Oct 10th 2022



I hope when this is over, it is not necessary to explain how the CITY OF ADA and PONTOTOC COUNTY lost my confidence and my business - along with SYKES ENTERPRISES and EDGE TECH CORP (PERIPHERAL ENHANCEMENTS CORPORATION), REMINGTON ARMS, LEVIS JEANS, and other companies.

The purpose of such notice is not to injure or persuade, but to diffuse the incitement of harm upon fraud from a narcissistic sociopath hoax with injury to a child for commercial purpose (admitted in 2011 LEGAL ANSWER), which is sustained by negligence of Texas and Oklahoma telecommunications companies allowed to self-regulate their employees and corruption of the Federal Benefits Program for children under radical Democratic Socialist abuse of public office to extort and weaponize the media, courts, and law enforcement against their POLITICAL AND COMMERCIAL ENEMIES.

Conduct and psychological abuse consistent with LIBEL and FRAUD enjoined provocation and direct LEGAL NAME FRAUD are designed to make life unsustainable; and differ in no way from early neo-nazi and white supremacist conduct toward children of mixed race evident in slurs and defamation which bear no excuse from prior "Crazy Indian" frauds to obtain land, children, exterminate bloodlines, and overcome INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S printing and news agencies.

Four White Golf Balls allegedly driven over the hedge from Country Club Road into the wall of the office, in a row, left outside the West Window. I don't know much about golf, but in 14 years I've never seen anyone hit 4 brand new balls into a neat row over a 12' tall hedge, even with a backboard made of brick. Under an awning, without getting dirt on the balls other than the bottom in a sandy area.
Discarded drugs and loose small bills were also found nearby (down-wind from the lot) in what appears to be a drug plant similar to a prior "safe jack and industrial 1/4-inch drill" hidden under bushes last year, found by a patient awaiting medical surgery this week. ADA CITY POLICE were asked to dispose of both suspicious packages, due concerns of fentanyl poisoning and stolen property suspected with a prior industrial kit (a box, possibly stolen from a lineman, and secured under tree limbs behind a network junction across from the office entrance). Officers responding asked us why we did not sell the tools found by the side of the road, as if they could not be stolen property and evidently hidden nearby a business office already under written threat of burglary.
"That drill could have gone right through our front door. And after attempted break-in May 20 2020 and prior two burglaries on property of the parties receiving extortion threats Oct 5 2022, including use of a sledge hammer to batter down a door built by Orval Price during similar letters threatening, we are entitled to engage security practices and forced to rely on a 2-man system to combat false reports misrepresenting findings as that of a single isolated party to suggest "delusions" and falsify such commercial extortion as a domestic two-party custody dispute concealing commercial threats with a pattern of entrapment and clear claims to defraud the public of facts in the case to a felony criminal degree (TITLE 8 Section 37.03 aggravated perjury, Texas Statutory Code)."
The last package we received before Oct 8th 2022 was torn open, just enough to see if there was anything worth stealing inside, prior our discovery. Had it not been cat food, it would have likely been gone. Photos were taken then as well. Entry of the property after dark, phone calls to establish staff presence after 5:00 pm close, and similar activity is therefore not juvenile activity unrelated threats of assault at gunpoint in 2013 and photos of witnesses hosted by "myluv187" to extort and influence a court case.
Chasing packages has now become standard-operating-procedure after 3 years of U.S. Mail theft and 5 attacks on physical U.S. Mail boxes prior installation of camera systems. Approaching from angles to avoid cameras, or response to a camera down visible with infrared spectrum only during such approach, does not instill confidence in our remaining personnel to continue to operate in the rising crime activity.
On video, the truck can clearly be seen braking sharply before the address and then driving past the driveway to park in an adjoining site to avoid camera view of the main approach, prior discovery of more 'token' objects, contraband, loose small bills, and other unusual activity including letters threatening to extort under color of civil suit quid pro quo themed alleged 21 O.S. 21-550 "barratry" targeting suspected shareholders in violation of The Oklahoma Securities Act to sell their shares before a competitor (GAMES WORKSHOP, EMBRACER GROUP AB, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, and CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED) product launch scheduled for Oct 7 2022.

We were geuninely unaware of the extent of this new sales activity or degree of intentional infringement to dilute commercial TRADEMARKS, prior this analysis done October 9th 2022 of CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED sale and delivery of goods October 8th 2022. C7 Oct 9th 2022 REPORT PDF

The prior are counts of violation alleged of Oklahoma Trademark No 12415565, and threats to deflect from this commercial forfeiture activity attempted of registered property a fraud in sale of goods into State of Oklahoma to dilute the rights prior established of such mark and place of business there expressly registered.

Claims the company is not "real" are a criminal fraud, and alleged aggravated perjury in legal action threatened against retired persons to extort, transfer, or impair credit in anti-competitive practices upon the collateral concealment and injury to a child (grandchild of the grandparent to whom the threat was purposefully served Oct 5 at approximately 4 am CDT) following physical contact in PONTOTOC COUNTY and injury resulting in death of an animal over 10 years a companion of the accused person targeted and abused in that letter threatening.

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