Summary of Fraud

Dec 3rd 2022

After the taking of a neweborn child, the Texas and Oklahoma perpetrators initiated a public campaign of written fraud to conceal the child from ORDERED POSSESSION and deny INHERENT RIGHTS by false civil cause of action (abandonment) in a kidnapping from the home of the child. This is a fraud upon the court, and to embezzle from the TITLE IV-D fund benefits of the United States.

State of Texas and State of Oklahoma concealed this fraud, disrupting a $2.5 million income and $250 billion bankruptcy resulting from disabling an auditor for NORTEL NETWORKS and doing so on behalf of TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, BRIAN WOLFE d/b/a TERRABOX, cited in 2011 letters threatening to attorneys (70) during concealment of the child.

The fraud sustained in 2001-2022 based on false and misleading claims of Alicia McMahon, Bobby Scarbrough, Veronica Petersen, Donald J. Beal, Brian Wolfe, Brian Young, and other persons recruited to sustain the child concealment to extort a registered business (later 2 CORPORATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES also targeted by name in 2011 and 2021 ongoing publications);

And to do so by creating false persona themed real to impersonate EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY students (3+), OSBI, Ada City Police Officers, and to style as mentally ill a theatric performer and writer to obtain his registered copyright and trademark for sale to EMBRACER GROUP AB, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP for $80,000 USD plus $13500 USD; to damage the intellectual property of all firms valued at over $7 billion USD and extinguish the investment and commercial rights of the Oklahoma firm based on racist misgendering of Native American mixed-race men as female or transgender.

Elements of Federal Hate Crime

Hate Crime activity is evident in the defamation of heredity as a disorder in ethnic traits of the child and father submitted to a clinical psychologist; presentation of gothic fashion culture as homosexual and transgender and significant proof of mental illness for style of dress and economic obligations associated with family end-of-life care and financial planning affecting brain cancer and Alzheimer's Disease; and to conceal such targeted extortion of persons with serious disease and adopted children of those families as if carriers of a contagious mental disorder or "bad genes" stated by DONALD J. BEAL before Assistant District Judge Killgore of PONTOTOC COUNTY, as to qualify as a hate crime in sustained activity to defraud the United States of benefits in 2021-2022 on the taking of children from one group to extinguish that group and its culture and religious values and practices by another group seeking to monetize and commercialize its image, style, and public reputation similar to the "wooden indian" tobacco company use. Including slurs to obtain land and property in real estate of specific address and images shown on Country Club Rd, Ada OK, using the prior Century "crazy Indian" and infantalizing "savage Indian" strategies of white supremacist neo nazi and Sovereign Citizen extremism.

Claims include "(The Child's Name) belongs to Veronica Petersen by Rights" (invoked in the 12th consecutive year of child concealment over objection and demand for enforcement of a return refused by State of Texas and Oklahoma Department of Human Services who held the ORDERED POSSESSION document to be their cause of action obligating such property rights exist or be denied in full that contract); and other populist calls to action, predicated on duration of concealment violating a clear existing Texas Court Order;

And to do commercial harm by physical property damage including five (5) attacks on U.S. Postal Service boxes to disrupt Court Service of Process, REGISTERED AGENT mail from the State and Federal Government, and theft of UNITED STATES benefits letters to persons at that office (later found, documented by the U.S. Postmaster as "rifled mail" showing human hand marks on damaged Social Security Benefits letters required for renewal with a serious health condition) spanning 2015-2022.

Standing as Private Persons Waived In 2001

The parties in this fraud are not simply private persons, and both own REGISTERED BUSINESSES in State of Arkansas and State of Texas, as well as repeatedly using and creating fake business names alleged operating in the area and in competition with the Oklahoma parent firms; and by registration of such busineses violating Oklahoma Law with foreign licensing firms to damage the sales and regional business relationships with CISCO SYSTEMS, INGRAM MICRO, TECH DATA, D&H Distributing, TeamSpeak GmbH, TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC., and other contracts through violation of law made REQUIRED STATE LAW effective February 21 2017 and prior United States Public Policy and Laws barring this form of misuse of Federal Agency as a State franchise to oppress rights, so expressly made in 22 U.S. Code §7102 and 18 U.S. Code §1589 and 15 U.S. Code §1673 and §1692d.

State obligation to act has been refused contrary 15 U.S. Code §1692n and disclaimed by local, State, and Regional Federal employees to uphold extortion demands over $100,000 USD violating Federal Law and deny relief unless these demands are paid first to the State to satisfy their misuse of TITLE IV-D AGENCY (A Federal Agency, per Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 page 93492-93569.

False Claims to Menace U.S. Army Members

Threats in 2022 moved to "Stolen Valor" against an E4 Specialist (U.S. Army), Command Sergeant Major (Oklahoma National Guard), E4 Specialist (U.S. Air Force, 2002 deceased in the conflict), and COLLINS RADIO United States Air Force contractor in ballistic missile trajectory analysis (published, crypto top secret clearance); and to harm those persons for their military service - suggesting it is not real - to carry the fraud. Great grandparents of the child are DAR members (deceased, 2022 amid identity theft and cancer); merchant marine, and present retired U.S. Army members styled (imaginary, M. Marino - Director: Raccoon Technologies Incorporated) to carry the fraud and attack the credit of such persons using DUN & BRADSTREET false reports filed to conceal the child taking and fraudulent securities offer in State of Texas refused signature on lawful cause by those persons in fiduciary work now a component of H&R Block military service contract with the UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.

Activity appears organized, commercial, in violation of organization set forth in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A, "RIGHT TO WORK". Parties appear as members of LOSTSERVER, LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, DEPREF, VIRTBIZ.COM (PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC of Plano TX), KEIF-LP Enid (void NPR radio charter in Enid OK), and employees of NTT GROUP companies and affiliates (NTT AMERICA INC.; PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of California) enjoined 2323 Bryan St and 1950 N Stemmons Freeway data center employees activity directly to defraud and use customers IP names to carry out organized child trafficking and human trafficking.

Use of Workplace Systems to Threaten

Companies HURRICANE ELECTRIC, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (an NTT Company), and EQUNIX appear actively involved in the threats and claims, denial of service, over two-hundred and fourty thousand requests per day for over 1 year, 16 gigabit-per-second multi-day-sustained denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on LINODE LLC of New Jersey, and use of LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS equipment there to carry out the fraud in brute force and degradation of Interstate Digital Communication to impact the viability of Commercial Licensed Service Contracts in the State of Oklahoma and among other States; while engaging in captial fundraising over $7 billion USD in Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, Israel (Omega Building), Panama (Trump Tower), Italy, and other points-of-presence granted access by administrative credentials of the NTT GROUP distributed to non-employees by the LOSTSERVER group targeting NORTEL NETWORKS by name and to cause forfeiture of SPRINT to SOFTBANK-DEUTCHE-TELEKOM forming T-Mobile services in the United States. SPRINT was the primary client of JAMES ALLEN in 2000-2002, and sabotage at the NORTEL company his job to resolve by an audit discovering communications impairment later reported by BRIAN SHIELDS in sabotage of the company by contractors and proxy activity organized through SINGAPORE, suspected to be CHINESE MILITARY OR STATE SPONSORED INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE AND SABOTAGE.

The attack and fraud are still ongoing, as of 2022, in sustained publication of threats verus former U.S. Military members to discredit their testimony and maintain concealment of their child/grandchild during serious illness to overcome a ballistic fire control simulator technology and distributed computing solution entitled "BEYOND WAR" and "PROJECT BEYOND WAR". Recent use of service marks "PROJECTBEYOND" and "BEYONDSPEED" and other specific marks "STRYXIS", "STYRIX", "STRIX" in organized activity by companies NVIDIA CORPORATION, TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD company FATSHARK, SHENZEN TECHNOLOIGIES, TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES, TENCENT MEDIA, TENCENT GAMES, and joint work over $250 million USD in collaboration with GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP use of such marks to overcome the U.S. based 1998 and 2000 established distributed ray tracing technology held by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma;

Securities and Price Tampering

Appears purposeful effort to dilute the securities value of licensees of the non-Internet software product "SEVEN ALPHA" and to impose IANA.ORG claims of Monopoly over digital communication and use of computer equipment enabled to operate in TCP/IP message protocols as if a government patent or franchise excluding consumer use without participation in the foreign "Internet Governance" and "data center" investments in Dallas Texas, Ann Arbor Michigan, San Jose California, State of Florida, and long-haul optical data transmission industry obtained by the fraud against NORTEL NETWORKS in 2000-2002.

Damage to the United States economy is incalcuable. Monopoly claims are void and illegal business activity in State of Oklahoma in all forms not granted special franchise, per Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-32.

Human Trafficking

Demands of debt bondage are unconstitutional per Article II-36A gender discrimination in parental rights at law on any burden of work contract such as with the UNITED STATES, and by II-37 to void "debt bondage" and "forced labor" requirements to obtain healthcare at affordable rates exclusive of W2 and 1099m contract with the UNITED STATES, or as described "unlimited and payable-on-demand within 10-days not eligible for contest" terms imposed by Judge DEE MILLER in her claims to ORDER JAMES ALLEN to pay such fee as part of removal of a child and subject direction of the party removing the child without legal cause and by force in fraud to escape $15,000 USD in debt contractually obligated and enter into a new common law contract to marry contrary that payment and relocation expenses part of that cost taken from UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS of Oklahoma persons over 65 to care for their grandchild and promise of performance (contract) to deliver for residency such child in 2001 August to City of Ada, Oklahoma (USA).

Attack on Constitutional Families and Descendants

The child is a lateral decendant of John Knox Witherspoon, signer of the Declaration of Independent; and heir-apparent to the line of that family in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION (formerly State of Oklahoma, prior McGirt v State of Oklahoma).

By blood and right, the child is a NICHOLS and OVERTON grandchild, stolen from his family in 1975 forced adoption of his father from those tribes known in the Indian Territory and sold into bondage. This is therefore a "sale of children" in bondage for debt spanning two consecutive generations by State of Oklahoma and State of Texas joint human trafficking activity to overcome land and other property of military significance relevant to the signal warfare computer science field in the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION.

Texas Business Practices Accepting Fraud

Persons engaged in this fraud (Wolfe) have one or more parents employed by RAYTHEON, who stand to gain commercial advantage in U.S. MILITARY Contracts by this fraud and overcoming the party. Persons targeted are former contractors of TEXAS INSTRUMENTS in military projects (USAF) and information of significance in contest for export to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) and NATION OF JAPAN, via use of software companies in SWEDEN, ICELAND, AUSTRIA, and GERMANY. Attacks in January 2022 originated from registered sites in Reykjavik Iceland, representing DEPREF.NET and THECHURCHBAORD.COM (where the former 2001/2002 transcripts were made). Ongoing attacks from Beauharnois (Canada) appear to be originating from the OVH Hosting Data Center, in concert with MEJOR SERVER LLC and TRUNKSPACE HOSTING INC. registration on 2014 July 11 in Dallas, Ada, Beauharnois locations and 2013 July 11 in Dallas and Ada Points-of-Presence;

To damage the 45 CFR §303.6 "Ability to Pay" in derivative entrapment and an extrinsic fraud with ongoing physical violence in City of Ada to abduct, conceal, and extradite a child to overseas concealment linked to "ATLANTIC.NET - Dallas Texas LLC" and to "SHARKTECH.NET" hosting of "LOOPBACK0.NETWORK" (a new version of the prior "LOSTSERVER" group used in the JOSIAH DEUTCH persona/fraud site over 300 pages, now evidence in 2019-2022 SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD of record (false medica claim, fabricated to extort a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES) filed to sustain the kidnapping and commercial espionage activity) and refused hearing by State of Oklahoma contrary "KELLEY v KELLEY" obligation of Cross-Examination to fabricate Federal Evidence.

Defamation to Suppress Testimony

JAMES ALLEN was the PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES senior software engineer (WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION), a catch all programming group designed to implement PHP and commercial-use no-cost license audit of NORTEL practices.

Prior Allen was the Sykes Enterprises Telecommunications Administrator, managing the call center services for TOSHIBA AMERICA, BANKONE, BEST BUY USA, AT&T BUSINESS INTERNET, PEOPLEPC, and customers of those firms may know his voice from PeoplePC prior the child actor hired by the firm to appeal to ethic audiences with credit extension for the first affordable personal computer on credit.

Allen warned SYKES ENTERPRISES of the defect in the PeoplePC main board, prior mass failure, and was denied communication by the Account Manager - who wrongly believed such defect unreported would create more business for the technical support firm.

The defect destroyed PeoplePC as a company, and Allen resigned after John Sykes retired, due changes abusing labor and harassing him in his position unreasonably. Six other Telecommunications Administrators also resigned, for cause, as did his mentor Larry DuBois, for cause related overwork and tasking of jobs prior themed two person activity to a single skilled worker for less than $40,000 USD per year in rural settings preventing competitive offers.

Minimum salary for that work was $60,000 USD per year.

The final issue was promised $5000 in compensation to certify the work by Lucent training already performed for 12 months; which was part of a $500,000 product purchase.

Because the 'coupon' for free training expired, the firm refused to send Allen to the course promised in his contract as compensation, alleging him a vital employee during the time and unable to spare him from the launch of TOSHIBA AMERICA and PEOPLEPC (Superbowl advertising campaign); then refusing to pay the compensation or grant ordinary cost of living increases under new management.

The CEO responsible was later removed due employee complaint prompting John Sykes (a good man) to come out of retirement and resume control.

Similar leaders David Curtis (Director) were also pushed out, and on return in 2003 with injury, JAMES ALLEN was never granted management in resentment of his implied responsibility for the misconduct of the interim CEO - which he had no part in or role as a non-voting member of the Board representing the technical telecom department of the business and six other call centers nationally he coordinated for that project with AT&T and LUCENT high level engineering, Sun Microsystems control equipment, and INFORMIX SQL DATABASE systems.

Accused of misconduct at one point, alleged that JAMES ALLEN had altered the system causing financial loss, Allen diagnosed the SUN WORKSTATION and located a prior undisclosed modem used by LUCENT for remote work, through which Lucent engineers had without notice accessed the system and altered the Solaris based server causing the damage.

This, combined with billing to TOSHIBA AMERICA of $200/hour for expert work in contract services analyzing malicious formulas for multi-server multi-site call flow metric accounting and billing, resulting in the waiver of fines imposed on SYKES ENTERPRISES wrongly; earned James a reputation of being a solid analyst in real time data systems and crisis management.

At one point Allen managed a 36 hour conference call during a natural disaster to restore services in automated call routing and dynamic enterprise center disaster recovery; preventing disruption of services on a national level.

Effort to destroy this credit or compel information concering Sykes Enterprises clients and operations through court process on the holding of his child is a threat to national security and the United States technologies owned by Lucent / Avaya telecommunications and multiplexor technology provided under license.

Allen has since worked with Digium Asterisk PBX solutions, Polycom VoIP systems, and distributed rendering for ray tracing in real time software products for NEWTEK LLC, LUXOLOGY LLC, PIXOLOGIC LLC, NEXT LIMIT TECHNOLIOGES of Madrid Spain (see Maxwell Renderer), and other companies in computer generated visualization.

First Work On Vector Computers

His first work was on Tektronics vector based computers and tape drive based 4051, first generation Macintosh and Apple II, and afforded by access as a child to Computer Utility (an Apple Computers dealership) where his father was an engineer under owner Dwayne Murray.

Effort to equate this tradesman education by State College programs and practices, including false allegation of rape at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA and removal upon false claim of his office of PRESIDENT OF THE PSI CHI Greek Organization there over such false claim, contested by two other female students before the Dean; affecting his final year and GPA as a result of sexual harassment and report of sexual harassment of students by members of the Media Department with sabotage to his grades a retaliation for such report; do not constitute any measure of academic defect in the PRESIDENTIAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP recipient.

Such claims are hate crimes and supporting rape on campus at East Central University, false allegations against drug-free students, and harassment by Alicia McMahon in her final year at the college component to her abuse of a 17 year old girl in Norman High School whose grandmother was dying of cancer at the time the Norman Student and Norman Medieval Fair guest came to James Allen for help and emotional support.

This support was witnessed and documented by NORMAN COMPUTERS, who employed the young woman, and part of organized harassment of persons of CHOCTAW heritage by such persons engaged in the "Ally" stories and fraud to style a young Choctaw girl as "The Mistress" of James Allen during such emotional and commercial abuse targeting the 925 East 9th St Office of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP. And at such time, Alicia McMahon an "Intern" or acting against the company to carry out her own business in adult industry and pornography, documented in contract and without consent of the limited liability company (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) and its charter, so documented by Nathan Goodridge (deceased, 2005) in email disclosing this misuse of persona for fraud in 1998 to (JAMES ALLEN).

Turnover at Sykes Enterprise

Hiring parties at SYKES ENTERPRISES including Mark Fussleman (Best Buy USA) and National Director for Telephony Brian Haberman worked with James Allen at Sykes Ada; and were aware of his performance and concerns, test scores, and extensive (60+ hours/week) investment in salary positions there to support his family and enable the workers and customers of Best Buy, American Online Yahoo Merger, PeoplePC, and later in 2003-2016 as an associate under later companies using that facility including AT&T Business Internet Services for ADSL and T-Mobile. T-Mobile (SPRINT acquired by Deutsche Telekom and Softbank) employment appeared abusive, suggesting relationship then to the related JOSIAH DEUTCH (mis-spelling of John Germany, Josiah Deutsche) elementary in 2323 Bryan St and 1950 N Stemmons Freeway data center contact with T-Mobile and other companies to damage the relationship and employment rights in concert with FALSE RECORDS maintained in 2008-2022 by the OKLAHOMA BUREAU OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS arising from 2007 police conduct in City of Ada and failure to update the State database clearing the officer of wrongdoing used improperly to block employment from 2008-2022 on false report as if an active conviction unreported in employment with the United States (see 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III violation).

Server Breach at Nortel

Email suggesting a breach in the NORTEL executive Director's account on reply to JAMES ALLEN was forwarded to Brian Shields by JAMES ALLEN, citing similarity to absurd claims in publicatoins by DONALD J. BEAL, later evident in the style of PRC defamation in JOSIAH DEUTCH hostile propaganda and ongoing 2021-2022 extortion letters reliant on Alicia Scarbrough and in response to her direct contact November 13 2021 preceeding an organized and sustained attack with letters from DONALD BEAL to CITY OF ADA attorney (Jan 28 2022) and direct threats (Jan 30 2022) on JAMES ALLEN in places of business, in March on his mother's estate immediately after her death, and in April, May, September, October, and November letters threatening using the prior Jan 28 2022 data to promote the child abudction and Federal Evidence fraud in the JOSIAH DEUTCH publication as if fact to obtain benefits of the United States, a TITLE IV-D fraud targeting former U.S. Army Specialist JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN in City of Ada, Oklahoma through his child.

Welfare Fraud Was Refused by Allen

JAMES ALLEN has accepted NO BENEFITS and reported the fraud to the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION both by mail, in person on discovery in 2019, to the State of Oklahoma (Board of Examiners of Clinical Psychology - refusing to hear the complaint, in accessory after the fact to Title IV-D fraud) and in verification in 2022 December to the Assistant Manager of the City of Ada Office of Social Security, a Federal Agency.

Multi-Year Fraud Ongoing and Sustained

Use of the claims (see below) of JOSIAH DEUTCH as if a "real" person to work a fraud on SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION records of JAMES ALLEN in the concealment of a child, are now record and legal fact in the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, making this a Federal Matter of welfare benefits fraud orchestrated over 2001 to 2022 by Alicia McMahon, Veronica Petersen, Donald J. Beal, and associates of 2323 Bryan St and 1950 N Stemmons Freeway unregistered organized labor union groups (LOSTSERVER), LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, DEPREF.NET, ATLANTIC.NET, SHARKTECH.NET, and the employers cited in 2011 extortion letters by Donald J. Beal including Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRAOBOX, TEK SYSTEMS, and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES as parties subject 21 O.S. §21-1533.1 association to commit fraud for United States benefits obtained and sought in 2022 (ongoing) by Veronica Marie Petersen, Iva Petersen, and the Petersen family of Denton County, Texas. Efforts to sustain such claims based on the "JOSIAH DEUTCH" site specified in the report of MARY LANGUILLE-HOPPE, JASON GUNTER, and ROBERT ROGERS, is accessory after the fact by any employee of the United States or Federal Union member State or their franchise, in any public office or capacity at law.

As no such person is "real", and used as evidence due to intent to defraud and design, any civil honors removed on the grounds of such manufature of evidence by Veronica Marie Petersen and Donald Beal woudl violate 21 O.S. §21-8 Oklahoma Statutory Law, as would any report supporting these false claims be evidence of "spoliation" entitled civil and criminal legal relief.

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