• April 4 to May 15 Harassment to Extort by Competitors
    • DALLAS COUNTY ORDER cites summons and docket not reported on RECORD, in text
    • DALLAS COUNTY ORDER admits Respondent announced 'ready', onset of trial.
    • DALLAS COUNTY ORDER improperly names Petitioner as Respondent, void.
    • DALLAS COUNTY ORDER enters legal fact Respondent gave birth to child, whereat per case Respondent is a biological male and JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN cestui qui trust estate.
    • DALLAS COUNTY ORDER cites case is for a legal name (ens legis) child born in DALLAS COUNTY.
    • DNA for trial was from child born in DENTON COUNTY, a natrual child.
    • Estate fraud is not only evident, but due concealment for 20 years a fixed legal finding.
    • Ancient Law, a ruling over 20 years ago, may not be subject change after refused challenge for so long by STATE OF TEXAS - whereby the Respondent in case 01-17702 is found to have given birth to a child while never being legally or biologically female, and so fraud or a scientific miracle evident.
    • Respondent contends that if this LEGAL CHILD is real, and an "unnatural child", it is a SOVEREIGN FOREGIN NATION IN PERPETUAL TRUST, and entitled rights under International Law as an abandoned property of the creation of the UNITED STATES delegated authority to Dee Miller, and a child salvaged by James Allen, making it the legal property of James Allen since 2001 December creation and distinct from the DENTON COUNTY natural child and LEGAL CHILD made in 2001 May by MEDICAL FINDING to be the child of JAMES ALLEN also without duty or obligation to retain his son - promised and pledged to be born in wedlock prior flight to evade a duty of that promise to extort and falsify a civil wrongdoing upon the estate JAMES ALLEN by Veronica Marie Petersen, agent of the estate to whom the child was born and ward of JAMES ALLEN in 2000 August to 2001 due abandonment of her job and illegal eviction for cause of her home, an incompetent person with a diagnosed mental health disorder concealed to obtain these benefits and in violence sustained to coerce Allen to support her disorder and substance abuse thereafter evident and compoennt of removing the child and flight to DENTON COUNTY with his natural child as hostage.
    • The Father cites the King James Bible only in interest of asserting the felony degree and heinous crime nature of such abuse from 2001-2022, employed for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES by his competitors of record and to overcome his commissioned business through fraud and cruel and unusual punishment incorporating emotional and psychological torture on a level of a national and International Terrorist hoax and false debt to detain and force labor and support a debt-bond over his person enjoining him to the land and courts from 2001-2022 falsely made and sustained by his competitors jointly, including use of assumed mental health and sexual identity which are wholly manufactured criminal fraud and a HATE CRIME per 18 U.S. §249 and prior Oklahoma Law (21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8) and to disarm and incarcerate him in concert with fraud to apply holds on hearsay only lacking DUE PROCESS and in DOUBLE JEOPARDY by design alleged criminal per 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 activity, for which debt in civil court has no legal right to stand or be retained to record under 15 U.S. Code §1692d rule and 45 CFR §302.56(c) and §302.56(f) rule. CITATION FOR CONTEMPT filed, violated UIFSA Section 314 and Section 6 defense was refused by PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION under color of law, and extradition to face trail without protection of Oklahoma rights alleged sole remedy contrary UIFSA Section 3 obligations and lack of REGISTRATION HEARING in an unregistered foreign order of support (having thereby no legal authority to be enforced over a resident of the State of Oklahoma since 1970-2022, ex juris abuse to violate his Oklahoma rights not reported or enforced by PONTOTOC COUNTY nor STATE OF OKLAHOMA nor UNITED STATES.)
    • The humor and Biblical scale of such fraud, as reflected upon by the victim, has been misrepresented maliciously to deflect from material facts, themed per TEXAS STATUTORY CODE TITLE 8 Section 37.03 felony activity alleged in pattern of court and attorney and public legal claims to conceal the alleged Hobbs Act Violation (18 U.S. Code §1951) sufficient to qualify for a RICO ACT enforcement (18 U.S. Code §1961) duly filed complaint.
    • Further are such acts not afforded full or partial defense for "prank, joke, or other satirical use of 1st Amendment or capacity claims", expressly under The Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act where directed against a place of business or its employees or the public to impair a place of business, and a "Terrorist Hoax" in communication minimal, with acts of terrorism in directed solicitation and incitement to enter into and damage to property over 2001-2022 in a pattern to conceal a child and impair witnesses and intimidate witnesses and families refused registration by the court, State, and Federal employees in this process and region.

    Texas claims are deflection and concealment to withold ORDERED POSSESSION and Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-2 rights from the child and Oklahoma parent; in a scheme or plan prohibited by 18 U.S. Code §1341 and nonsuit filed on kidnapping and false address and falsified child (Born in DENTON COUNTY, not the child of the suit named as fraud alleged in ORDER Dec 2001 to be a child born to the Responent in DALLAS COUNTY, and the responent a male Oklahoma man (the first man to give birth to an "unnatural child"), for whom the DNA of a DENTON child was used to defraud and create a Title IV Cause). A natural child is born of the union of a man and a woman. This "unnatural child" falsely styled in the natural child's name, is therefore not a human child, and its disposition must be one of Sovereign National Character in Perpetual Trust, as it cannot age and will never naturally die, and is made by the Oklahoma man and has been kept since then - like an Undiscovered Country, and ancient law after 20 years unable to be undone due refusal of the court to regard the ruling over objection, a formal legal act of DALLAS COUNTY in legal finding then suppressed to defraud the United States for a Texas Resident and TITLE IV benefits embezzlement.

    Thus, that would make the Oklahoma parent the first man to give birth "legally", per December 2001 court ORDER duly made and retained in case 01-17702, DALLAS COUNTY by Dee Miller. Quite the "son of perdition" isn't it? (John 17:12) There showing the RESPONDENT (James Allen, of Record) rather than the NON-MOVANT (Veronica Petersen, RORN 12th Ed) in a motion before a competent court, is the party who gave birth tot he child named in the suit, and the sole parent before false claims following "Veronica Petersen, despite having been duly notified, failed to appear and wholly made default" finding of LEGAL FACT in December 2001 ORDER revealing undocumented summons and hearings concealed by the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT to carry a double jeopardy and 2002 false trial after the December 2001 "James Allen with attorney did appear and announce ready", signal of onset of trial ending then December 2001, or improper case sustained on a false claim of MARRIAGE to deceive, defraud, and create under the same case number a new case and to amend wrongly a "civil cause of action sworn abandonment now disclosed a fraud by the abductors in writing.

    A claim the child was "abandoned" after trial, to confuse the public with kidnapping and falsify a trial or finding to suit the original false swearing, is expressly clear fraud, ex post facto and a violation of the ORDERED POSSESSION in the case for 13 consecutive years and concealment for another 9 years.

    "While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled." (John 17:12)

    "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" (Thesselonians 2:3)

    The Bible (KJV) makes almost comical the arrogance, ignorance, illiteracy - and corruption of the State of Texas to commit this fraud, embezzlement, and public lynching with conspiracy and hate crime aspects, now evident in the order and the discovery of the fraud in ancient law (any order over 10 years old without contest afforded, settled legal fact) and escalating global crisis - a simple LEGAL FACT repugnant to the senses and all common sense, exposed by brutal misuse of law and abuse of the courts obligated relief on report not done, alleged misprision of a felony. (18 U.S. Code §4)

    see also: Definition of "Perdition" in KJV period language:

    The ORDER of DECEMBER 2001 shows not only a malfeasance of office that was later sustained by DAMARCUS OFFORD in false venue transfer to obstruct judicial review in 2015 to hide this fact, but in concert witht he fraud demonstrate a high level of abuse of the TITLE IV PROGRAM to aid in human trafficking and embezzlement alleged a felony violation in DOUBLE JEOPARDY and suspension of all DUE PROCESS (18 U.S. Code §666) with a $108,000 extortion and child concealment supported by State abuse to overcome the will and inheritance of Oklahoma victims, and interfere in INTERSTATE COMMECE and International Trade - alleged a Hobbs Act Violation.

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