Nature of Threats

Purusant to Oklahoma Criminal Code, Section 21-1304 "Letters Threatening", any communication to deliver a threat whether physical or electronic that is directed to the subject a party - such as a URL transmitted to their work or office to solicit their opening and viewing or receipt of such contents, is a crime.

The transmission of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address to the party is the "legal instrument" of the prior offense, and the contents of the site whereby the party directs the recipient to view is the "contents" of such "legal instrument" due to the solicitation without prior or related business or request for such communication, or in the order of a LAW ENFORCEMENT or AGENT OF THE COURT or STATE action.

Persons going to a business site and viewing such contents without prior solicitation or direction or other express demand are making a search and a REQUEST for such information, which is a SOLICITATION and not subject to the prior requirement; unless such DISCOVERY is the result of KEY WORD USE such as TRADEMARKS owned by the person inclusion in those claims not related to its professional use by a LEGITIMATE CLIENT or COMPETITOR ANSWER to misinformation published to give lawful answer to specific matters of public concern: such as false report of "material facts" in a legal case or record.

A competitor therefore cannot use the BRAND to make financial claims about the CAPITAL ASSETS or INVESTOR IDENTITY or OFFICERS or EMPLOYEES of another company, as those facts are PRIVATE DATA of a PRIVATELY HELD CORPORATION OR BUSINESS and such information or assumed information or claims whether true or false in concert with any attempt to coerce payment of a debt or lien or demand whether lawful or not are EXTORTION in publication of a FALSE PROSPECTUS and to DAMAGE CREDIT WORTHINESS and INVESTMENT POTENTIAL by nature of any such specific claim of bank information, labor, leadership character (ad hominem) abuse, family matters of such person not related a material CONFLICT OF INTEREST AT LAW or CRIMINAL CONVICTION of legal record, or application of such offenses in SECURITIES as set forth in State and Federal Law and by public safety in special circumstances as arise in injury or solicitation of minors to enticement and instruction in corrupt business and sexual material distribution.

Use of the names, photos, and images of persons without their CONSENT, barring report to make LAWFUL COMPLAINT AND PUBLIC NOTICE OF POTENTIAL VIOLENCE SPECIFIED IN REAL COMPLAINTS AGAINST REAL PERSONS OR ASSUMED PERSONS IN FAMILY AND INTIMIATE CONTACT, is ordinarily prohibited. Publication of the "persona" of a person, whether real or false without their consent to seek any-thing-of-value or credit or advantage in business over a commercial enterprise commissioned by the State or Federal Government, is related to the sale of such goods in Intrastate and Interstate Commerce and International Trade; and is thus criminal to use those images not provided as EVIDENCE of direct letters or other claims entitled a LEGAL ANSWER to give HUE AND CRY to persons suspected of a crime or involved in written and material damage to real property and threats against real persons.

Use of organization names, as in the prior 300 page "LOSTSERVER" letters, reiterated in LOOPBACK0 and DEPREF.NET letters, allege "BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE" (B.A.C.A.) are active particiants in the taking, concealment, and abuse of a minor child in 2001-2015 per 2013 letters of threat circulated in Oklahoma and Texas in concert with a 2011 Sept 7 letter by TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TERRABOX representative engaged in such work using ICANN and ARIN systems to publish fraud to support hiding a child from HABEAS CORPUS right of ORDERED POSSESSION.

The public is therefore aware that such threats are clear "physical violence" in the City of Ada, Pontotoc County, and STATE OF OKLAHOMA - which have been resumed November 7th and November 14th 2021 and January 28th 2022 and March 3 2022 and April 4th-16th 2022 in ongoing unsolicited and identical criminal communication with our Ada OK Office.

WHOIS REGISTRATION shows the true parties behind these actions are NS1.SHARKTECH.NET and NS2.SHARKTECH.NET - a reseller associated with ATLANTIC.NET, a wholesale Internet reseller of services in fact owned/operated/hosted via COGENT COMMUNICATIONS physical presence in Amsterdam and Copenhagen in Denmark and the Netherlands.

START OF AUTHORITY (SOA) records show that the servers "harpoon" and "saturn", associated with the Dallas Texas Data Center employee known to work with Stemmons Freeway data center INFOMART aka EQUINIX aka DIGITAL REALTY TRUST facility, an NTT GROUP subsidiary in COGENT COMMUNICATIONS in STATE OF TEXAS, and prior use of "patriot", "titan", and "atlas" server names also - are responsible for the "BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE" threats and use of images showing a man with glasses and beard styled to be a "B.A.C.A." member in Ada, Oklahoma as an active participant in this communication.

Further use of an image of a fat man with a star on his left abdomen and tattoo sleeve on his right arm, wearing underwear and holding a large stuffed animal, allege to be an EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA student engaged in the commercial threats and child concealment as of 2013 on GOOGLE LLC sites created to fraudulently employ the registered TRADEMARK of the Ada City Business and in a pattern of such extortion in 2002-2004 and 2011 and 2007-2009 on MYSPACE and 2009-2012 on FACEBOOK which originated in creation of "CANADASUCKS" domain to blackmail and extort NORTEL NETWORKS (a SPRINT provider) prior acquisition of SPRINT by DEUTSCHE TELEKOM of Germany and SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of Japan.

SPRINT NETWORKS co-owned by DEUTSCHE TELEKOM and SOFTBANK GROUP CORP is known locally and in the North American region as "T-Mobile", and such business and workers and job site in the City of Ada located at 3700 Sykes Blvd aka IRT Drive, as the primary client for INTERACTIVE RESPONSE TECHNOLOGIES (IRT) and iQOR, two call center customer service firms having taken over the prior SYKES ENTERPRISES building and equipment prior administered by the targeted person in 1999 as the Telecom Administrator for Sykes Enterprises (Ada, OK); and in concealment of his only child from 2001-2022 without a legal hearing after forced removal by non-court personnel for concealment and abuse so detailed in written threats by the LOSTSERVER publisher in the 2013 documents, describing the taking and concealment prior sworn in court documents to be "abandonment" by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN and aided by IVA PETERSEN, DONALD BEAL, and several members of the Enid Oklahoma and Ada Oklahoma Community to extort the Allen Family over 2001-2019 minority of the child and in ongoing concealment and abuse contributing to the death of local pediatrician Ann Klepper, M.D. - the grandmother of the child.

The Allen Family appreciates any assistance in identifying and locating the adult-missing-child, who has been subjected to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) methods appearing to be a primary business line of ATLANTIC.NET, and possible export to the European Union or other foreign country to aid in this fraud over 2001-2022 concealment to extort.

Public tips concering the identity of the perpetrators contributing to and aiding this child concealment and fraud violating ORDERED POSSESSION should be directed to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT or OSBI.

Concealment was premeditated and sought by false court order obtained to lessen the Title 76 Section 76-1 and 76-8 natural "rights" of the parent from whom the child was taken by "Fraud, Force, and Threat of Murder" August 2001

The child was taken during agreed and one-way planned and paid travel to Oklahoma and from legal REGISTERED RESIDENCY with the proven biological father, and such interdiction in INTESTATE COMMERCE for the express purpose of concealment and extortion over a $50,000 credit line by AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and other property in exces of $30,000 USD and rights and franchise themed a commission of the State of Oklahoma in a real and operating limited liability company holding property and franchise rights in copyright and trademark of substantial intangible license value; which are still sought as "forfeiture" for the fraud worked upon the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in this TITLE IV case.

At no time has any court allowed the accused to see or appear before their accuser, enter evidence which the court acted upon, and relied on the failure of the abductor to appear as legal cause to refuse to take action or make a ruling over her conduct contrary her nonsuit to allege "abandonment" in a kidnapping and "child snatching" act to terminate all parental relationship and communication with the child while seeking control over the Oklahoma business, Oklahoma family, and legal right to work of those persons in advantage for her own career as a VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE then applied in 2008-2022 upon the fraud and employment gained by her associates in two counts expressly admitted upon the fraud in letters sent to over 70 persons in 2011 Sept 7th.

State and Federal Justice have refused to report the case, falsifying the claims as a refusal to accept a lawful court order, and denying all witnesses access to the court by such abuse as to construct a TITLE IV FRAUD, incorporated a policy of such fraud themed a $1.5 billion per year State Grant fraud against the benefits and funds of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY and FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 express Federal Public Policy Rule (45 CFR) barring this false claim.

The parties have in joint action further filed FALSE RECORD OF A CRIMINAL CONVICTION in an attempt to disable the testimony and legal standing of the accused Oklahoma business owner, which is evident on review of the documents obtained from the CITY OF ADA office of the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION.

Employees who produced these records have been removed from their job and are suspected fired for retaliation in disclosure of the fraud in written files and false claims showing a timeline of planned extortion and planned false report to embezzle from the UNITED STATES and destroy recovery efforts in a formal record of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY, styling the ORDERED POSSESSION and lack of DUE PROCESS as delusion to refuse relief or recovery for the duration of the child's minority and conceal from the child all information by styling any disclosure to be a "threat to the child's psychological health" as if an illegal adoption had taken place.

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