Stupid F* Frequently Asked Questions

SFFAQ covers some basic concepts that every competent person should know, but recur in astounding frequency in the false claims surrounding the child taking and child abuse claims concerning the ongoing 2001-2023 concealment for extortion of a business in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by competitors in Japan and China, their agency in persons in the United States and IANA.ORG and ICANN and META and GOOGLE service abuse, and consistent ANTRITRUST PRACTICES that require harsh language to briefly convey the urgency of not being a waste of public time.

Harsh language to follow. Not suitable for all audiences. Ages 21+. Nothing in the following shall be construed as LEGAL ADVICE. It is a policy handbook on the customs and practices of common law in the State of Oklahoma and former occupied territories settled by United States Citizens in INDIAN TERRITORY made foreign to United States by McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

by James Allen, Editor - 2023/02/09

  1. WTF is Due Diligence?
  2. Don't Force Us To Inquire
  3. Why Do I have to Look You Up
  5. Distinguishing RIGHT OF ACTION from malicious FALSE CLAIMS
  6. Walking While Emo - The Crime
  7. Evidently this is Not Consensus of the Public
  8. Required DUE DILIGENCE - Notice

WTF is Due Diligence?

When a party, in civil process (COMMERCE) or by criminal act (statutory violation by overt action - not indictment or investigation of a state or government body nor implying conviction what-so-ever) at onset communicates a formal claim, demand for service, or action - a party so enjoined receipt or injury has the right to determine by reasonable and legal public inquiry to public sources and record the nature of such dispute and any 'standing' upon which a claim shall be addressed.

In layperson terms, when you 'solicit' a business or their agent, and specifically the REGISTERED AGENT of such formal organization of RECORD, they will seek to obtain information to establish the true LEGAL NAME and LEGAL ADDRESS of the party to whom they should respond.

A LEGAL NAME is not your 'Christian Name' or 'Family Name' or nickname or alias or any genuine or deceptive persona.

In ordinary and day to day COMMERCE, persons provide their LEGAL NAME and information constantly to trade, communicate, and obtain service. Most of us do not even realize this is what the RECEIPT offered to us is, nor the use of identification such as cards for credit and purchase or checks tendered. Bearer bonds and legal tender (cash) are accepted, but in large value transactions, a LEGAL NAME to afford LEGAL RELIEF and ENFORCEMENT are ordinary and a duty conditional having 'standing' to enter into a contract under the LEGAL NAME REGISTRY and attach goods and services to such account.

All it is, is an account, and that's okay. It serves a very good purpose. Not all contracts are made upon such accounts in LEGAL NAME, and a personal contract between natural persons is a legal thing too - but outside the scope of INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly of the United States, subject common law and other relief (which is generally honored, though not frequently understood unless contested).

Don't Force Us To Inquire

One of the worst things in INTERSTATE COMMERCE is a party who employs a false persona, that is - a FAKE LEGAL NAME - and expects it to be treated as a LEGAL NAME without a registration with the State of formal FICTITIOUS NAME (a process). Examples of legal use are 'stage names', where the performer employs a common name for marketing purposes which helps to protect their privacy when not at their public place of employment and in ordinary and civil matters. There is a process for this, so one can use the name, as well as an informal process where one enters a name into a Hotel Registry or Convention Registry of Trade Show or Business, thereby assuming the name and this is legal use subject later redress, made by such registration of fictitious name in limited custom and scope of event or performance.

An ALIAS is a name that is NOT REGISTERED or REGISTERED but requires effort to locate that may be requested you declare at onset of any event or formal inquiry. Family nicknames, informal names, et al, should be reported there if used or employed by anyone to minimize confusion and preserve privacy. In a school or classroom, your teacher will ask 'what do you go by' to determine if you have an informal name, common with many family members and ethnic groups to accommodate privacy and avoid trading on family reputation.

Generally, this is not a big deal, but REGISTERED AGENTS try to avoid this because it confuses persons. The value of their work is in their LEGAL NAME, and an abuse of the LEGAL NAME to damage the reputation and credit of that is tremendously harmful. Injury can easily impact over $1 million USD in contract value by false claims, and as such - attacks on the LEGAL NAME of agents to do harm maliciously are exceptionally commercial acts to harm the credit of the business and injure the employees and job creation of the enterprise they represent.

Why Do I have to Look You Up

Please don't make me, or any REGISTERED AGENT or LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER or STATE EMPLOYEE, have to "look you up".

Not only does it cost time and thus money, which would be better spent petting a cat or holding a meeting, working on a painting, or proofreading O'Reilly Books latest publications - but it indicates something in the prior CIVIL PROCESS is improper.

Whether you communicated a grievance under a FALSE LEGAL NAME, misrepresented other persons in whom a contract relationship or interest in hiring or commercial offer were to be extended; or due to a specific threat of illegal action - the failure to incorporate your LEGAL NAME and LEGAL ADDRESS in your communication to enjoy the minimum 'standing' to receive service; obligates that the REGISTERED AGENT or their delegated agent (an employee, provider, contact, or member of the public who is willing to voluntarily provide such information) can follow up on your request (which you initiated, thus authorizing by deceptive practices) to make REPORT of the legal basis for any action or formal finding or position of the firm.

Acting in concert with a HISTORY OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, specifically the actions and documented conduct regardless of indictment or conviction or any State or Federal actions upon such events or persons, entitles exceptional DUE DILIGENCE to report and subjects your conduct to such activity if it appears to a reasonable person familiar with the facts IN THE COMPANY (not the general public or random stranger) to be related to or supporting such acts. Support need not be express or written, and can be acts alone in concert with prior incitement to act or abuse property or persons or publication and LEGAL NAME rights; as State and Federal Anti-Stalking and Anti-Terrorism and Communications Laws direct.

This activity of locating the LEGAL NAME, LEGAL ADDRESS, proper Jurisdiction for enforcement or prosecution (which can be the recipient jurisdiction where the sender has purposefully concealed their origin or employed false persona or in any way sought to confuse the true person making the demand to evade Justice or civil process). It also includes the right to make PUBLIC REPORT of such improper communication upon such findings and evidence, for the safety of persons and to the 'necessary force' degree of Title 76 Section 76-9 and Title 22 Section 22-31 'self defense' rule of Oklahoma Statutory Law. Details in Constitution Article II of the State of Oklahoma further these communication rights in Section II-3 and II-22, prohibiting report of information which is true and accurate to the best 'belief' of a reasonable investigation upon all such facts before the REGISTERED AGENT or their delegated authority in any party specified, to prohibit the claim of libel for injury or damage or other legal theory of harm that shall arise out of disclosure of information obtained in such publication. This differs from some states and foreign nations, who wrongly and Unconstitutionally theme the information which is harmful as criminal publication even where such facts are true and a legal cause making necessary their disclosure for public safety, health, welfare, and to protect against threat of imminent harm or false legal action are evident. The 1st (Federal Constitution) Amendment prohibits such discrimination between speech based on its benefit or harm, and such laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and void in State of Oklahoma or its protected INDIAN TERRITORY and various Sovereign Reservation States made by McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

Certain Countries take offense to that.

China and Japan are particularly critical of this 'truth is a crime if harmful' regardless of purpose. The United States, also, has specific reservations when such 'facts' are information they have deemed of 'military value' or otherwise 'national security' or 'illegal things they are doing' and so CLASSIFIED by the UNITED STATES and prohibited release. This sort of law blurs the line between national military operations by States versus other foreign sovereign nations, and activity within the country and inevitably against U.S. Citizens who are willing and active foreign sovereign unregistered or registered agents.

Abuse of these protections confuse the public.

Clear abuse is evident in many cases, and retaliation, which grant both sides a basis to argue their case individually in a court of law or Military Justice.

Flight to avoid such court or dispute of jurisdiction and extradition from foreign jurisdiction for major offenses, are still subject to serious International and Human Rights disputes, and set a bad example before the public of malicious and premeditated 'jurisdiction hopping' to evade ordinary prosecution and thwart protections which are ULTIMATELY NECESSARY to protect the Public Trust.


Prior to the Internet, PRIVATE CITIZEN was a meaningful term.

Access to mass communication and Interstate Communication was limited, restricted to channels of circuits between specific persons (parties), or by radio or television the sole media that had such broad power.

The advent of public Internet in the mid-1990s changed that, without properly educating the public (in Public Schools) of the laws and rules governing such use (and abuse) of mass communication across County, State, and Federal borders.

The moment a person creates a FACEBOOK page, they gain a limited standing as a "PUBLIC FIGURE" subject to DUE DILIGENCE upon such data shared. This does not mean "anyone can message that person or abuse them". But they can read what is published as a member of the General Public unless there is a genuine act of abuse or pattern of abuse requiring audience restriction. They can also restrict your audience, but so long as they publish to one person, that is an Interstate Communication de facto (due to the hosting company in another State or County, which also retains the data for their employees access and use).

When a person MAKES A COMMENT on a public topic or controversy, they cross a second threshold - whereby they are now an active PARTICIPANT in the public discourse.

At that point, their statement is subject to review and they may be served CIVIL PROCESS concerning such statement or claims, and should their identity be obscured - the parties named in the dispute then may undertake DUE DILIGENCE to locate their LEGAL NAME and ADDRESS OF LEGAL SERVICE, to carry out CIVIL PROCESS or disclose any concealed interest in the statements and claims which would be obfuscated from the public by misuse of a FALSE NAME, FALSE PERSONA, or CLAIMS OF PUBLIC LAW OR CITATION OF LEGAL CONSENSUS OR OPINION HELD TO BE THAT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA OR UNITED STATES OR OTHER BODY IN WHICH ADJUDICATION OF A DISPUTE MAY BE A RESERVED RIGHT OF GOVERNMENT OR LAW.

Impersonating such a LEGAL BODY, or publishing a LEGAL OPINION of that party or in their image or utilizing their photograph or persona to assume their credibility, is a felony in Oklahoma, pursuant 21 O.S. §21-1533. Using the identity of a PRIVATE PERSON or PUBLIC PERSON without their consent is also a crime, in IDENTITY THEFT, pursuant 21 O.S. §21-1534. Use means to obtain credit or damage credit of a real business or contract, or to imply the real person is the author of such posts by another who is not authorized to make statements in their name. Use does not include REPORT or CITATION of eye witness facts or inclusion of the name in publication pertaining such REPORT or CAUSE OF ACTION specific to a tangible claim in a SPECIFIC LEGAL MATTER OR COMMERCIAL MATTER or of any CONTROVERSY PRIOR PUBLISHED BY THE PARTY AGAINST THE INJURED PARTY THAT AFFORDS THE LEGAL ANSWER IN PUBLIC CONTEXT TO SUCH FALSE CLAIM, as found here. Your name, to answer fake claims and misleading claims, is therefore enjoined without protection because the name use is the LEGAL NAME of the person(s) who are reasonably shown to be the true performers of an offense entitled PUBLIC REBUTTAL. One cannot assert IDENTITY THEFT or other PUBLICITY RIGHTS against a person in whom your have injured to suppress that notice, nor enjoin commercial benefits a cause where the initial activity and offense done was to the intent to harm COMMERCIAL INTERESTS or COMMERCIAL RIGHTS of the same - evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN commercial defamation claims versus JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN and fraud to overcome registered trademarks for $93500 USD in a scheme of custodial interference to extort real businesses and deny their registration to take, conceal, abuse, and exploit a child for COMMERCIAL EMPLOYMENT admitted in 2003 and 2011 letters of extortion.

CIVIL PROCESS and DUE DILIGENCE ASSESSMENT in standing of parties and claims treat this conduct very seriously.

It is not necessary for the State or Federal Government to share the opinion of a registered legal entity in their franchise right to determine the lack of standing or improper standing or other clandestine nature of an improper suggested, implied, evident, or real relationship that would affect COMMERCIAL DECISION-MAKING.

In style, stating someone 'thinks' something, or 'believes' something - without their express EDITORIAL CONSENT - is fraud.

Contrary, stating someone 'IS A SIGNATORY TO A CONTRACT OR COMMUNICATION', or a party whose publication asserts in writing they are an employee and the title of that employment in their own publication on specific document shown, is NOT FRAUD. As is stating that at a specified time a specified observer did witness an act by the person including communication or other conduct, for which the purpose and substance were a direct conduct detailed by a Statutory Law or Regulation to bar that behavior or act from having the standing of a lawful act, so that franchise authority and rights of the party may be applied to protect itself and cease any threat, injury, or abuse of a defined nature - evident in the right of action made clear public law.

Distinguishing RIGHT OF ACTION from malicious FALSE CLAIMS

A Right of Action, such as terminating a bidding privilege or changing supply chain provider, altering product designs, or denying access to private property and ordering the company to cease business trade with certain parties in the scope of their own franchise - are rights of a franchise over their own BUSINESS ACTIVITY and POLICY.

Interfering in the customers of other businesses, approaching customers without solicitation based on their patronage of a competitor business systematically to injure those rights, and lingering in places where such persons communicate or negotiate or purchase and conduct the business of a firm for those purposes - are not lawful. This is where the term "solicited" and "unsolicited" communication become key.

A right of action - no matter how absurd or improper - is a right of a business or person to cease or express their reason for application of their own franchise in COMMERCE and CIVIL LIFE. It is a protected right, over their own person.

An effort to interdict the normal relationship between persons to impair those rights to cause harm or injury - financial or 'emotional' per stalking regulations - whether serious injury or death occur or not - are wrongdoing obligated a degree of DUE DILIGENCE and pre-emptive action to prevent, arrest, or deter.

Where such action is pathological, a pattern, and to obtain injury or disable persons in their rights or protection in a civil society - whether that is COMMERCE or PRIVATE CIVIL LIFE - the duty of any REGISTERED OFFICER OR AGENT of a REAL COMPANY or CITIZEN is to interdict such act and protect victims by all means - including record, report, testimony, and direct or indirect actions to minimize the risk to the public and persons in their authority of franchise or domestic protection (see Title 76 Section 76-8).

A minority of the population have a genuine physical defect which precludes their ability to determine where these boundaries exist in behavior, claims, and 'imagined character of others' upon which they base a legal right of action that is not factual or real.

Sadly, the same minority frequently engage in publicity granted the power of mass communication to incite other members of the public to support and join them in actively abusing persons they deem to be undesirable.

Undesirable constitutes everything from having the wrong haircut, wrong skin color, wrong religious beliefs, contradictory convictions, debts or imagined or imputed debts of no legal basis, or other *imaginary* contract with society and the public which the perpetrator seeks to execute enforcement for - often and frequently as an unlicensed and un-appointed agent of society. Frequently, this activity is to overcome a REAL REGISTERED AGENT of the State or United States, in assault on their public office of the Public trust. To either influence or overcome the agent and direct its authority wrongly, or liquidate its assets to service parties which are not the true stakeholder(s) of such separate and protected incorporation or franchise made law.

In the case of PETERSEN v ALLEN, the offense is "emo" style.

Walking While Emo - The Crime

Having black clothes, long hair, masculine features while wearing attire that does not conform to a Redneck Hillbilly Logger Convention or Radical Child Sex Cult Fashion or Insane Clown Posse drug scene - appears to have upset some drug dealers and child molesters in the area.

The effort to COMMERCIALIZE and MONOPOLIZE the 'gothic fashion industry' to conform to radical socialist extremist narcotics and sex work commercialization, and resistance to this trend by certain companies in Oklahoma and City of Ada who did not accept the solicitation of minors into sex work at regional conventions originally made for artists, writers, and film makers to share their tradecraft with other professionals annually for public registered children's health charities and cancer foundations, summarizes the ongoing 2001-2023 dispute.

This prejudice is evident in the 2002-2004 characterization of JAMES ALLEN as "sad", which is a common ethnic and racial stereotype of the 'goth' community promoted and exploited by Saturday Night Live (SNL) skits and Democratic Socialist and Communist Party groups alleging in JIM CROW style that all 'niggers and goths just have mental problems'. The slurs, asserting that blacks in the South were ignorant and un-educatable animals that look like people - are evident in the publications to the degree the term 'nigger' (ignorant, in Blacks Law Dictionary originally) came to mean 'black' and 'slave' in a derogatory manner now inseparable from the French 'Noir' term for 'black'. Southerners confusion at the term and local French colonial influence, created the resulting general slur.

In the same manner, Goth and 'High Gothic Fashion' came to be degenerated by public slander to 'emo', often supported by ignorant public school employees and improper activity by teachers and prejudice versus homosexual and bisexual students to abuse and degrade those children in public schools.

LGBTQIA+ activity into this culture as a targeted culture only made the situation worse, injecting the same 'mental health' slander and 'positivity' hallmark colors of rainbow and bright colors to overcome the core physical and ethnic and genetic underlying cause of persons who frequently subscribe to the 'goth' community and its values. Further attempting to link suicide and underlying socio-economic and home life and family issues to a 'mental health defect' in the children affected by societal domestic violence and intolerance in the UNITED STATES WORKFORCE.

SHADOWDANCERS LLC has a particular stake in this dispute.

The company was founded 'so that no one who works for this firm should ever have to wear a suit and tie to feel secure at their job', per the company owner in 1998.

The irony of which is that the same officer now wears a suit more often than most people due to the legal controversy that simple policy of tolerance and protection of talented workers and creative artists later recognized as national and global policies toward inclusion and tolerance became. While no one 'owns' the culture or term 'goth', the effort to ascribe to it false claims popularized by the medical industry to find defect in its members similar to religious intolerance of the Islamic Caliphate toward gay and non-binary persons, is identical.

The tendency to suggest it must be 'all inclusive' or 'expressly rooted in history of the Colorado scene or British goth' are a fallacy. Not the dumbest theory, which ranges to attributing it to some link to the architecture of Europe or the Visigoth tribal groups of Europe by Oklahoma Sci-Fi guests with a PhD; but certainly very few people ask what it means to the actual goth community member. And more often, they allow the community to answer that question overruling any individual member.

From the inside, looking at that, it is sheer ignorance. Because from the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. charter, the opinion and the dignity of the individual to give their answer as their sole and final authoritative franchise, regardless of a community or society belief or preference - is the very heart of such iconoclast society and stoic movement. Whether the 'goth' is in a formal suit, a Victorian era outfit, or rags from the punk scene - that right to remain secure in their choices and comfort while enjoying full protection and rights of a civil society and their peers is eloquent and necessary to essence of the genre and music. "It's okay to not be okay." - to have disappointment or disagreement, or otherwise express your franchise and genuine opinion without fear of retaliation, and within the limits of that authority. Those 'boundaries' we often talk about - both in communication and rights and security of person and worth.

No person gets to decide what you are 'worth', and certainly no person gets the privilege of speaking for you or attesting to what is on your mind second-party, unless you have expressly authorized them to do so and agree with their statement. In this, all persons have inherent value independent from society or any role or duty in it, and this is the core of the 'gothic' community at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its businesses, a written policy.

Evidently this is Not Consensus of the Public

Because this is not the consensus or practice of the United States, its present public, or the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States and other radicalized Germanic and Asian extremist countries 'theology' - a public policy of law and claims suggesting a real contract at law with society for performance of protection and basic rights to live and work - which is more so a 'religion' than even Catholicism or Islam in its extremism and criminal intent to harm others who dissent with that by right and suffrage. And in such religious zealotry to imply that academic authority and the underlying 'science of the body and of nature' is a superior proof extinguishing all other Gods - and to assume authority over children to separate them from parents and communities who resist this collective approach to Hegelian Dialectic dogma - is a threat to the very fundamental nature of human freedom and the incorporated rights and duties of a competent government so made by the United States, State of Oklahoma, and Constitution of the State of Sequoyah (proposed, rejected in 1906).

The failure to recognize this deviant and misguided 'pseudo-science' and 'communist' inspired simplistic extremist behavior, to overcome persons and mandate participation in a FORCED LABOR movement similar to the prior SOVIET UNION CONSTITUTION, in which life is literally a function only to support the industry of the State and collective gains, and 'the private life is dead' under Marxist / Stalinist Revolution - is fundamentally opposed by the 'private life' and separation from mandatory society conditioned upon protection in the 'gothic' fantasy and subculture movement of the 1990s.

Gothic subculture has roots in ethnic and genetic developments in the human body, resultant from introduction of new media and naturally occurring factors that were not as practical in prior social periods under Feudalism, Slavery, and archaic European tribalism.

Autism is a common identified spectrum in Gothic subculture, fraudulently applied to everything from behavior Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder (OCD) to attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Like prior 'bloodletting' and 'leeches', these descriptions are about as accurate as those of witch doctors practicing sacrifice and bargaining with the rocks and sky. It is not science, as we know it, in biological medicine - and is a set of labels to defame and injure persons who do not perform in environments and settings geared toward the 3rd Industrial Revolution; to disbar them from standing and equality in a society that continues to look to industry and industrial performance as a measure of the worth and dignity of people.

Basic facts are becoming evident that autism is a signal processing 'delta', and that information to the brain and nervous system interact in a different manner than population norms in those persons. Bright colors, like the LBGTQAI+ flags, as well as 'preppy' clothing and fashion, actually antagonize the brain of some persons. Similar to being in a situation where colors constantly indicate threat or danger, these signals are usually addressed in Autistic Spectrum high functioning individuals by adoption of dark clothes, dark tones, minimal color, and loose fitting outfits that conceal characteristic body traits which distinguish them from other 'genetic lines' of human beings. The idea that all human beings are the same 'genetic line', or that some ethnic offshoots recognizable by certain traits (skin color, hair, facial bone structure, eyes, etc) are inferior still stings from its abuse by the prior Democratic Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) in the 1940s. But those are real genetic differences, and they occur in mutation of human beings also in regularity, regardless of tribal history, which the NAZIs also regarded as 'inferior' based on their cultural commitment to the value of work and society as a collective industry and collective achievement - placing anyone not down to clown with that idea on the list for liquidation.

To call it white supremacy completely misses the point - although there are tribal concentrations of these radical ideologies, they are equally present in Africa and Asian cultures, as well as the Netherlands.

And while this tribalism and 'look-alike' racism may be popular and functional for assembly of an incited mob to lynch a person who looks different - 'goth' culture like other religious and sectarian groups - originating in the Islamic policy of mandating the wearing of black by Christians to distinguish them from Muslim members of the society for special laws, assumes the mantle as a means to disclaim those genetic and ethnic differences completely and for the mutual recognition of others in that community as well as the public in general - as having equal 'standing' before the community and in all rights, regardless of their family or tribe or ethnic or gender identity. This is what made the early 'goth' movement interesting, and is also why the resurgence in 'goth' stereotypes functions like a 'canary in a coal mine' (an early warning of danger by poison in the very air) among political and foreign groups.

This presumption is not shared by the community, and certainly not by the companies who are marketing products to the goth community - who have their own impression of the value and properties that make the product goth or trendy or fashionable. It is just a provision of the prior incompetent 'emo' stereotype - rebuttal to such 'disorder' labels and practices among Western Licensed Medicine, which this is not medical advice or intended to be.

A fucking moron, which is to say - an ignorant person confident in their narcissistic delusion - likely cannot tell the difference between 'opinion' and 'medical practice' of a licensed degree, and as such is already straining to apply such arguments as a 'franchise' of the State License of "medical service and procedures", to invalidate this complaint of false light made by their gross incompetence and racial bias. Or to apply other LGBTQIA+ arguments and complaints which as prior stated, "have nothing to do with the subject of goth fashion or goth subcultures or goth identity as a franchise" expressly, beyond the attribution of the influence and policy of the community specifically at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to support protection for all persons and worth regardless of UNITED STATES WORKFORCE participation or other CITIZENSHIP or community.

When a person walks in the office of the firm, they do so with standing as an individual - not as a society or community. If they wish to expressly invoke that standing for a claim, they may do so, but must do so expressly and without presumption that such party (an abstract non-incorporated legal party at law) has any contract or obligation or duty owed to it other than the Statutory Law and Regulations which are the present United States Public Policy and ORDERS OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES or superior order or delegated authority.

Being an individual is enough.

Bringing all of the rest of that (society) with the claim, as if it has more merit than the party who stands before the chair, is incompetent. The rights of those laws are inherent in the individual - not the community benefit or welfare. It is a foreign theory of law and a repugnant claim before the Republican Form of Government obligated this office to hear a complaint that suggests the individual owes to society any claim it is not expressly due in statutory rule, or condition of performance prior enjoyment of a protected right by law acknowledged. Rights exist before governments did, and government and its agents acknowledge the existence of those rights - they do not grant them or withhold them without cause duly made in explicit protection of the rights of others requiring such restraint.

If the prior was not represented to the public in a false claim of circumstances or allegation to suggest otherwise, it was fraud; because the abducting party never asked and simply invented their own narrative consistent with their own mental health delusion to carry on justification of their actions and claims in criminal enterprise to defraud. The duty, specified in contract, is to ask. The error, was in speaking for another to impede their rights or incite abuse thereof.

Require DUE DILIGENCE - Notice

For that reason, persons who assert that there is a legal 'intent' of a person or company, or to characterize the whole enterprise or its officer as engaged in 'crimes' or a 'criminal' generally - without specific complaint and truth in all claims of LEGAL ACTIVITY OBLIGATED IN WRITTEN TERMS AND CONDITIONS, are engaged in a pattern of criminal fraud.

DUE DILIGENCE of a REGISTERED AGENT requires that we must occasionally locate and pursue these persons, rule out their presence in business and commercial dealings, and ensure they are not a silent partner or third-party beneficiary of specific protected limited license and franchise afforded by the firm.

This is not unsolicited investigation. It is response to CIVIL PROCESS upon our firm, our agents, and the employees of such industry - obligated a legal CIVIL PROCESS.

Their conduct to carry on and having initiated false claims, and persisted and threatened to carry out for 'consideration of anything of value' not obligated or due, voids any PRIVATE PERSON standing or protection in this pursuit - despite our use of privacy practices generally to protect them from discovery and retaliation by the general public, minimize their exposure, and exclude their family and employers and clients beyond 1 degree of direct contact with the active material offense which is promoting this hate crime activity against our family, business, property, and persons in our COMMERCIAL franchise of business.

The incapacity to read, understand, and process such complex information is a deficit of public office; indicating the unfitness of those agents to engage in public communication activity and legal discourse while they are assuming in FORMAL REGISTRATION the LEGAL TITLE of OFFICERS OF A COMPANY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS or other business or enterprise of CANADA, JAPAN, CHINA, AUSTRIA, SWEDEN, ICELAND, other recognized national sovereign state.

It is evident they confuse 'high function' human academic behavior with a 'disorder', and as such, we are reluctant to pronounce that such claim is a clear criminal offense set forth in 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 Oklahoma State Law, prohibiting this behavior and affording our response as it were to any crime or robbery attempt, regardless of the use of ICANN or IANA.ORG business facilities to carry out INTERSTATE COMMERCE abuse and industrial espionage activity in the cause of such overt racism, discrimination, and foreign sovereign pogrom activity themed WAR CRIMES under the International Law and agreements of the United States "UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" on behalf of STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF WYOMING, and other shelters aiding this insurrectionist activity against a public office of the Unites States in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION territory.

High Function individuals ability to parse information is considered 'normal' among their peers, and inferior capacity in general population or specific ethnic groups or organizations to abuse that - due to an clear incapacity to operate in the law and interstate communication contrary Statutory Rule; is not reliant upon the consent of society or the whim of community or state government to afford or disclaim the rights of persons and Law of the United States.

Whether a person, group, organization, or entire member State of the Federal Union does not believe in the Laws of the United States, does not change their authority or offer a defense to the violation thereof.

Contrary incompetent delusion asserted publicly, the firm fully understands that the right of relief alleged a conditional discretion of the community, District, or Society is treason against the United States, and does not cease to be treason and open rebellion against the Laws of the United States solely because of regional corruption or criminal dereliction of duty to perform the public office - nor dismiss for cause such claim due to that determination to not seek enforcement as if to deny the legal reality or factual reality of such acts; and to assert such claims is delusion or aggravated treason to overcome the United States and an assault on the American People to normalize the criminal dereliction of such office, obliterate the standing of persons injured to conceal a felony crime, and to expunge the liability incurred by a negligent rebel officer, court, state, or national government - who are legally separate entities having no final authority or superior right to deny their duty or omit their obligation without formal acts to record of the decision and the legal reason subject to review and disclosed to the parties in CIVIL PROCESS.

In all racism, discrimination, and public lynching activity - such conduct has been normalized and made unreported public policy, since 1856 surrender of Texas, the last CONFEDERATE STATE.

Effort to re-instigate that conflict and to breach the peace duly made then in 2001 August to 2023 February, continue to indicate unlawful foreign sovereign influence obligating an isolationist policy of the United States and liquidation of certain foreign owned and partnered organizations which appear to be operating in open contempt of the Laws of the United States based on substantial ($500 billion asset pool) funds and substantial ($6 trillion identified single entity) capital assets, as a stateless and foreign government in agency of traditional public enemies of the United States, and to do so under color of commerce and foreign trade and civil law - in a manner consistent with open acts of war against specific individual persons, companies, and to injure the supply chain and security of a free market in the United States.


If you are not a party to a technology developer like Artificial Intelligence for industrial business analytics or operating system and network security for business, including both the INTERNET and INTERNET2.0 and other products which are separate from the IANA.ORG and ICANN private firms engaged in this abuse and agency to carry out the separation of family members of competitor vital employees like that of NORTEL NETWORKS and its prior monopoly position in optical International data transport patents and technologies; or incorrectly style your role as a worker or employee of such company to suggest 'legal standing to assault an officer' of a competitor in their place of business on behalf of such industrial espionage or in mistreatment and abuse of their immediate family (children and elders) to carry out such conduct in racist and defamatory criminal enterprise activity; it would be best if you just leave such dispute.

Efforts to diminish the right of individual persons and conceal the STANDING AT LAW of such OFFICERS and PUBLIC OFFICE to overcome the United States and State of Oklahoma from 1998-2023 is evident criminal foreign industrial espionage.

Like most Maoist and Socialist dogma, the use of claims to suggest a lack of standing at each contact to portray OFFICERS OF A REGISTERED COMPANY as 'PRIVATE CITIZENS' lacking the "LEGAL RIGHT TO ISSUE ORDERS" in the FRANCHISE OF THEIR COMMISSION AND AUTHORITY OF THE UNITED STATES or other organization; contrary to the foreign and unregistered and non-government trade union groups active in this abuse (ICANN, IANA.ORG) with NTT COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERS misconduct in threats in 2011-2023, are evident open and public assault upon the government of the United States in concert with misuse of GOOGLE LLC, YOUTUBE.COM (a GOOGLE COMPANY), and FACEBOOK/META corporation assets warranting immediate government action to arrest the activity both of the individuals and companies who permitted this conduct to go without challenge for multiple years as a 'business practice' and by 'clear defect of design afforded sustained defect to impair the free market and menace private and public citizens and businesses'.

It is the conviction of such 'socialist' (white power / asian exceptionalism) extremist theology that the ability to overcome by force the rights of a person are proof of the natural law of their conduct; regardless of honor or conditions of contract or trust that would otherwise exist - and to the extermination of those injured parties to conceal their fraud promise of unity and conformity under a community-directed (Democratic) caste system and top-down authority.

In contrast to which the individual is a 'LITTLE MAN' and of no 'Worth' unless they serve at the pleasure of the collective interest and their superior in peonage.

It is their defense, in premeditated and criminal design, that objection to this is a direct attack upon ALL MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY to contest such claims by inferior persons (individuals), and to deceive the public that such existential threat to the actual wrongdoer is shared equally and in physical violence prior any act a clear danger owing pre-emptive and punitive reduction further in the 'rank' and 'standing' and associated 'rights' of persons who would report misconduct.

This is - obviously - not true. But society does lose credibility and standing in political shared liability that as a collective is the franchise of the individual to direct their benefits and labor and industry and fealty away or reduce or severe such connections completely - where such community or society by negligence of any member allows or supports or tolerates such abuse against a single person.

The confusion between "loss of credit" and "material physical harm", is an evidence of the criminal deceit of such persons - despite its resemblance to 'clinical narcissism' by appearance - the awareness that this is wrongdoing and use of FALSE LEGAL NAME to further conceal the persons calling for such actions and carrying out repeated and unsolicited contact to sustain threats and surveillance and intimidate and cause fear, deliver direction to coerce the victim and their COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY or COMMERCIAL USE or PRIVATE USE of property, and otherwise conduct their franchise at the direction of the abuser(s) - over multiple years in a pattern lacking all remorse - expresses 'mens rea' (malicious intent to knowingly cause harm) in the evidence of this objective behavior, letters, and threats of clear design.

It is not enough to presume the party is an 'unwell or disturbed individual' to excuse the behavior while affording others who aided in the conduct, refused to admit it was real, failed to investigate, or chose to withhold protection - continue to enjoy the benefits created by such complicity with criminal activity and occasional genocide.

Society, and the specific LEGALLY ORGANIZED REGISTERED AND INCORPORATED named COMMUNITIES who participate in such activity, like those towns near the NAZI death camps, should be accountable and pay restitution for such abuse.

Having said that, the distance and distribution of traditional District County Courts and States, paired with International threats and mobility of electronic communication and foreign sovereign adversaries - makes this a unique and newly developing area of organized 'politically openly supported state backed and commercially enabled' International criminal conduct against the public of the United States. The United States has waged similar tactics against its adversaries before, and is not blameless in the adoption of such tactics in response by PRC and other nations against its Citizens, businesses, and franchises - as well as against its specific OFFICERS. But those employees of the United States and the employees of the member States of the Federal Union are obligated also to make resistance - or abandon their public office for failure to perform and cede it to a junior officer or candidate of last resort who will perform.

In that capacity - where an individual REGISTERED COMPANY or REGISTERED INCORPORATED BUSINESS is threatened directly - those officers are entitled to look for the information required to assert CIVIL PROCESS or other remedy, and where the CIVIL COURT or CRIMINAL COURT and its agents shall fail to carry out the duty, so also take steps within the specific scope of their franchise and Article II-3 and II-22 Oklahoma State Constitutional Rights to disable such abuse and produce a standing defense against such conduct to overcome insurrection and organized criminal activity in any degree.

The presumption that the company incurs a liability in this good faith effort to protect the property, lives, and LEGAL NAME of persons operating in its area of protection and COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY, is absurd - and such claims now evident in State of California and State of New York to suggest that private franchise owners or PRIVATE PERSONS having no duty to the State whatsoever shall limit their response to the prescribed penalty for Statutory Law or incarceration or fine in actions to resist taking of property in excess of value of the highest fine afforded the act - is insanity.

The State has no legal right to impute the value of goods or the security of a place of business, family, home, or value of a child to a person having right to that child. The presumption alone is evidence of criminal corruption of the UNITED STATES and Federal Union member States governments.

Penalties are designed to discourage crime while affording a LESSER INJURY by surrender to corrections than would be likely in the execution of the crime against a victim in the public, and protection against such injury should end when one party initiates unlawful action against another - not equally - as there is no legal duty to consult the law when an attack upon the person of a family member or security of a home or business or other persons occurs.

Our competitors have contested in writing this is irrational, proof of a danger to the public, and to seek our removal from public registry and the public marketplace. To characterize such 'right of franchise' to protect your children from harm and sexual assault, and disregard the limited penalties made for numerous reasons of lesser certainty in allegations to restrain parents from protecting their children from rape, torture, abduction, concealment, and mental and emotional abuse to injure them permanently.

It is for this reason, we deny 'standing' to them - and make formal REPORT of such conduct, in detail - to clarify the duty to both address such claims in LEGAL ANSWER and to cite their solicitation with such demands and false allegations to defraud are the 'unsolicited repeated contact' and 'harassment' under FALSE LEGAL NAME and in organized and Interstate labor union activity for NTT COMMUNICATIONS and 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 DALLAS TX activity, from which our policy and assessment of this 'racist, extremist, and insurrectionist movement activity' documented in PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud are found.

It is our conclusion that such organizations have failed to police themselves as expected, on support of NATION OF JAPAN and GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN and to gain benefit in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, ICELAND, SOUTH KOREA, and other countries now representing a greater threat to the Sovereignty of the United States than the Russian Federation. Further to report that prior hostilities in 2022, such groups did through facilities in NATION OF UKRAINE carry out organized attacks on RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, resulting in report of such organized commercial criminal activity there under direction of the prior organizations, and prompting by initial attacks upon the People with military force in the Donbass and Luhansk region and direct attacks into Russian Federation, a resulting military invasion as sole remedy of a competent sovereign to ethnic violence and extermination of ethnic character by legislative acts of record.

The duplicity of such war, in 2022-2023, is simply an escalation in prior 2001-2023 PETERSEN v ALLEN misconduct, and like the 1930s evolution of similar movements in Europe - is indicative of a collapse of legal rule in favor of civil unrest and political violence in similar character.

Anyone participating in those acts will therefore be subject to DUE DILIGENCE inquiry who fail to present their true LEGAL NAME and LEGAL ADDRESS OF SERVICE in concert with such abuse; and may be cited in report for the regional or affiliated activity enjoined with such hate crime activity in 2001-2023 in State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, State of Michigan, State of California, State of Florida, State of New York, State of Arkansas, and State of Wyoming.

Participation will be construed as part of an INTERSTATE INTERFERENCE IN COMMERCE ACT, evident in fraud ab initio claims to extort a REGISTERED BUSINESS; and it is advised that persons approached by such parties report the approach and withdraw from contact which is actively recruiting like ANTIFA and SDS/WEATHER-UNDERGROUND terrorist movements under color of very large ($1 Billion+) commercial business partnerships, franchise, and product launch schemes reflecting monopoly and price fixing practices already barred by law in the United States.

We understand the money being offered to betray your country is good, often touted as "$100,000+ salaries without a college degree", but those jobs are recruitment to a foreign labor union opposed to the Constitution of the United States in our discovery of 2001-2023 activity, made possible by massive foreign money laundering into securities in Europe and the Middle East, then directed to shell companies in the United States and strategic 'straw man' domestically owned ideologically friendly partners to deflect from foreign sovereign government ownership to a subsidiary level (15%+ equity stock), making them a de facto foreign unregistered agency.

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