May 23 2022 - MONDAY Closing // Summary and Hours

We run about 4am to 10pm (16 hours) daily, with 50 projects, about 3-4 active per 4 hour cycle.

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Quick summary of the day's news:

The extortionist mailed their false legal process from a concealed private mail box store to obtain data used to blackmail a local business owner leading up to and after the death of his mother to cancer; (this is to evade service of process, this address does not accept Legal Process, but engaged in a CIVIL LEGAL SERVICE using that to deceive the CITY OF ADA to obtain Police Department data for commercial use in extort effort)

The purpose of such blackmail was contrary the letter sent to the CITY OF ADA and COMMERCIAL in nature, to extort, prohibited lawful use of this request over the video obtained and fraud alleged.

The party is still seeking forfeiture of her estate despite threats to commercially disrupt his business and calling his phone looking for other vulnerable family members to harass - refusing to stop calling back in a pattern of fraud and related a child concealment with abuse.

The father digitized the letters of extortion for public review and broke down the extent of the fraud and disclosed the arrest and conviction record showing most of what the man was accusing him of from failure to pay child support on time, failure to pay taxes on time, and claims of being a network admin for some company to suggest the father was a fraud to conceal his child illegally.

The letters show multiple persons jointly admit acting in a kidnapping falsified as an "abandonment" case (a felony in Oklahoma, but denied due process by Texas against the Oklahoma man in double jeopardy after default by his accuser was refused a judgment on the basis of sex)

The conviction shows the abducting party made only $2500/month (about $14.70/hour) while falsifying the fathers employment to defraud during 2001-2022. During such abuse, the abductor used the child to allege the father was incompetent and unqualified and worked for a different business to falisfy his work history in concert with public extortion and threats to attorneys representing the father during this child concealment while ORDERED POSSESSION was in effect per the record granted to the Oklahoma parent, but refused enforcement conditional payment of debt in excess of income and without regard to modify or stop under this Interstate duress.

The Oklahoma father made $60/hr and was forced out of his prior employment due to this fraud without due process on hearsay evidence, but retained the payroll, receipts, checks of expenses, lease, contracts, and signed timesheets from the period to prove his employment and supervisor, hours, and fraud - from 2001-2022.

Despite this "impersonation of skilled labor", narcissistic abuse is evident of the father, to falsify the character of the man and to discredit his eye-witness testimony and intimidate the PONTOTOC COUNTY DA in a scheme to actually jail him in 2011 for reporting his child missing; without charges being brought against the parties or an ORDER OF PROTECTION issued due to promise to stop, which did not stop, and refusal to recognize this was a child concealment with ORDERED POSSESSION the parties were supporting, contributing to the death of his mother after blackmail and false claims initiated to law enforcement again in a punitive "lynching" activity, made a HATE CRIME in April 2022 in Federal Law, and continued to extort the estate of the father for over $67,500 USD sought without legal cause or Federal Law permitting such demand, already under contest before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT without remedy for 3 years under these conditions.

The abductors letters celebrate the pain and violence, and admit organizing and planning and working as a group with intent to carry this plan in future to keep the child concealed, and such child used for commercial purposes under this fraud in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas by the parties to create false charities, promote events, and incite violence in concert with a general effort to deny the father XXIII-1A "right to work" in a $2.5 million fraud themed debt bondage and forced labor specifically admitted in letters of extortion, and legal answer to the attorney of the victim, from which PROTECTION and recovery of the child was never undertaken by either State of Texas or Oklahoma, in ongoing use to draft Federal Title IV grants in violation of 2017-2022 Federal Law.

The matter remains before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, a $16,000,000 USD suit in counter-claim pending jury trial, delayed due to lack of investigation and a fraud to style the State non-compliance as a lack of remedy contrary UIFSA Section 314 "immunity" and UIFSA Rev 2008 Section 6 "Fraud" a partial or full defense not undertaken sooner due burden of proof contrary:

"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat."
(The Burden rests on the accuser, not the accused) specified in 120 page rule of 45 CFR §302.56(f) Federal Law obligated State suport in a Title IV Judicial Matter under 5 U.S. Code §101 rule. The Oklahoma father is the respondent, in each case, lawfully - but the burden of proof was unlawfully reversed on him without context to the case and counter-suit right afforded overwhelming evidence in a written confession. Federal Law (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244, 120 pages of instructions barring this basis) obligate this not stand.

May 23 2022 - MONDAY Evening // Charity Work

Yes. There is a simple version of the prior. But in about 2 hours, the prior detailed version is first deliveriable on a list of projects. The quick parable/Bible version will wait until AFTER the charity work is done this afternoon. So chill out.

It bears mention the prior is a Level II minimum standard of Operator Report, the Heavy Operator Program standard based on the prior LLC model from the XSP (Cross Platform Solution Provider) program in the 1990s. Operators have to be familiar with Statutory and Regulatory rule, and able to comply or cite superior authority - as a job skill for the data they handle in ordinary day-to-day work in Enterprise and Commercial Operations.

As we wound up the charity mission in an hour, it is important to touch on a few points:

  1. Reports are Ad Hoc Vice deposition of facts. Once made, they are collated and archived in volumes for reference, like Federal Register or public policy of a government or large body. So while heady, they are an index resource meant to be pulled and searched on date and similar to less complex after-action reports of a military front line.
  2. Normal operations in a Program Office are quite casual. As per a common law interrogatory, the briefs are there to establish a baseline. To read-in parties to the situation, for specific discussion of a legal question or demand, and mostly settled law. Statements pertaining rule or order, having no subsequent and higher authority yet reported.
  3. None of that is a telling of everything ongoing in the office. Only a compartmentalized report, to subject, and in concert with incursion into matters of the authority and facts pertaining conduct related to such abuse.

Everything Else

There is a tremendous body of knowledge and a job board with tasks like air combat missions for assignment against which development is ongoing; work milestones and deliverables set; and duty assignments.

Beyond that, the public policy and the people have the usual lives, family, and health and life requirements. Just because no one talks about it, doesn't mean absence. As juvenile a statement as that is, its not anyone's business who is dating the boss, where the rum's gone, or when the launch day is and what's coming in the mail. Nor where employees are or when or how they get to work.

What we noticed in the reading of threats Sunday is a pattern of distinct incapacity to the parties to com...(weasle pops in to describe the AM5 socket launch)...

To comprehend how freaking busy we are already and annoyed by interruptions every hour or less. These are very fast paced markets with immediate cycles of sale, and abuse interrupting and disrupting credit at specific times are not random or accidental harassment by competitor fraud.

Moreso, by false statements of competitors to knowingly or in a display of gross professional incapacity I can't personally comprehend - to misrepresent pathologically definitive practices of sales and marketing as if they are unlawful or illegal and publish information in a clear and evident effort to provoke a response that is suitable for use in some manufactured and dissimilar false claim to justify felony 18 U.S. Code §2261A stalking and commercial industrial espionage confessed in publications and threats of an unsolicited nature and initiated by employees (or persons claiming employment with) PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden and other firms we have legal cause to cite on specific printed and electronic sale into State of Oklahoma violating Title 78 protections closely associated with threats to extort on concealment of a child.

The legal question, as to whether these are genuine employees or contractors or persons passing information to the firm as clear title in fraudulent conveyance or imposters; ends when our content appears in physical print in their product, to warrant a legal cause of action and such copyright and trademark violation common and (per threats) a malicious plan to engage in commercial fraud documented over 20 years of similar cases and similar victims of other works; which would be bad if their product were not inferior and clearly plagiarized content from prior established contracts, works, and registered screenplay performances, poor claims for original copyright and trademark abuse.

To a country that has utter contempt for copyright and trademark law, as we saw in the Pirate Bay and other firms operating in the open in this industry; the damage to the United States economy and to predatory and criminal loss to small business is substantial, without enjoining those acts with child abuse and parental alienation of a real and living child to overcome the trademark and copyright owner/author.

To many of these "pirate bay" style groups, rights and the commission to do business are "just a piece of paper", and their complaints to then seek to defraud and falsify our right to exist in a commission of a real firm and false claims of prospectus, being circulated using the collateral of an abducted and concealed child, are very much a form of modern piracy that has gained substantial support despite the stupidity of such false arguments before a competent qualified adjudication and reliance on the letters of patent and articles issued by the state.

Many arguments also seem to incorporate a foreign and alien theory of law, themed a criminal misprison of a felony to espouse as U.S. Law; whereby the commision of a corporation under the UNITED STATES or STATE OF OKLAHOMA as a franchise for-profit, are falsely and almost satirically styled to be enjoined a duty to create greater earnings and accumulate fiat currency value as sole right to exist. Some stocks, whose securities are registered and traded publicly, lacking a buyers agreement and shareholder agreement to factual articles of incorporation and mission of the firm and practices and policies, may come under those general rules of securities exchange law; but those rules do not enjoin a privately held company or firms whose disclosures incorporate the necessary terms and objectives, for which the issuer must inform the public prior sale. A party who has made purchase but was not informed has standing to bring an action, but a party who has not executed a purchase or owns the security does not have any standing to argue its terms in the interest of other conditions not set by the incorporators and shareholders and bylaws of the firm.

Ergo, claims to suggest merit or credit or other general financial information are on face, fraud and false claims by a non-party, to damage pubilc confidence and investment opportunity in an offer or solicitation or other form of business activity to which they are not a party and have not legal business to attempt to coerce or negotiate against the will of the public and the private party, or in union or labor activity. Where such action does occur, as we see in the letters threatening of record, Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A is the rule which would bar that conduct or immediately dispose of it as "criminal activity".

It is for this reason that we ask the public not to speak to issuers or the firm of securities, nor repeat broad statements, as they are subject mandatory report like yelling "bomb" in a theater or post office, in any utterance or claim to express in public or before others a securities allegation or right that may seek to intimidate or influence the holders of such securities, or compel them to abandon or dispose of their holdings for fear or intimidation evident in all claims from 2002-2022.

These claims are very much akin to the jus tetrii claim of G.W.F. Hegel, which suggest that society has a legal right to discovery and disclosure and to create a utility in all persons and a gain from all such persons to "validate" them, and in exchange with society as a deliberate body of superior authority to grant in-consideration the free exercise of certain conduct and trade as privileges, and to have security in one's home and property and in the return of minor members of the family if removed or separated to the parent, which the radical extremist socialist convictions evident in the two largest foreign sovereign holders of debt (PRC/JAPAN) do not hold as rights of people separate from their "public health and individual psychological medicine practice".

If you disagree with such terms, as to suggest rights are granted by God or inherent, such extremist persons will dismiss the claim of "God" as delusion, the suggestion the State is not the true authority and giver of franchise, and punish you until you submit and comply or are extinguished from public (civil) life. In what legal experts call "civil death". Genocide is another word for this, death without killing - by destroying the franchise, dignity, and inclusion as an equal party with standing, in concert with classification by broad cultural, ethnic, and religious expression or traits such as eugenics, style of dress, length of hair, or the shape of Mr. Allen's eyes.

Not all conversations are this serious in the office, but the "jus tetrii" claim is usually the exception, like using a pejorative slur in the workplace - to suggest collective or majority or unanimous vote excluding one person or invalidate a person, is the contrary policy to a "REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT", a guarantee in this office. The guarantee means that the rights you have are yours, not subject to a "vote" of your peers, and the officer of the watch is responsible to be your advocate and to enforce your rights against all other persons; without utility or gain-of-function test to qualify your rights in an organization of JAMES ALLEN or his industry.

As the letters threatening indicate, these are not the policies of all companies in the technology sector, or all workers in the United States under such foreign companies influence.

Jus tetrii is literally Latin for "Rule of the Third (Party)", meaning that a party other than the one with the right is entitled to make a literal claim for standing as if they have some (minority or greater or exclusive) interest in the exercise of that right, whereby it must be granted some limitation or use in interest of the people it affects or in the interest of society as a legal party even where no member is immediately harmed or adversely affected.

There is good cause in this, as "Free Speech" - in simple words, does not mean "say what you wish without any law governing that, at all times, even to lie or commit fraud or abuse others". The Laws of the United States define such behaviors clearly, in jus tetrii accomodation as a general rule, as do the public policy of the United States in written terms and other Regulations made statutes or mandates or municiple codes for the bodies of various authorities and jurisdictions. These are all subject to contest in judicial review; but the rights of one person as a rule must not impair or suspend or coerce or direct to extinguish the rights of others.

In an ordinary functioning person, the awareness of others rights and feelings as a value not entitled harm or taking, are present. In genuine criminal and mental health conditions - the awareness of harm to others may or may not exist, but the attribution of value and entitled protection is often lesser or absent, for some theory of law incorporated with a jus tetrii claim.

We see these claims in the letters threatening, in collective labor extortion and blackmail falsified as persuasion and bargaining, and in such actions in deprivation of contact with a child a criminal degree to extinguish the XXIII-1A rights of JAMES ALLEN in these abuses; the literal tipping point of gender bias reversal abuse of persons prohibited in employment of the estate at law per Oklahoma Constitution Article II-36A rule of contracts.

The presumption that a TITLE IV AGENCY can or should harm or disbar a parent from equal service based on gender or biological gender, is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and so barred a power delegated to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or the States as agent in fact sole commission of such authority in 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 rule, conditional to the payment of any portion of the grant.

Regardless, foreign sovereign national governments and their franchise are not deterred by such violation of the Laws of the United States, or in incitement of violent offense against the Peace of the State of Oklahoma or the United States; and hold no authority over those protections in encouraging their agents to act against the rule to harm persons in COMMERCIAL COMPETITION which should without presumption that the abusing party is a U.S. Citizen and would know better, afford any partial or full defense to violation of these criminal protections at law.

Foreign governments can hire, pay obscenely high wages arbitrarily, and install high school educated $15/hour personnel in positions of sensitive access to critical technology; and groom persons who are easily attracted to the jus tetrii claims and arguments of value and "meritous accolades of society", an appeal like Hitler to the mentally ill members of our society for a street team of disenfranchised and unsophisticated persons who are as easily disclaimed and disposed of in opposition to real and commercial parties representing obstacles to undue foreign influence and monopoly aspirations in critical United States infrastructure and industry and communication.

Ironically, the employment of these "value claims" to abuse their victims also exposes their dysfunctional and "magical thinking" - despite deceiving unsophisticated persons and causal review of their "Grifting" claims.

As Galatians 3:13 stated, "Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:" which means in length that the law may say these things, in the effort to keep the promise to God, but in the appearance of Christ the living word of God which is the authority that made the promise, man cannot by his customs and conventions and rules suggest those things are equal or superior to the living will of God to instruct, adjudicate, and break or make a new promise or condition; and so too is the authority of the court of man that new instruction from the seat of the Judicial Branch in express rule to the Constitution and protections afforded all member States, franchises made only in the authority of the Federal Union, rebuke then other customs regardless the convenience or fear of change or lack of understanding or agreement with that Supreme Law.

Jus tetrii in the allegeded interest of third party either in others or community or society or government or state or nationalism; has no legitimacy over persons to withhold or supsend their rights against which the pledge of protection conditional the solicitation to take up work or engage in any contract or bond or lien could be made; that would suggest those fundamental guarantees withholding not grant absolute release from debt to all claims (creditors and obligations) or be sustained for so long without release as is a fraud to hold over others and a violation of the Jubiliee (the 7 years limitation of law of bondage in Jewish Tradition, in the Book of Leviticus), which constitute an end to civil peonage and injury even in Biblical times; a limtation on the impairment of the dignity of persons customary and held over in our laws today and FAIR CREDIT PROTECTION ACT.

As such, while the laws may be written, they are not a license to impose cruel and unusual punishment or debt bondage or forced labor to satisfy a civil obligation; expressly made; and the effort to install those BLACK CODES by foreign sovereign national unregistered influence or by domestic treason by one or more member States of the Federal Union, have no legal standing in jus tetrii or authority under a competent State or Federal Civil Court or Attorney General or District Attorney.

Wrongful abuse of presumed immunity from suit for acts under color of law in this fraud, dismissed as Unconstitutional in 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647, make civil suit against the employee (estate) of the party in occupation of such public office, for any act that is not compliant with United States Public Policy subject to their jurisdiction, commission, or franchise - or the Laws of the United States or other State or local regulation; which bar such act in any technical overreach.

The Law, as excuse, is no partial or full defense to such abuse of public office or complicity with misprison of a felony (concealment and refusal to enforce against felony violation by an officer or agent), or to achieve a punishment not prescribed and outcome not afforded the commission of such Agency or Office whether by the State or United States, where it is so directed exclusive authority of the United States and regulations made to disbar other discretion expressly codified, as are the rules of 45 CFR and "fair" and "just" conditions, at law, broad and explicitly one-sided to place burden of proof on the state, not the party, to show cause for proof that those rules were in compliance with all terms and conditions and the legal standards - not simply to perform a product or pay a fee exclusive of those "circumstances" and other protections duly made.

And if a law is made poorly, or with outcome contrary its intent, that is not afforded a partial or full defense where "operation of law" is evident and expressly a duty of the State (42 U.S. Code §666), and it performs "as written" in the "construction of words", not the wish or whim or interest of the State; a duty there to carry and in imperfect statutory law for the Legislature to change, and those changes then effective going in future only without a bill ex post facto to correct for the prior impact or loss, a right granted to the Legislature of the State of Texas or other State or United States.

Rules that, on face, don't seem important - until you find an abuse in jus tetrii claims to abuse the public office of the Public Trust and injure persons in popular support of a gain-of-function which overcome the enumerated and protected Constitutional Rights of persons, or threaten to modify the law to suit the abuse and decriminalize past injustice to rebuke the report and enforcement of the construction of words made a protection in the law.

Socialists belief that law is "intent", and "Democracy" is a powerful authority to overcome all resistance and dissent by fear and threat, shatter and break before a Republican form of government and the living word of a competent judge or arbiter or officer commissioned in the authority to safeguard the rights of the individual against the force or taking by illicit abuse of power in the many. To victims of socialism and victims of child abuse also, the very concepts of inherent authority in life are defined by the surrender to the conviction that overwhelming force shall make just injury.

While to those who are better skilled, of antithesis holding as conviction and in personal law, the protection of the one in their enumerated rights shall not admit jus tetrii a claim that enjoins such offense or coercion under color of franchise to remove or conceal or impair the presumption that no benefit in society can purchase the dignity of the individual and trust in the protection of a competent sovereign.

Those injured perceive in others the same deficit of character that they were witness to in their injury and that is generational in abuse; a danger to children. While to their mind the privilege of such franchise would be misused and abused and wasted on the interest that does not yield to force and use of the stronger political body; it remains our conviction that the virtue of the dignity of the individual is not ours to know - or to presume - or to demand a proof to enjoy those virtues and franchise and security in the law which their necessity did not explicitly grant authority to government over them expressly; and such right to the idle and secure and intimidate aspects of their life is not a franchise or utility of government now or ever its dominium plenum (domain in direction or validation and right to use).

If these words harm others, then they deserve to be harmed by the capacity of it, like a sword of fire upon their hearts; for where the law defines the limitations and promise of the people made to government some support for the duty of its public office of the public trust and performance of that duty; it grants no right to be the sovereign of the makers of that deliberate assembly in substitution of God and that God in whatever form or self so made, an enumerated protection in Article I section I-2 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Perfect Religious Tolerance, is not a franchise of government or the commission of State or Federal Union in industry or monopoly, some claim in place of the living agency and agent, cestui qui vie (beneficiary of such trust in living natural person); as stated by Ginsburg for the United States.

As is the right to privacy, as products of SEVEN ALPHA™ services so made and a trademark in communications duly reigstered, a reference to the Revelations 10:4 verse (KJV) which mentions the Seven thunders (sounds) and the order not to write these things down that were said, and just before time ends. As a privacy service to facilitate communication themed to be confidential and secure; the biblical metaphor to distract from the prior jus tetrii arguments and mens rea of evil in all things that are not under the franchise of collective will, is disposed; in the presumption that people will use such service for good purpose and be entitled its ability to restore trust and privacy to persons against such unwanted, illicit, and frankly creepy effort to engage in surveillance of persons to imply their acts based on communication prior actual offenses - a pattern of "magical knowing" evident in such socialist statism - which has no legitimate authority at law under the Republican form of government or anonymous communication abuse permitted to run in abandon of all civil order and contrary to the welfare and rights of persons in early Oldnet (Old Internet) products prior the service.

Features the Newnet (New Internet) do not suffer from in our proprietary work to develop a secure routable and independent protocol and transport system in private use of computer software and hardware which do not require or afford jus tetrii claims or interest or equity by collective "Internet governance" groups who fashion themselves as a collective stateless and hostile party to the factual and legitimate United States Government and State Governments, and the Laws thereof, in illegal labor organization documented in January 28th 2022 letters threatening to extort seperately served via DISCORD to our office in connection to the previous criminal activity cited in overt acts.

To such a criminal conspiracy, the purpose of the work to build such tools is to "be a big person" or "bigger man".

The stupidity is almost as mind boggling as it is dangerous, to the grayman philosophy.

The allegation, to a company whose actual motto in computer technology is "I was never here", referring to the work done and lack of all credit allowing interfacing with technology companies and gathering requirements without contractual obligations that would impede or enjoin the product to claims of other employer-employee obligations; including being sent into working groups on behalf of Director executive investigation to assess and report on claims by certain contractors then terminated for fraud; named in the complaints as a citation or false employer in such "undercover boss" activity of a genuine employer and good report; certifies the need for such Heavy Operators insertion and activity as good stewards of network and technology infrastructure in their application of American Warfighter values and goals to carry out the mission - not the credit-seeking - of genuine complex engineering and regulatory enforcement duties that a competent administrator of minimum Level II or higher grade should expose.

Like the Japanese fleet in World War II, trying desperately posture between bombs and torpedoes to achieve some spectacular victory to call home about; these critics are engaging targets in a covert and clandestine manner without authority themed industrial sabotage and espionage; while American Warfighters are fueling and arming planes and maneuvering based on leadership and initiative and confidence in their individual command to act independently and regardless initial disadvantage and disaster to carry out the mission on the Japanese fleet with prejudice - wholly aware of what will happen if they fail, knowing their advesary and the attitude they carry toward human life.

We are fighting the same old enemies today. The same ideas. The same Rape of Nanjing by Japan's contractors illicit actions.

There are casualties, there are injured, there are scars that will never heal. But it is contrary our character to capitulate to such injustice and violent fraud; to the extinguishment of our entire post and cadre. This is not a shared experience or civil dispute then between different views, but a conflict created by exceptional perfidy and violence over two different fundamental ideals about what the commission of the national character and limitations of law and conduct and behavior are based; for which credit and individual prestige are meaningless where the lives of children and the safety of the people and property who cannot defend themselves from such socialist exploitation and abuse of persons rebuked a duty of the State of Texas and its officers and courts and attorneys; as to put the question of whether they are by deed and failure to perform a legal body entitled to standing before a competent office in light of what they have done and good report of quality and depositions of violence and heinous acts retained by our office.

To enter into conflict to assault such witnesses, their eye-witness accounts, or to corrupt the record and destroy its beneficiaries, title, and dilute their equity and security by constant threat, is no lesser a war than that in Ukraine or Donbass, sustained from 2001-2022 in fraud and contempt for the rule of law.

And any officer who represents that cause or defends it, as corrupt and committed to the dissolution of the United States and its Commission as the Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906 obligate be so done were it admitted a thing at law afforded standing or authority; or such monopoly given legal life or foreiture of estate tolerated - as prohibited in Oklahoma Constitution Article II (section II-15 and II-32).

Nothing we do is going to make these people accept DUE PROCESS (II-7) or other laws of the Constitution of the United States, or see the authority in those conditions as binding or enjoining them. That they as a party then expect us to grant them any remotely similar privilege in civil law, is insanity then, and a gross incompetence in the authority of the law to make war on the United States and State of Oklahoam and separately against the incorporators (the People, cestui que vie) for which no bond or collateral made may stand a civil test of contract or debt at law; and by such design promote a default sought to convert power wrongly into the hands of such foreign authority; were it not for tools this firm and its agencies and others of similar mind work to develop and like all our work - provide to the world without a trace or even a byline, for the value they bring to the public and to the victims of such abuse is without measure and beyond financial value, the true commission in industry of those who made the firm and set its course with their blood, their kindness, their dignity and the dignity they afforded others, and in earnest a faith greater still than the sacred craft, a higher purpose resigned in memento mori.

That is, to know that we may die - we do not accept death while we prepare the way for others - that even Death may die and time cease, but the good works of our craft made product of that effort sustain a benefit to all. And if that benefit bear the cost of suffering to keep the secrets of the temple or the craft from cheap sale and by force to take the dignity of any to obtain them; then let the promise to others against such challenge be our final order.

Those were not the duty of the mandate of Mr. Allen. Those were the request of Robert Klepper, father of Charlyce Ann Klepper, who upon fighting such idealogical extremism in the 20th Century in a small field on a farm asked this one thing of his grandson to ensure those atrocities he saw in his native Germany never happened again - or like his fellow Germans, when they did eventually come here - they should not come without resistance.

We are so duly commissioned, and without obligation to written law, to sustain the culture and convictions of our founding company to protect all persons and their dignity, franchise, and authority against all odds. Doubtless in that we have found enemies of those beliefs, who do not understand or do not care what our calling is or its relationship to the generation born prior to the 20th Century, including Scottish Knights and Witherspoon and character of a people deeply committed to the business of the People rather than the enrichment of the commonwealth of creditors and bankers transitory cause; an industry of builders, lenders, and academics - whose interest in the community began in a free press and evolved into the enterprise application of communications technology and high speed transport with audio and video production for advanced simulated environmetns and augmented reality with navigation and medical applications. Beneficiaries of technologies like the Gamma Knife and new and emerging gene therapy for the elimination of the inoperable heart disease, and integrity management tools for commercial data.

We do not discuss any of these contributions or work or projects with persons seeking to harm our clients, injure or extort them, or impose demands upon them in the withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of children or abuse of family and elderly members of our community to torture them for money and forfeiture of estate an admitted claim in concert with physical violence to maim and kill employees before our independent witness of such organized planning and certified investigation by our downline of such abuse after threat of murder and destruction of buildings and death of multiple persons in the State of Texas (2) associated with the firm. After the third unusual death, and ongoing threats of violence with images of wounds to extort, we do not need to take the claims used to excuse that conduct by any person associated with those activities or supporting those claims as imaterial to ongoing and real excessive demands in a pattern of extortion.

Their clients and associates are clearly foreign sovereign nation franchises engaged in commercial activity against our interests and an active merger application to buy our critical vendor, which was barred only due to resistance and report of evidence of improper conduct in 2018-2022.

The impact of which in patent and market losses are alreadly "Biblical" in scope. With 80% of assets lost this May 2022 in evolving companies we have prior dealings with (KRAKEN, BINANCE) and are registered in concert with testing and development of software and early services, communities, and support for similar legal trade in gold, platinum, and silver based on Linux platforms.

The effort to impute some sort of "value equitable to the perceived future sale or market" is not a right afforded, and the speculative "fee setting for RIGHT TO WORK" claims so barred in XXIII-1A rule.

As is the effort to suggest a job title equate to a payment or lifestyle to participate in the market, similar radicalized socialist theories at law so alien to competent accounting as to be an assault on the public to impose the use of schools and other certifications as the guarantor and dispensary of job titles, barred at law by Article I section 9 and 10 to the States and United States; for cause.

We are dealing, then, with a level of stupidity that - while they read these rules - like the term in Galatians, 3:13, lack the faith to obey and the common sense to recognize the violation or the purpose for which the protection was made in the hand of incorporation, to create these offenses under other names and press ahead for jus tetrii a sale of commission and collective "settled science" to assume the throne (authority) of those who prior gave honor and created wealth which made the unhappy and cold seat so prestigious and sought after.

The eyes of fools look to the crown, and not to the blood on the hands of he who bears the sword or the sadness and regret upon the face of one who cares for the people they must adjudicate or remove from a civil society. And would seize the crown and seek to exchange it for a purse, rather than admit the value lies in the heart beneath it and the sole desire that this duty should fall to anyone else but for the lack of qualified stewards to take up the true authority that is a duty to serve and to suffer and to bear such ill will as the public often needs to excuse its offenses.

There is no pride in what has been done or made. There is only saddness that it could have been so much more, but for the resistance and violence brought about by ego and the blind obedience to expect the law is God and man its servant; rather than to find in each man and woman and child the seed that is God, and raise the law which is that sword in word and deed so loath by the world when it strikes down their intent to overcome and injure; that they cannot set their eyes upon it or see the dignity and person other than their own loathing for themselves - to admit God is other than themselves, and that is wholly good and worthy defending.

Even if nobody knows.

Every heavy operator is trained this way. Not every applicant meets the standard. The goal is not to be famous. The goal is to get good, and help others "get good".

May 23 2022 - MONDAY // Notice of Legal Findings
On review following May 13 2022 extortion letter to our office alleged 21 O.S. §22-1304 rule, and May 15th 2022 (Sunday) discover of a pre-paid letter in our U.S. Mailbox for $10,128.49 USD demanded minimum payment in 30 days, and $67,523.25 USD demanded for a case already barred enforcement; and in amounts suspiciously similar to the estate of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D., mother of James Allen and grandmother of Magnus Vincent Petersen aka "baby boy Allen" per medical records and registration of residence with his father prior illegal removal to conceal from 2001-2019 without due process or lawful cause;

Our office sequestered investigation of archive records, letters, and published written threats by Donald Jonathon Beal of Dallas, Texas; whose name appeared on the January 28th 2022 request to Frank Stout, City Attorney of City of Ada; and in knowing false claim of no COMMERCIAL USE did then obtain by fraud against CITY OF ADA video from the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT employees and buildings of James Arnold Allen, including an attempted search of REGISTERED AGENT business address and office of commercial service for RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED - and publish such video March 3rd 2022 upon YOUTUBE.COM for commercial extortion and COMMERCIAL USE disclaimed prior.

CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS was not investigated prior May 23rd 2022, due interference and duties superior to the Oklahoma Tax Commission and United States Department of Internal Revenue Service, and an Enrolled Agent (EA) to assist after injury done to James Allen by the April 4 2022 to April 16 2022 repeated harassment in concealment and abuse of his child via fraud and false use of names to extort, following the death of his mother under these conditions of abuse.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED produced the follow redacted report from investigation:

STATE OF TEXAS v Donald Jonathon_Beal CR-2012-02385-D

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has reviewed the September report from a Chief Information Officer of a certified school in Oklahoma, provided also, to claims by Donald Jonathon Beal before the public and officers of executive authority in hiring and credit affecting James Allen, and to whom such abuse in 2007-2013 were published in a prior pattern of fraud activity.

Findings of the arrest report disclose that at such time Donald Jonathon Beal was "INDIGENT", claimed less than $15/hr as his wage for being a "network admin", and lived with his parents at the age of 31.

Per this report, at such time as he was convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), he was an employee of Robert Half Technologies; and his actions legally fall then upon that employer in commercial abuse to carry his fraud and for gain of employment in concert per his legal answer to attorney demand in CIVIL PROCESS and in harassment to mass mail the attorney firm and threaten representation of James Allen using fraud incorporating TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX as companies of record in legal conspiracy against James Allen and in promotion of a false employment history suggesting Allen were a worker for TEK SYSTEMS, which is fraud promoted to gain credit and job award for TEK SYSTEMS with an account manager per legal notice by Donald Jonathon Beal, aiding in the taking, concealment, abuse, and withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of Magnus Vincent Petersen (a child at such time) from his lawful guardian entitled POSSESSION (a right, not a legal privilege subject civil collateral agreement).

After due consideration, the public is obligated notice in response to false records styled a fictional guardian at litem to suggest incompetency of James Allen to compel he surrender real estate title, money, property and goods themed in Title 78 as protected property in cause of this abuse and for benefit of a sibling of the exploited child; to deflect from:

  1. ) Child Support Arrearage of Donald J. Beal;
  2. ) Back Taxes owing and due by Donald J. Beal;
  3. ) Criminal record of Donald J. Beal;

In this effort, a very elaborate and narrative delusion created and carried jointly with others in a forum using software described by Beal and following in disguise into places of commerce to identify customers of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and contact of such customers to entice and intimidate them away from JAMES ALLEN and his commercial work, were written about in the published works of Donanld Jonathon Beal and sustained in 2002-2022.

Publicly interaction with others in this fraud was observed by Kristen Mack P.I. and other eye witnesses, to rule out sole action and verify the parties engaged in this organized and Interstate fraud to conceal a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and in commercial activity to defraud and overcome the commission of an Oklahoma limited liability company and United States Corporation in 2012 and an additional United States Corporation in 2021 November 14th after initial face-to-face contact with Alicia (McMahon) Scarbrough at Vintage 22 Bar in the City of Ada, Oklahoma by the victim of this fraud, and during such dinner with other business owners and employees of a local nail salon, did the November 21 renewed plan to extort then be executed by Donald Jonathon Beal and other persons he described as accomplices in this COMMERCIAL extortion activity, to:

  1. ) Corerce James Allen into forced labor to pay Veronica Petersen contrary his duties, contracts, obligations, family medical and financial needs, and real role and job duties associated with such self-employment or works for the companies and officers thereof, a duty enjoined Oklahoma State Securities issue and obligations, since 2009.

  2. ) Destroy credit and issue false prospectus in intimidation of creditors and potential and existing clients to bring about a default in repeated economic COMMERCIAL sabotage and espionage for export to foreign buyers of franchise rights, works made and belonging solely to the companies hiring James Allen or his estate at law.

  3. ) To create by this a form of debt-bondage, whereby the subjugation and falsification of motive for all the actions of James Allen were publicly and criminally styled on a delusion of Veronica Petersen and/or Donald Beal in narcissistic fantasies shared by the group, having no basis in reality of real medical needs, obligations, and duties of a child to their parent arising from the adoption of James Allen by 40 year old foster parents with a medical history, congenital disorders, and both of whom came to be revealed as suffering from brain cancer with one expiring in March 2022 after protracted behavioral indicators in 2003-2022 denied care directly resultant from the fraud by Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough, Donald J. Beal, Veronica Petersen, Iva Petersen, Brian Young, Susan Quincy, Brian Wolfe, and their employees and partners and employers who aided in this abuse over 2001-2022.

  4. ) This scheme of "gaslighting narcissistic abuse" was prior executed against a victim in Norman, Oklahoma - whose grandmother similarly had adopted her and who did then suffer and die of cancer while Alicia McMahon did in disguise and without remorse and from the offices of James Allen without his knowledge, engage in and direct the abuse aided by other students also minor children at that time in the classes associated with the victim at Norman High School; to cause injury to the victim which resulted in major surgery in 2009-2010, just prior the extortion attempt.

These actions, an attempt to coerce surrender of money generously donated by a Midwest City Chief Information Officer to medical injury from prescription drug side effects causing irreparable harm to the prior victimized Norman High School student, are evident in the receipts kept by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of the procedure undertaken by Dr. James Clark D.D.S. Receipts.

James Allen is still seen regularly at events wearing the motorcycle jacket donated by the patient's father, a show of appreciation for intervention and charitable works worn by the Oklahoma University retired employee.

Efforts to misrepresent this before the public as legal services of a public attorney at law or other fraud appears to be one more in a pattern of criminal premeditated fraud in Ada, Oklahoma - confusing charitable corporate work and trustee roles with some form of exploitable purse to pick in taking under concelment of a child ordered returned to JAMES ALLEN by ORDERED POSSESSION refused enforcement and evasion of civil process and concealment of the child and welfare of the child. Persons with disabilities come to the firm because it offers high speed secure and well known licensed commercial encrypted voice conferencing, vital for persons on low income to stay in touch with their families and featuring real support on par with a corporate voice conferencing bridge service provider. Disabled persons trade experience and socialize this way, often in concert with multiuser games or VR Chat for adults with disabilities, and efforts to misrepresent that are offensive and an abuse of disabled clients of the limited liability company. Many of the services are near or below cost, as many customers cannot pay, and effort to control or disrupt those services are impairment of charitable work by a for-profit company undertaken by competitors.

The riding leather jacket James wears to the office is a representative reminder of the duty of the firm (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) to help others regardless of ability to pay or social class.

It is a part of the commitment that the company sustains in its effort to continue to operate in the City of Ada despite this opposition, for the creation of jobs and revenue which can develop the community in concert with the plans of Orval Price and Witherspoon Finance; who provides offices there on Country Club Road for this purpose and interest in the future of the City of Ada - and whose daughter has been named and harassed by those persons in COMMERCIAL extortion in the taking of her grandchild Magnus Vincent Petersen from her expected protection in 2001-2019 by violence and concealment to extort her own father and mother during the 2001-2008 period of their infirmity and eventual death at the same location as the present SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. Office.

Similar objects in the leatherbound embossed King James Bible that James Allen carries - and long black leather and denim black coat - were gifts from Dr. Ann Klepper, M.D. (Pediatrician and Emergency Room M.D.). Dr. Klepper died March 2nd 2022, during extortion and harassment which isolated her from her family and made her last four months of life exceptionally harder, including her death.

The black sword used in convention promotion events and theater work, was a gift from Arnold Allen, purchased in 1990. It is very similar to the one later used by illustrative artists in the first season of BLEACH, and character living in the sword similar in the style to talks on animation and illustration done for audiences in the late 1990s, prior violence at those conventions in 2010-2022 supporting the child concealment fraud and led by competitor claims concealing the ORDERED POSSESSION to extort financial gain and seek to disbar ALLEN from attending events that SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. sponsored financially in fact to restart in Oklahoma.

These were all gifts given before 1992 (excluding the O.U. jacket) that became essential props for work , and their popularity in media and film associated with creative fiction and illustration, film, and later (1999) Matrix movies - are not based in fact on James Allen nor his family, but are wrongly styled as if a property based on such works in fraud to deflect from the military studies and theatrical work of the firm to provide quality entertainment and produts throughout the 1990-1998 business activity and 1998-2022 incorporated development of the companies with dedicated service and product groups delegated to increase oversight and build industry in the region for "creative intangible property franchise and software development supporting those works and tools", "network hardware and infrastructure middleware management", and "user subscription services with strong identity tools and authentication to create privacy named after the elements found in Revelations, a book of the Christian Bible".

The phrase "it was written" (Galatians 3:13) and other remarks to allude to the Christian text of the prior appear in the properties now registered with the Library of Congress, and in product names to confuse and frustrate athiest competitors understanding of the working concepts and goals in a manner similar to Cherokee use of the Cherokee language for Codetalkers in the Second World War; a way to protect information against a culture alien to the context of such works in their extremist "mental welness" doctrines and anti-individual collective extremist 'convictions' of State authority, as we see in the writing of the Petersen fraud letters.

As such, competitors are not expected to or by law allowed to make "speculative claims" about services or customers, nor to enter into such businesses under color of customers to research products and services in false names in Oklahoma. The refusal of access complaints and "show proof" demands are evidence of criminal malfeasance not allowed in U.C.C. or other Western private business; which appear frequently in the pseudo-socialist and bizarre writing of Donald Jonathon Beal and associates claims - along with repeated resort to the "passive voice" of communist propagandists so called "friendly advice" to coerce subordinate behavior and undertake direction barred by law in the United States and to other businesses.

Such direction (dominium directum et utile) is reserved to persons with genuine "equity" in a business, and to assert such demand or to issue quid pro quo statements observed in the letters of 2011 and 2021 and 2022, is extortion and blackmail felony acts in prima facie (first appearance), entitled immediate response per 22 O.S. §22-31 as its utterance or writing or publication is a crime witnessed by the officer and an assault upon the door of such institution entitled defense in action, notice, and all force required by law to arrest.

This conduct is similar to someone entering a retail business and saying to the clerk pointedly: "I'm going to take all the money in the register and the keys to your car," while holding a gun in their hand to show you it as a threat, and to suggest that by saying "Please" or "You should consider" prior, is a partial defense.

Rebuke Of Criminal Demeanor

Intellectual property officers are familiar with and very intolerate of this conduct as it is clear criminality, but our local police require additioanl training to recognize these form of provocations and distinguish them from causal insult or rude but protected speech.

The prior threats rely on this unsophisticated nature of our community, and it must be overcome to put in context the origin, motive, nature, and extent of harm that such fraud does and will do if not disrupted like any criminal enterprise.

Family and civil courts, likewise, need to be trained to recognize that the moment the matter becomes one of INTERSTATE COMMERCE or right to franchise in the commssion, occupancy, or ordinary duties of an office to coercion using or withholding a child, the matter is not a civil family law matter or afforded protection by such violation of ordinary DUE PROCESS and civil procedure not met in extended and extreme behavior.

Reliance on the court of any other jurisdiction or the past to changing events, to ignore child abuse in the present and evidence of that, or to demand money conditional enforcement, is a Hobbs Act Violation and Article II-6 Oklahoma Constitutional Law violation, and possible Constitutional Crime in violation of XXIII-1A; for which any civil tort or custody agreement has no legal power under XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule regardless of who it was issued by or why.

Failure to reconcile these criminal protections over civil and state and Federal interest, have made fertile ground for this religious hate crime evident in the letters, a violation alleged of 18 U.S. Code §249 in criminal matter themed conspiracy to commit a hate crime and lynching (harm without conviction, to deprive a person of civil honors without trial and Due Process, where threat of kidnapping or bodily harm is a component).

History of Hate in Ada

Sadly, we have not yet learned our lesson as a community from the 1909 lynching to the ongoing lynching of James Allen.

The criminal record shows how the insecurity of one person, given lack of law enforcement action and wrongly deemed harmless, can inspire others to carry out horrific deeds for which reliance on normal human dignity and compassion are no protection - and where those injuries can kill people in our community slowly and torture others to the point that there is no way to live in the community, State, or United States under such conditions imposed by EXCESSIVE FINES and lack of protection and threat of restraint over mere "hearsay evidence" barred by KELLY v KELLY (2007) but repeatedly applied as a custom to suppress such serious and ongoing International trade and INTERSTATE COMMERCE violations.

Elements of legal defined criminal genocide are evident in the letters, as the act of denying a thing including torture or abuse to suspend rights is even happening, is the war crime complicity with genocide in the withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION, even without the conditional ask-offer element of payment for return of a legal right falsely portrayed as the distinctly different "visitation" term, and that term "a privilege" subject civil law that could be suspended by a party without a court order - wrongly implicated to conceal the violation of ORDERED POSSESSION withheld from the Allen Family from 2001-2022 on hearsay and contrary facts of the case to require the court admit "wholly in default" finding versus Veronica Petersen is, without intent, ancient law of record in December 2001 exposing her non-attendance of the court hearings in 2001 to the end of any ordinary right to bring or sustain a suit - then falsified by Dee Miller in an Interstate Title IV fraud that obligated Federal Justice be afforded notice of the concealment of a child from 2001-2019 and ongoing concealment of the adult and all injuries cited by Donald Beal done to the child in such care, admitted in the letters obtained by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by Donald Jonathon Beal, a perpetrator in such removal and threats to hold away these 'rights' for payment, barred at law in all Federal Union member States.

False presumption that a 'network admin' is a title of authority, due to aid by other persons to support and uphold this authority while court records show fraud simple to income and earnings and conditions of living projected as defect upon the concealed child's alienated parent; sustain the emotional abuse complaint against Beal by Petersen and use of such trick to conceal also the location of Petersen from Allen despite no offense by him to warrant loss of contact.

Evasion of the court process is further evident, in the address on the return envelope given to the CITY OF ADA attorney to carry out this illegal search and seizure of James Allen in November 2021 to January 28th 2022; as being a POSTNET® establishment between a Florist and a Doughnut Shop on Inwood Drive in Dallas, Texas - so shown here from street-view - where employees verify they do not accept CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS as of May 23rd 2022 inquiry by phone; disbarring the legal service done on the CITY OF ADA as a fraud and proof of ongoing evasion of civil service to harass James Allen in the January 28th 2022 letter by Donald Beal used to extort and blackmail Dr. Ann Klepper and her family in identity theft and public demand for surrender of the liquidity value of her proeprty and estate immediately on death, and after concealing her grandchild in violation of a court order from 2001-2022.

D. Beal discussed this technique, in 2000-2001 casual conversation, before James Allen; and such conduct paired with threat of violence against the person whose report caused him to be fired prior 2001, did indicate some emotional abnormal behavior prompting Allen to ask Veronica Petersen to deny Donald Jonathon Beal all access to the 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX property.

James Allen cited fear for the children at this violence and criminal conduct toward others directly witnessed by Allen in substance abuse and violent language in a plan to assault a former employer for perceived fault of disclosing his hosting of pirated software on client computers for non-employees outside the company which resulted in his previous loss of employment and emotional breakdown before James Allen in the year 2000 in Denton County, and later abuse and bizarre behavior when providing drugs to Veroinca Petersen prior to her taking James Allen against his will in his vehicle on threat of harm to the child and transferring the children to Donald Beal - who refused there to allow Allen to stay and refused him access to the children in concealment - later fraudulently sworn "abandonment" for Allen leaving under promise that his child be returned and so in the care then of the mother, who had chosen to do this and demanded James Allen return with money if he wanted to see the children again - evidence of a mental disorder or criminal plan later sworn before Dallas County as abandonment (and admitted fraud in the letters observed by written report and delivery from a CIO of a corporate client on making such discovery transmitted into the State of Oklahoma to extort by Beal et al).

The use of a doughnut shop as near the postal center for evasion of civil service of process as a premeditated plan to conceal the sender in a clear and specific conversation raised by the Dallas parties was memorable, because of the premeditated planning then common among some 4chan (see Buffalo NY massacre relation group) revenge focused groups, and citation of the doughnut store as a "zero" character, meaning - you have no lead/no-evidence to pursue in computer culture groups use of the narrative tactic, discussed prior on Defcon Las Vegas Nevada forums in the 1990s where Alicia McMahon was aware due to her brother Shawn's role and work involving the SMOKESIGNALS COMPUTER CORPORATION and later LEGALSHIELD company as an IT person, prior Federal Express employment in Florida. Shawn was a good person who would not do this, but the information was discussed in the 1990s and thus recognized as a "revenge scheme" plan when mentioned by Donald Beal before James Allen, to indicate his membership in such activity and communities later evident in his writings and collective 'belonging' statements and assertions in letters threatening over 2001-2022 retained by the firm as legal evidence for legal prosecution or defense necessary due to his concealment and hold on a child of other employees and publication concerning that child to extort and menace and defraud customers.

Donald Beal repeatedly refers to this evidence retention as stalking, despite initiating these contacts and taking steps to contact James Allen using false names to conceal his and other persons identity, clearly evident to Kristen Mack P.I. in interactions in 2012 to promote and distribute the fraud in concealment then of the child violating ORDERED POSSESSION and to harm the COMMERCIAL viability of James Allen in his employment, services, and commercial and speculative securities in this framework and in an industrial degree in concert with COMMERCIAL COMPETITON as a party with standing per court record and employment history in probation showing his junior level work to James Allen's $60-$200 USD hourly approved and accredited valid billing pattern prior abduction of a minor child.

The information obtained by the FOIA request to FRANK STOUT contributed to the harassment and ultimate loss of access to James Allen in November 2021 to March 2nd 2022 death of Ann Klepper; and is incorporated in a claim on her estate as liquidation value in letters threatening void per 45 CFR rule Federal Law, received by U.S. Mail May 15th and postmarked in no way dated, on an odd day of service, alleged in issue May 11 2022 a new demand contrary PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT having sole jurisdiction over this sum and having not released such case for adjudication under UIFSA Rev 2008, an unlawful and false TITLE IV AGENCY claim to extort payment for a debt entitled 15 U.S. §1692g contest not complete; harassment of a DEFENDENT to overcome the estate of a parent and sustain blackmail to injury of the executor (a family member) by use of her legal name to do so in public threats impersonating her, and in impersonation of the dead Doctor, to carry out this fraud to profit from her death in probate and on the concealment in taking and abuse of an heir to possible claim on her estate a fraud evident to any person sufficiently versed in the dispute to exceed $100,000+ in spoliation and $67,500+ in direct demand not afforded by Law or authority of the office making issue of these U.S. Mail Interstate claims.

For such action to occur, a request to the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS would have to have been submitted in fraud; and Federal Agents are directed to look there for "show proof" of what prompted the May 11 2022 letter after April 4-16 and May 13 2022 ongoing threats by parties in identical manner to those acts of Donald J. Beal as attorney in public claims for Veronica Petersen prior found in 2011 use of JAMESARNOLDALLEN domains created in a criminal scheme and plan and pattern to this end, to defraud and conceal a child from ORDERED POSSESSION with injury and deceit to harm the development and welfare and estate of the child in perpetuity prohibited by International Law and U.S. Treaty.

As a corporation and business, any firm would be subject to consider the K&R risk of emplacing and investing in the community, where such basic protection of registered officers is denied or obscured and reports do not disclose the scope of such abuse - prohibiting the 4th and 14th Amendment safety of personnel with vulnerable access to accounts and services residency in Pontotoc County. Such matters, like incidents of loss over $1 million USD in injury to Edge Tech, affect the employment and property value of everyone in the Pontotoc County area; and are designed to force sale at a loss or under duress to such legal title by persons not enjoined a civil suit as collateral in fraud (586 U.S. ____ 2019 case 17-1091 pronouncement), to escape the abuse and harassment afforded the concealment and fraud against the public and the child, prohibited by Title 76 §76-8 Oklahoma Statutory Law.

Based on the telephone harassment of James Allen and Kyle Hibbs, which appears industrial fraud, and use of HALLIBURTON corporation as false persona a hiring party in solicitation into the state of Oklahoma in false name and representation as an employee there April 4 2022 to extort incorporating ERLICHINC.COM owned domains HALIBURTON.COM to do so, in amounts over $5,000 USD themed a bribe to engage in criminal entrapment, and in child sex images also transmitted to seek criminal entrapment May 13 2022 to aggravate James Allen via WhatsApp and FACEBOOK in connection to this pattern of abuse in criminal entrapment; there appears in use of images of BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE and impersonation of East Central University of Oklahoma students in such false personation of commercial and implied violent conflict; a clear activity to damage COMMERCE in the community and interfere with business development here in a concealment of a child and across State lines and using the U.S. Mail and by theft of Mail also documented December 2021, and unusual service (May 13 2022) outside regular hours for large sums of money in irregular process not granted force of law, impersonating the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, and to carry out in violation of Federal Law there TITLE IV AGENCY powers not afforded those specific claims or demands or amounts; organized harassment to extort.

A record of which in answer to public fraud is a right per II-3 and II-22, and in respect to the degree this impairs over $1,000,000 USD in property and investment from entry to the CITY OF ADA or ordinary and necessary guardian ad litum powers entitled to the custodian of an estate directed ordinary protection by design and purpose and ongoing will of vicitms, barred then by a fraudulent lien to deny without fee those powers of attorney over the estates for sale of POSSESSION and a false court process prohibited by 5 U.S. Code §706 rule to a lawful TITLE IV AGENCY and so also in Judicial Review a duty of the County Court to enter Ruling and end such abuse for cause, in exclusive power to find the amount owing and due solely upon the Law and exclusive of intent or whim of a foreign State to change that amount and being also barred from doing so - per 42 U.S. Code §666(9) rule; to not enter into fraud to make book entry such claim that is contrary a final judgment or discharge submitted as contract so evident to a reading of the form for construction of words and "operation of law" sole authority upon which a decision is ordinary or permitted.

In other words, "A legal reading in detail into record of the document, read Blacks Law Dictionary 11th Edition (provided by the DEFENDANT, on request, a physical volume) and rule in that respect to end the matter"; and would have been the first question at law in a genuine Pre-Trial Conference set by motion February 2019 and so witnessed by members of the gallery, of whom a witness stands prepared to testify did occur and was granted Fast and Speedy Trial without waiver and jury trial; not done - whereby default in a case incorporating threatened incarceration is automatic then per ordinary civil procedure prior 13th month from filing (December 2019) in favor of the accused, but like 01-17702 has not been so ruled - affording delay and amended increasing claim of damages.

The Court suggests in its authority to stand on ORDER STAYING CASE if it has cause or legal merit to doubt or fear of injury in excess of the authority of law, and no force is afforded the right to overcome that elected delegation in UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008, 120 pages) per Section 3 and Section 6; despite claim of a foreign or home State Attorney General. The instigation of such, in pattern of fraud, should be the legal question, but it again deflects from the more fundamental 45 CFR §302.56(f) prior filing not given answer, and duty to rule then the assertion refused legal answer for 36 months, as final finding of such case; denied now by evasion over 2001-2022 a duty of the court to produce the accuser and evidence for the claim in civil cause of action: "Abandonment" where the child was taken by force initially to conceal; and to find "fraud" thus upon such documents at: a Full Anaylsis of such confession. Whereat the perpetrators confess the conspiracy in writing before a CIO other than the family or parties already in the case, and in public address later admitted a publication of Donald Jonathon Beal of Dallas, Texas, father of a child with Veornica Petersen, who together and with aid have concealed the chld born to James Allen and Veronica Petersen from 2001-2022 in commercial fraud and to obtain employment predicated on this false public representation of material facts omitting ORDERED POSSESSION to the parent; styling the report of such abuse as a mental illness in furtherance of their commercial fraud and to gain public endorsement, and to impair endorsement in hindrance of the XXIII-1A rights of James Allen and his related firms systematically and in repeated and ongoing commercial interference and surveillance to annoy, abuse, extort, and disrupt recovery.

In light of such facts, the words "Terrorist Hoax" are really not very far removed, or inappropriate to abuse of Internet technology and employment and services to do this work upon any child, community, or parent in organized and industrial abuse of the Public Trust.

A reading of the unredacted criminal complaint, further, shows Donald Beal give a false name to officers then crossed out, change his signature in the proceding to confuse, and to mark 'x' on the signature line in protest indicating his sovereign citizen and Texas nationalist feelings toward the proceding and in his detailed account of his arrest, demonstrating the same emotional displacement of responsibility which he has systematically and with aid of others projected upon the parent of his child's elder brother, and to deceive and defraud the public of a commercial investment and securities opportunity for 20 years in a $70 billion industry rooted in Oklahoma, and to give foreign sovereign nations advantage over that domestic industry in this abuse by clear and concise design demonstrated mens rea of felony degree.

Mr. Allen is not upset because of bad character. He is upset because he is resisting abuse and looting of his parents and children's estate, in an active contest ongoing without police protection over 2001-2022, a 4th and 14th Amendment violation formally alleged.

The effort to style him as non compos mentis or mentally unstable or dangerous, due to his culture and language and to "vote" without hearing such fraud including a false conviction of a crime submitted by the State to carry a fraud in insurance against the IMF/CUSIP number borrowing to imply the worker is "paying" or "disabled" in SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION registry for false claim of insurance to cover the debt and credit line established by the UNITED STATES of orther Public Charitable Trust (PCT) - or similar theory.

From an Insurance perspective, submitting a person fraudulently to a REGISTRY to obtain a payment or ledger offset for failure to perform is fraudulent accounting on the Federal level, by the commissioned STATE AGENCY in criminal negligence of their duties set forth in 120 page instructions themed exclusive mandatory and superior law to State Statutory Code for-cause of payment and acceptance of payment in whole or part for the TITLE IV rules issued by Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 December 20 2016 made effective February 2017 or soon thereafter, prior November 2018 filing of a false suit to retaliate for 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.11(b)(17) failure to perform real or genuine judicial review of this case from October 2001 to present; a fraud.

As such, and "retaliation" to commit Insurance Fraud, the International Monetary Fund (IMF, known in contract also as "The World Bank") and other parties must look at the United States entire debt for this fraud, and to the Congress of the United States then as responsible party for its delegation of sole authority per 5 U.S. §101 as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to the State in limited commission disbarring any other State laws or terms or rights whatsoever conditional payment and use of terms like "child support" or "arrearage" to represent sums that are - in fiduciary examination - not those prior things and false write down of books and thus void in a genuine civil judicial TITLE IV review owing and obligated 5 U.S. Code §556 and 706 as "fraud" duly reported and per tacit agreement on failure to give proof, solely upon the state or petitioner per civil process "

Since PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN are the largest holders of debt in equity lending to the UNITED STATES, having $1 Trillion USD in capital stake each, or per State of Oklahoma Law 27.87% of the United States equity not loaned to the public ($22 Trililon in common sharehodler securities), and $1.3 Trillion in GOVERNMENT OF PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (aka Chinese Communist Party, aka CCP) and $1.03 Trillion in GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN as creditors outstanding public interest; then 15.35% and 12.1% equity in our present government - making PRC and NATION OF JAPAN "beneficial owners" if it were a moneyed company of the State of Oklahoma or subject to its laws, and based on a $22 trillion public write-off of domestic (i.e. uncollectable) debt in a domestic financial crisis (see debt clock).

To a party citing improper civil procedure protecting these companies activites in State of Michigan, State of California, State of Texas, and State of Oklahoma, subjected to the letters and threats and discovery we have been in 2001-2022 by employees of the prior "beneficial owners", in unfair trade practices, and direct competition by TENCENT GAMES and TENCENT MEDIA, and SHENZEN TECHNOLOIGIES CO LTD (a TENCENT FIRM, a patent gathering company); whereby such undue and unlawful influence were exerted as shown in letters by threat and use of name on behalf of NTT GROUP and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and franchise of firms in ICELAND and SWEDEN and NORWAY owned by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD in 10% equity at one time during these threats; gives probable cause to illicity monopoly practices similar to the TENCENT-SOFTBANK joint venture to evade W2 employment themed "gig" work and $7 billion UBER venture founded by those firms with Alibaba and for network exploration in the target markets with data capture a primary goal enjoined acquisition of SOFTBANK ROBOTICS in France for this purpose of design and sale to TOYOTA GROUP the guidance technology that MILITECH SYSTEMS of Ada Oklahoma and other firms of JAMES ALLEN are so keen to protect. And where such efforts then in NVIDIA CORPORATION merger with SOFTBANK owned ARM HOLDING CO LTD, who is 51% in common equity owned in People's Republic of China, a PRC corporation; and in such 2018-2022 deal settlement period apply substantial force to silence the 47 page FTC complaint disclosing such fraud in nexus of conflict of interest and export of technology to China through SOFTBANK sharing Director members with TENCENT and ALIBABA GROUP of China; narrowly defeat and reject that deal with aid of the United Kingdom in 2022 at a cost of 50% of the equity market share value of NVIDIA CORPORATION and $1 billion penalty; protecting manufacturing required by MILITECH SYSTEMS of Ada Oklahoma independent of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) and NATION OF JAPAN claims reflected in NTT GROUP competition with NORTEL and incorporated relationship to the proposed electric-vehicle self-guidance and features of regulations proposed to install a monopoly over transit and data exchange in the United States affecting the transportation industry.

When you know as much about the strategic aims and patents and disposition of the parties, as SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and MILITECH SYSTEMS have developed over 1991-2022 computer hardware and consulting for experimental operating systems, software, virtualization, parallel scientific and consumer computing, and real-time applications of augmented reality and decision tree guidance for multi-user real-time environments; the threat to the Justice and Peace of the State of Oklahoma appears far more serious in concert with FALSE PROSPECTUS claims against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its developed compartmentalized and isolated infrastructure licensed clients; and to disrupt systematically the network stack and media and identity services created upon those developments during 2001-2022 taking for concealment and abuse of a child without due process or legal civil cause of action; a fraud incorporating foreign unregistered sovereign agency in these IT groups and extremist behavior in recruiting, street-level violence and civil unrest, and normalizing violence themed HATE CRIMES among those organizations to isolate and seek to overcome and export technology and designs, documents, and franchise title incorporating other reserved and limited use of trade secrets which may be entitled patent protection and are suppressed due to the fraud in commercial competition by violence in the 01-17702 case activity styled a terrorist hoax against a business, a business owner, and a place of business on assumed disability or sexual orientation of a clearly and knowingly fraudulent public hoax and legal and civil fraud.

The effort in such fraud is evident in the demand to "measure income" and "declare publicly as if a civil hearing expecting contest or tacit agreement in silence and failure to overcome the public false PROSPECTUS claims on securities and credit of the targeted estate and commissions" while employing the collateral of a child to secure and gain public confidence, threatening objection ad hominem to abuse and intimidate, and even threatening children as our witness disclosed to attorney services in the course of such stalking and pursuit of associates of any degree with James Allen by as much as two degrees (people who know people who are known by James Allen).

Where such threats are Interstate, this would be a clear racketeering case subject Federal Jurisdiction on prima facie. Failure to report the nature of the case and to smear and misrepresent the parties based on a capital "interest" in deposit or earnings to qualify justice, is on face fraud and obstruction of justice.

A person under such duress will not be upbeat or positive, and are being tortured to obtain something of value and to disclose information by parties approaching them under false colors already; and doing so to instill a fear by the cold reception of such genuine approach some defect of mind or character in the targeted and abused person, for which law enforcement should be competent and move to discharge without sale of the court or other effort predicated on EXCESSIVE FINES barred to the State Courts.

This is settled law (SCOTUS 9-0). It is not subject to State or Personal Law or jus non-sequiter and is not obitur dictum (a thing said in passing, not related to the material fact of the case) done. That we are debating a 4th and 14th Amendment matter in concert with other 10th, 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th evident violation therein; affirms the strategy is having effect despite denial of wrongdoing in complicity by local, State, and Federal employees.

James Allen cestui qui vie is the parent entitled return and location and restoration of a child taken illegally. A party to the 01-17702 case of record, ironically, by entry to rule. JAMES ALLEN, the estate cestui qui trust of INTESTATE COMMERCE rule, a monopoly of the United States, cannot be used to restrain the living agent from his rights, nor to justify in abuse or record the themed images of the cestui qui vie (one who lives, the beneficiary of the trust) employed to suggest that his free exercise of his rights is a violation of law, to silence his speaking or testimony in a legal contest or matter of public controversy created by Veronica Petersen and Donald Jonathon Beal purposefully in use of his Christian Name to destroy his equity and XXIII-1A "Right to Work", or to overcome his scientific and industrial rights to property both real and intangible; as the images showing the person which read "James + Weapon = Murder" and other defamatory and clearly 2nd Amendment oriented crafted threats published to harm him and disarm him in a clearly motivated criminal plan uder color of law and a BAKER ACT or Emergency Protective Order "hoax" or "Fraud" (18 U.S. Code §1341). Not only does this damage the economy of the State of Oklahoma, but serves as Justice Ginsburg rightly and brilliantly cited, to "chill the exercise of other rights" by supporting EXCESSIVE FINES or forced labor to pay such fines that could improperly arise form a false lien on any property that is purchased or owned by persons as if it were permitted to be construed by any power of the Civil Court or States to be "collateral" solely due to its attachment to the prior cestui que trust in ens legis a LEGAL PERSON and LEGAL NAME.

This is not opinion or Sovereign Citizen talk. It is the RULING in PRONOUNCEMENT FROM THE BENCH of the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES in the 586th Session, duly made and unanimous in its authority.

All resistance or refusal would be then 18 U.S. Code §2384 seditious conspiracy, or in action or omission to refuse to perform a duty, 18 U.S. Code §2383 rebellion or insurection.

The terms given in explicit instruction of SCOTUS are clear: the payment is due only for the period, not cumulative, a fine under such authority made; and limited to factual income not imputed or other property claims whatsoever; and any property purchased which is done so with the reserve (35% to 75% obligated no interference post tax) shall not then later be entitled a book entry or civil claim as collateral for future non-payment, in any period.

This is codified in 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2), which prohibits collection of any amount by any means of enforcement not defined in §303.6(c)(5) there self-referencing, which shall be owing and due on the first day it is not paid therafter more than 30 calendar days after that day and exempt from incorporation in future sums as a new balance in carry-over accounting - which is fraud. To refuse this is to assert that a "FEDERAL RULING FOR EXEMPTION IS GRANTED TO THE STATE DOING SO, IN GOOD ORDER TO FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244", or that "THE STATE HAS NOT TAKEN ANY MONEY IN THE FISCAL YEAR FOR TITLE IV GRANTS, NOR IN ANY YEAR PRIOR SUCH FIRST ACCRUAL OF SUCH SUM AS NEW BALANCE SOUGHT".

Since neither is true in the prior PETERSEN v ALLEN claim, the amount is a fraud made public books by the State of Texas employee and outside the authority exclusive of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sole authority for that program, its terms, and its claims to the United States Department of Internal Revenue Services (IRS), a fraud in all amounts, barred since 2017 February in 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2) rule; and such case obligated close due negligence to perform the duties of the grant per 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17).

The parties who are attempting to intimidate the public, State, and Justice to ignore these facts and in deceit of other Nations to interdict in International Trade and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, do so in violation of the Laws of the United States. The State of Texas has "elected" to submit to this rule, in acceptance of $720,000,000 USD roughly each year, and is enjoined then contrary any "Texas First" rhetoric about it voiding laws or rejecting Federal Law and Regulation it finds contrary its illiterate application of 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule; and judgment elected in sheer ignorance as a final judgment which is not entitled cumulative application or future claims or costs, rather than the money judgement form that the Texas Legislature should have and probably incorrectly thought they were voting on that day in TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261.

Mr. Allen is not "in struggling possession of a legal remedy", meaning - a disputed claim entitled contest.

Mr. Allen is informing the parties and public and has so informed the court and U.S. Attorney, regardless of negligence to fail to admit the service of process or contents; to a "fixed remedy and obligation of public office a duty not performed, entitled remedy immediately and restitution".

Effort to misrepresent this authority or him for fraud then are misprison of a felony. (18 U.S. Code §4)

As a Pro Se, for himself, Mr. Allen can speak to this matter in PETERSEN v ALLEN, as a party to the case. (sole party not wholly in default, per the December 2001 ORDER, improper but uncontested ruling of Dee Miller, so made tacit legal finding of fact by this 2001 December to 2022 delay to correct unusual adjudication of a TITLE IV CASE, lacking a judgement and obstructing return themed general relief falsely to commit a fraud)

As a non-party, the publisher making legal claims against his person in the public on behalf of PETERSEN is acting as the effective (albiet unlicensed) attorney at law for PETERSEN, and before the public. Making the claims of legal juris and rights more evidence of malfeasance and false public office in such notices and demands for money alleged owing and due. We kind of always got the gist of this "jailhouse lawyer" act the grifters were pulling, but we found actual verbage of public notice served electronically to a real party of officer rank and into Oklahoma showing it in the letters reported now, explicitly.

Therefore, where such attorney in fact whether operating illegally in Oklahoma or Texas as a public law authority in the view of the public trust and a matter in which there is no standing as a party, this is fraud - in all 2002-2022 publications - and its claims as such void the debt and represent without a notice to the court to disclaim this attorney immediately within the 12 months since filing, a tacit acceptance that these legal statements made were authorized collection activity violating State and Federal Law to then by operation of law void any such civil debt, as the practice is prohibited and a crime and in excess of $10,000 USD grand theft on demand entitled enforcement to a felony degree, as well as to be support of such claims in any manner to dismiss them misprison of a felony on face.

This information and framework is rudimentary to an operating officer of the Peace of qualification for their office, per 21 O.S. §21-1305, or subject removal in report of their failure to act their duty.

Rather than seek to menace or coerce, this is to inform of the complex nature of the matter wrongly brought into "public controversy" and quiet the incitement of violence and animosity intended against JAMES ALLEN and the industry of that estate as it seeks to develop jobs and real estate in the City of Ada; and to overcome such fraud made public and in repetitious harassment to extort in intensive and unlawful unsolicited contact and in disguise and evasion of civil process a fraud from 2001-2022 carried by negligence of the State of Texas, and in acts which on prima facie appear to defraud and embezzle from the United States Department of the Treasury benefits and rights and protections afforded, contrary 18 U.S. Code §666, as a public policy of State of Texas and the Governor and Office of the Attorney General thereof; and to extradite James Allen so he may be quieted in his witness of fraud similar to TEXAS SAVINGS AND LOAN, ENRON ENERGY TRADING, and MCI-WORLDCOM securities fraud at businesses in Dallas Texas themed in value over $11 billion USD in Chapter 11 estimation, and $100 billion USD per year in foreign activity over 2001-2022 activity themed $2 Trillion USD in foreign commerce operating improperly in the State of Texas, in aid by State of Michigan, and in collusion and concealed relationship with State of California corporations made for that purpose as partnerships to those monopoly business practices barred by The Laws of the United States.

The United States Department of Justice nor any State Justice Branch do not have a monopoly on decisions regarding the testimony or determination of observed acts which are subject (and obligated) report; and is entitled only to intervene where such party claims that a person is "convicted" or "named in a grand jury indictment" or in the release "of the contents or deliberation of a grand jury" as did the persons responsible for the November 14 2021 site do in 2021-2022 May expressly and in writting publish; clearly in criminal conspiracy against rights and to sustain a Hate Crime in Ada, Oklahoma.

Obstruction of Justice suspends the clock on all statutory prosecution. Until a Title 22 Chapter 78 obligated Federal Investigation is undertaken, evident obstruction of Justice is present and witnesses for JAMES ALLEN have not been granted the deposition obligated and due such required Oklahoma rights (22 O.S §22-13) to regard any matter failing their incorporation or appearance in ordinary trial to be a valid civil procedure and "automatic mistrial" giving way to Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-2 and Title 76 O.S. rights of the cestui qui vie James Allen there in case 01-17702 of record, a party allowed before the court as a natural person refused motion and enforcement of the rights of the State of Oklahoma by Dee Miller, an employee of DALLAS COUNTY and STATE OF TEXAS; in a clear conspiracy against rights described in letter by the attorney of VERONICA PETERSEN in public address, a taking of a child.

May 18 2022 - GENERAL NEWS
On or about 12:19 am CDT May 13 the party did contact us again to send 10 threats, and then send an invite for an EVENT created about 1:39 am to run on FACEBOOK EVENTS to May 17 2022 at 1:00 pm, by user (fake) Vee Nyiva, to only one recipient (same prior victim), featuring a Japanese student being molested and user profile of a minor black girl.

All this tracks with the prior harassment, and user Vee from THECHURCHBOARD.COM the handle also well known of the party seeking $67,523.25 USD in a letter arriving May 15 2022.

The letter demanded $10,128.49 USD minimum payment due in 30 days, or threatened abuse of the Justice Department of the State of Texas and other acts barred authority by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and agencies commissioned by their $720,000,000 USD annual Federal payment to State of Texas in-consideration a civil contract owing and due complaince, per 31 U.S. Code section 3729(a) rule.

The victim filed a formal complaint to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT via Capt. Destry Musgrove.

May 3rd 2022 - GENERAL NEWS
Attack Report: We lost power in Ada on May 2nd 2022 briefly. I bet if you track what part of town, the area will correlate to the West Side of town. Our servers did not stay down - but the attacker did from 3pm to 11pm. All mass-bad-traffic is coming from the same advesary, obviously.

I hope they aren't trying to allege something from this stupid behavior. We use techno-tiger, which dynamically opens ports based on IP RANGE of a separate authenticated 4096-bit key to access services. If you are not prior authenticated, the port is closed to your IP address. If you don't know that and keep knocking it expecting to find an open port to "prove" a service exists, then you are about 20 years behind modern computer security.

After four solid years of this port-scanning SYN flood, it feels like a weenie dog humping my leg. Enough. Get off. It isn't going to find anything and now it just looks stupid. That technique proves nothing. Stop the embarrassment. It's like a woodpecker trying to penetration test a porcupine, and it is illegal activity.

It just screams "Notice me Senpai!" (SFW version) - Now scram! It's super creepy.
23 years - it really is over - go get a RealDoll™ or something. Jesus!

For more info, buy a clue about SPA vs old-school knocks.

(flips through dictionary for the appropriate non DSM-V diagnostic)

Yandere -

Someone who is clingy and jealous to their most pathological extremes, leading to criminal acts such as stalking, kidnapping, maiming, or murder (of you and/or their perceived rivals for your love).

"Yandere" is a combination of two Japanese terms: "yanderu” (to be sick), and "dere-dere” (to be lovey-dovey). The yandere is a popular character trope in anime.

This is why I am putting in more cameras (professionally contracted). This is absurd.


Central Files pulled a RESUME from 2001 regarding this, which shows claim of employment at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. after we discovered the PHONE BILL that shows it changed into the name of the suspect without permission of the company; and later complaint of falsely telling people on campus that they were 'my wife' (news to me, false).

For a 'competitor' with their own LLC, this confirms that such claims the company was 'not real' in fraud, looking for work USING THE COMPANY NAME AS THEIR OWN FORMER EMPLOYMENT HISTORY and for some very suspicious periods and claims, this conduct is 100% not acceptable.

The Oklahoma Tax Commissioned actually asked me if this person "owned" any equity in the Ada Oklahoma firm, and such claims evident in threat letters and public claims during the 2001-2022 concealment of a child. The only reason I don't nail that to a post right here is - unlike our competitor - we don't share their phone number or email or address, because we do not wish them ANY harm or public response.

I recall the boys in legal stated that in 2011 the same party claimed they did not know nor have a connection with the firm or myself, to feign stalking during commercial compeition activity and physical threats in Norman, Midwest City, and Tulsa (April 2010). Such claims have been reported again in 2022 April to me concerning activity in the City of Ada, Oklahoma, by official channels of law enforcement, in what appears to be a repetitious fraud and con-artist scam.

Witnesses gave testimony April 30th 2022 of such threats and confirmed they stand prepared to go before a District Attorney or Grand Jury to support this complaint of direct stalking and prior (2002) attempted kidnapping and criminal entrapment of two Norman residents.

I would advise you stop.

May 3 2022 12:50 CDT
After the prior notice, at noon I looked outside. There was a full bag of garbage thrown in my driveway by my mailbox. Contents show it was taken from 1 block away on the corner, per a walmart shipping label inside. Contained pineapple juice (resident allergy reported, requiring I personally go out and clean it up / rebag it).

A second resident has also been receiving telephone calls he describes as 'heavy breathing' this morning, and over multiple prior days. Yesterday, harassing calls concering securities and securities fraud were received also to my office. This is not ordinary behavior - and must stop. verified as of May 3rd 2022 this is prohibited since 2008 November 13th, and a violation to the specified number and pattern of harassment ongoing periodically since Nov 7 2021, similar to "stingray" phone pinging for location. In concert with other "nuisance" abuse and property destruction (mailbox, with a vehicle - July 2021 and 4 times prior in 2015-2021) and broken windows, this activity and FOIA abuse appears designed to damage performance of Ada City Police Department and OSBI support for our business in ongoing criminal activity paired with a written $41,000 extortion demand.

1:47 pm - blocked heavy breather called back using a new number. Yup. Not sexy.

April 2022 - GENERAL NEWS
April 21 2022

A Friendly Chat...
about a Fathers Day Card from 2001

When it was mentioned that "narcisism" is the claim, to excuse the violence in 2001-2022 concealment of a child - leading to the death of the grandmother and impersonation of the great aunt to extort $41,000 USD in November 2021 to 2022 April 16 ongoing threats; I have to take a moment.

From the first card given to the young (26 year old) father, before the removal - narcissitic abuse has been a very evident part of this fraud as far back as the Father's Day Card from June 2001, just 19 days after the baby was born and 16 days after coming home to 2502 Live Oak St #335 with his father, before being abducted in August and all contact suspended on threat of murder in September (just before 9/11); so witnessed by the tenant of 7750 Willow Winds Court #224, BLDG 24, who fled her lease after threats to burn the building and prior the actual detruction of the building by fire with the father's office and pets inside in 2002 during trial.

The card is noteworthy for two reasons:

  1. because it shows the loving family the child was taken from and role of the father before the abduction;
  2. because it shows the narcissism in ongoing abuse by the mother, sustained in public fraud for 20 years.
While this would be funny on its own, in context to unprovoked battery of the father on three prior occassions, one with a murder-suicide component witnessed immediately afterward by Christopher Melton Maidt; and another with physical injury witnessed by Mathew Grider and William Warner (Dallas Social Worker), these issues have been denied a court hearing to favor fraud and conecalment spanning 2001-2022 without regard to due process, any hearing afforded the Oklahoma parent where evidence was permitted or the other party or their attorney present at any time prior 2018 action by Clay B. Pettis to attempt to represent the case; and all Answer refused rebuttal while the case is sustaiend due to fear of a lack of authority to rule "fraud" granted overwhelming evidence of child taking and concealment from 2001-2022 contrary ORDERED POSSESSION to the father and evasion with violent Interstate letters to conceal the child and damage the Oklahoma business in an industrial and sustained ongoing effort as recently as April 16 2022.


April 19 2022



Harassment of our foot traffic survey for the social identity product under development for evening venues and events has resulted in a decision to cancel testing in Ada.

The product is a part of the application stack for admission and security for online server applications in virtual reality and augmented reality tools. The firm was interested in testing the product at several locations on East Main Street, West Main Street, and Broadway extending to venues outside of Ada near Byng.

Like Chinese social credit systems, this would afford venue owners the opportunity to report misconduct and prevent customer abuse, increase security, and create a method of enforcement lowering police burdens for development of venues against minor offenses, with voluntary enforcement and level-based selection of service. The device system expressly would allow code compliance and assist low-capacity venues to organize event rotation maximizing their earnings within safety limits; as well as provide overflow direction in real time similar to travel applications.

When our personnel visited venues, retaliation to falsify their intent or harass them for leaving due to performance or lack of performance and without contact was abusive. We registered this as sexual harassment, based on claims, and reported two instances of direct sexual harassment against staff during the process.

The Board of Directors elected that the risk of injury or fraud against the staff for this project now exceeds acceptable norms; citing competitor activity to abuse and direct contact November 2021 and April 4 2022, to terminate the project in City of Ada as unsuitable for the trial.

Employee reports of passing empty venues and opting not to include those in the study were subject to retaliation; which is unacceptable conduct to coerce business or impair other business activity and safety of employees.

If an SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP agent does not identify a group or persons suitable for work or commercial contact, they will leave after assessing the sustainability of the customer flow for product trial offer. Agents are not looking for educational certifications or specific genres of live bands, and will not remain at programs which do not fit the Heavy Metal, Rock, or other content central to project. Likewise, drug use or sales are not equitable for work with RED CAMERA EQUIPMENT or other sensitive equipment, and the agent may opt to withhold offers to any illicit activity without prejudice or negative report, citing privacy of all persons and public access.

Site survey personnel are not obligated to remain in businesses where narcotic use is so overwhelming it may linger on their clothes or hair or person; and are free to leave if they encounter conditions like this, even in open air venues. We cannot compel our staff to expose themselves to these conditions observed in certain sites.

Effort to retaliate for that removal and direction to more suitable venues and groups during this process of site evaluation ultimately indicate previous conditions pre-pandemic are not met by the present business practices; and competitor action to harass and abuse customer relations do not obligate continuing the pilot program in the City of Ada. The pilot program was a not-for-profit trial, with no fees or costs to participants, and for research purposes only in a national product offering and voluntary participation by select venues meeting our basic standards. The project had been under development for 2 years, and is now considered closed.

No video or personal information was gathered in this survey by our office, for privacy of all customers and venues.

Use of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT video surveillance to extort January 28 2022 in a premeditated Freedom of Information Act application was the decisive action compelling the company to end the survey - in apparent retaliation by one venue and against the registered agent's office after prior violence and theft of U.S. Mail, including shooting into the office damaging a window, and release of such video after the resulting death of the agent's family and to impersonate other members of the agent's family in extortion activity to defraud and incite violence in intereference with a witness and jury trial for $16 million counter-suit granted February 2019.

The Board of Directors of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, overseeing the network stack application deployment, undertook the matter on behalf of the representative SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP license owner; and voted unanimously to end service due unsafe conditions, April 16th 2022.

The firm cites 36 new contact attempts in ongoing stalking about 9pm and false use of identity to impersonate customers in extortion activity via social media, directed at specific audiences in the City of Ada area and age group to defraud.

The vote was 3-0, against further development or offers under these conditions. Directors represent alternative metro venue regions in the OKC and Edinburgh, Scotland area, as well as Ada Oklahoma.

The firm will continue to offer encrypted voice conferencing despite this conduct, due to existing customers, in concert with TeamSpeak GmbH. Video services for the planned comedy club broadcast service and music channel broadcast project are also suspended to those regional candidates until the matter is resolved.

April 14 2022


+ Tencent to block access to 'unapproved' games.

+ Sony invests $1 billion in Epic Games

+ Network Abuse in Ongoing Extortion:

Malicious traffic in rotating pattern from sources linked to the present fraud to extort, damage AT&T and Sparklight Business service, and threats upon TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. and demands for money from Texas parties concealing the child to impair business in the Okalhoma State Area and recent (Apr 4 2022) release of SSN and other information to extort using assets and hosting of a Texas and Nevada corporation with nexus to CANADA and ICELAND based fraudulent domain use in active extortion demands.

Relevant questions

  • Photo is NOT of local man, despite use of local name to extort.

    Photo used in impersonation of local HALLIBURTON employee confirmed to be that of DONALD J. BEAL, DALLAS TEXAS, who took and concealed the great-nephew of COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR C. LEE ALLEN, OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD, in 2001-2022 violating ORDERED POSESSION.

    Prior suspect employers include ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and TEK SYSTEMS account manager role documented in such fraud in 2011 Sept 7 admission of intent to extort, citing there also TERRABOX as co-conspirators in this abuse to injure the child. Idenitity of party further confirmed by illegal use of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to obtain records for extortion attempts including SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and DRIVERS LICENSE number distribution in video upon YOUTUBE, solicitation of persons, and false claims of military service and rank to extort.

    Present service appears to originate from COGENT COMMUNICATIONS client server known as direct LAN connection using and non-routable internal addresses per traceroute.

    Subject is a convicted substance abuser involved in a collission with an SUV from behind, served probation with veterans groups, and incorporated veteran issues into his active concealment of a child to intimidate the public and violate return of the child to the Oklahoma parent, whose person and father and two brothers of his father served in the United States Armed Forces - for business extortion incorporating threats of violence and false name, styled such mental health claims on assumed homosexuality of the Oklahoma parent (false) and later exploited schizophrenia organizations for additional information to incorporate in a fraud for employment and to seek disablement of recovery and all communication with the child.

    A formal complaint has been filed with the ADA CITY POLICE. Additional contact April 16 2022 in 36 counts prompted records to pull his photo from 2012 investigation for identical conduct in concert with Alicia Scarbrough and Brian Young on the same fraud and child concealment activity. Abuse began Nov 14 2021 after contact with Alicia Scarbrough at VINTANGE 22 in CITY OF ADA, and has been escalating since. Scarbrough and Young are both business owners concealing their identity to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as a competitor and legitimate business refusing extortion demands and equity claims already investigated by the OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION in the prior 1990s false claims and false ownership repeated in 2013 extortion claims to obtain MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES or forfeiture of the Ada Business. Demands today exceed $40,000 violating FEDERAL LAW, to extort payment held in a civil suit outside the court and by witness intimidation to escape discovery and counter-suit of $16 million USD duly filed.

  • Are we suing the County?

    Reletively speaking - The County filed suit under the name of a party voiding their immunity, because the party sued had immunity and was already suing the first party in the same matter in another County. So wrongdoing is by the County, but the party at law is the same party; then exposed to counter-suit per State agreement, limited by the maximum amount of the contract - themed there "unlimited" damages, and so also in Title 23 Section 23-9.1 class D subsection III rule, "unlimited damages", in addition to two counter-suit claims for threat to coerce labor or incarcerate for false debt fully paid and violating a $1.5 billion USD grant subject 31 USC suit filed complaint prior with the U.S. Attorney General for process. Where the US AG fails to act, the relator may sue the STATE OF OKLAHOMA on behalf of the UNITED STATES, and for 25-30% of that amount. This suit may be taken to all other states also, and in direct course is about $11 billion USD in net damages for fraud, showing a failure of the Legislature to perform a duty.

    In the counter-suit, versus the party, the STATE shall pay the credit awarded, per the duty to return such claim sole obligation of the present law, not the party - so the STATE would be obligated to issue payment for the prior, and the County responsible for the error (Fraud) would be their delegated party per page one under U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regulations, a civil contract between the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA; and also separately between UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS for $720,000,000 USD per year and 2017 to present principle amount.

    Since DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT CLERK "DAMARCUS OFFORD" improperly transfered the case, preventing trial in 2015-2020 and false suit was field in 2018 by PONTOTOC COUNTY employees as VERONICA PETERSEN then violating that pre-existing UIFSA section 314 immunity to suit prior and ongoing - in a pattern of refusal to comply with legal notice and EXCESSIVE FINE barred Federal Law since 2017, limiting such suit to $500 USD; and where the case was ruled and ORDERED to show the petitioner in default in Dec 2001; after which a new trial inconsistent with rule of trial was carried in fraud and double jeopardy to extort on violation of KELLY v KELLY (2007) rule, to create automatic mistrial in 2002 - no legal thing can occur or support this abuse whatsoever. More than a failure of procedure, the petitioner lied under oath and claimed to live in DALLAS COUNTY, and to have a child born in DALLAS COUNTY. Neither was true, and such fraud for a child that did not legally exist then sustained to conceal a real child taken by force and for concealment in kidnapping and to embezzle from the United States Treasure funds for that fraud over 2001-2022.

    Technically, the case has been attempted twice in DALLAS COUNTY, once in DENTON COUNTY, and once in PONTOTOC COUNTY (without jury trial) and to violate Fast and Speedy Trial, as the accuser and respondent never met at any time in a court of law nor were afforded any evidence or witnesses to the respondent - to create a TITLE IV FRAUD so entitled legal defense under Section 6, and failure to serve the correct venue violating section 3, of THE UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008); the case has been tried 4 times without DUE PROCESS and twice by false practice violating Oklahoma Supreme Court minimum standards to produce mistrial and to incorporate in false Federal Record a report of a criminal conviction at law which does not exist to defraud the Federal Treasury. These are non-negotiable, and void all claims sustained against the Oklahoma Parent, per 15 USC 1673(c) and 1692d rule.

    Initially, suing the COUNTY for their action would be the option, but in this matter the County Seat is a delegated arbitrator for a STATE OF OKLAHOMA agency subject strict delegated authority only set in FEDERAL REGISTER a term of the grants, and in that capacity acting there as the delegate of the authority solely held by the UNITED STATES in misuse of the claims and Interstate enforcement by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA. However, where County resources or employee(s) did conceal the report violating relief obligated hearings in 45 CFR basic protections, thereby destroying evidence to bring suit in retaliation, the COUNTY may be liable separately and presently are representing themselves by alleging to be the petitioner in the original suit, who was in default in that suit, prior filing to renew the case under a FALSE MARRIAGE claim in knowing fraud, prohibited by TEXAS STATUTORY CODE TITLE 8 Section 37.03 eligible full application in this UIFSA case a formal defense claim, and such order not registered per no REGISTRATION HEARING, a legally void instrument. Meaning the suit is brought against the party granted jury trial, but has no ORDER to rely on in this claim to show for the suit once trial is underway - and is a nonsuit (suit based on no evidence).

    Further, Justice Ginsburg for the 9 Unanimous Supreme Court Justices have prior declared from the Bench to the Material Facts of this matter, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, per this pronouncement. The Federal Law is very clear on these points, in 74 page instruction to stop, cease illegal actions, and comply in Dec 20 2016 notice representing the Supreme Law of the United States direct authority and delegation of formal powers in concert with the $1.5 billion Grant terms paid to STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Presumed immunity of the City, County, or State to civil suit is also void per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647, and to suggest no right to sue or DUE PROCESS is new offense in each count; a new claim eligible liability. Use of defamation or resort to 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 threats or claims prohibited would be further criminal activity to suppress the public right to be aware of suit and damages possible in such claims as Constitutional right to remedy and restitution, and 5 U.S.C. § 706 statutory rule to original error a duty to provide compensation to accomplish status quo ante bellum (restoration of all loss and standing and security and property prior fraud); and to assert "fraud" expressly. So such resistance to these notice and right to due process and suit is criminal should it speak to compos mentis under such evident and sustained fraud to obstruct justice.

    These offenses, in concert, would fall under the new Emmett Till Antilynching Act and conspiracy rule, and lynching any act to deny without due process and prior conviction, to punish - as prior prohibited in 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8. It need not require rope or death to be a National Hate Crime, to attempt to suspend that right to suit and punish or allege non compos mentis to evade a duty to protect or undertake jury trial in any case, or to intimidate a witness by serious bodily harm as I suffered in $15,000 injury w surgery.

    In short, COMES NOW JAMES ALLEN with Superior Orders for the District Court of Pontotoc County, to the material facts of their duty before the Supreme Law, on 4th and 14th Amendment matters alleged a limit of their power to fine or enforce fines by any State or Federal Civil Court. Honestly, I thought I was bringing doughnuts, but this is what I was given.