who are not good or moral examples nor have a history of producing games inclusive of other theologies outside of radical Democratic Socialism for the largest consumer market and its government, CCP of China.

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