April 21 2022

The fraud in this case would seek to deceive the public into not questioning why a newborn baby was taken from 2502 Live Oak Lofts Suite 335, Dallas Texas 75230 (USA) in DALLAS COUNTY, and transported to DENTON COUNTY prior October 2001 for concealment.

Central to that are the medical records showing the child ("Baby Boy Allen") resident then in DALLAS COUNTY, and the child born in DENTON COUNTY at Trinity Medical placed there after release to the home of the father of the child, who paid for the costs and was present at all medical appointments due to his belief in the promise to marry made by the other party prior the date of birth and renewed and consistent promise to marry up to the date of abduction to conceal the child;

Despite the mother's infidelity admitted prior such abduction, and $10,000 payment to those accounts receivable via the Oklahoma firm targeted in this abuse and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, as underwriter of the Social Security Administration funds removed for that relocation.

Fraud to suggest there was no 'family unit' or 'family relationship' then concealed from the court, are evident in the 2001 card endorsed by the party to acknowledge the family unit and relationship prior taking to conceal in fraud, themed abandonment, from the county of registry to concealment with Iva Petersen according to sworn affidavit of the petitioner.

Effort to further style the father as "narcissitic" when the prior is the card purchased by the petitioner to give to the Oklahoma father, comparing him to a newborn before snatching the child after accepting payment from the father and child's grandfather - monies taken from the retirement fund of that grandparent to aid the family in the move to the City of Ada where the extended family lived, had business practices, and the company was based who paid the bill for the pregnancy also known and funds accepted by the mother, a loan in collateral against such interference in parental bonds, then broken and attempt to defraud the public as to the legitimacy of such large loan and expenses incurred exceeding $50,000 USD.


The new mother couldn't even spell her own child's first name, because she did not choose it. It was from the Latin, meaning "Great" or "Magnificent", chosen from a list of names she had asked for in the manner she had prescribed, and in her demand to not use the father's last name out of a desire to have a boy.

The middle name, Vincent, means "Conquerer". The last name, suggested if not either parent's surname, was "Veritas", the Latin for Truth. So the child's true name proposed by the father was "Great Conquering Truth", in the Latin. Not a name of a child one did not care for or want or accept. It was inspired by the father's love of Vincent Price, the actor, and a fondness for the little robot in The Black Hole (Walt Disney 1980s) named "Vincent"; who was small, but brave.

The child was 13 lbs at birth. The labor short. The doctor almost dropped the baby because he came suddenly as the father stood in his suit, looking for instruction to help and prepare. The nurse at the December 2001 DNA test told the father that the child brought by the mother in December 2001 appeared emaciated and underfed, while the mother refused to communicate and used the father's company phone provided by him expressly to contact the father at no cost, purposefully running up a bill that could not be paid and refusing to return the Ericsson handset.

The mother's family teased the child would be called "maggot" or "Big Vinnie", and tried to make these claims to intimidate the public into some delusion that the father did not love his child and rejected the child. The child and sibling had been brought to Oklahoma during the pregnancy, and introduced as the future wife of the father to relatives, including Staff Sgt Robert Arington and Ann Klepper M.D., and to Ruth Ann Taylor and her family.

The child was taken while in route to stay with those family members by threat of harm and taking control of a car to abduct the father against his will to a place to conceal the child. Demand he be allowed to stay and remain with the child were refused by VERONICA PETERSEN and DONALD BEAL, who did then in knowing fraud sustain a false claim that the father "abandoned" and so describe this in 2003 to witness and so sworn in affadiavit also by a second witness at the scene; threatening then that the father would never see his child again if the parent did not leave and "return with money" indicating the job intervew with Rex Nichols of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma set for that day in Oklahoma - a pre-arranged meeting by Christopher Melton Maidt, an employee of Mr. Nichols and witness to the abduction.


Legal "abandonment" is the willful and knowing leaving of a child without care or supervision. The presence of the mother prohibits that civil suit from having legal basis, as filed in 2001, and such suit then in legal terms of DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, case 01-17702-R, is a "nonsuit" falsified by Judge Dee Miller to change the case from "Abandonment" to "Custody suit" without a new filing; and convert the prior legal answer to "abandonment" into a false defense to defraud the UNITED STATES on behalf of STATE OF TEXAS, sustained from 2001-2022 in extortion themed a perpetual attempt to collect a false debt and false trial, per "Kelly v Kelly".

DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT did not record the DOCKET for any 2001 hearing, while issuing an ORDER admitting that such hearings were done and the respondent READY for trial, in December 2001. The petitioner was found "wholly in default", and as such, no party had standing to resume trial in 2002 or sustain a second trial then illegally made in April 2002 and fraud May 2002 during forced detention of the respondent and granted 1 day of notice prior such fraudulent hearing due theft of a summons at 722 SOUTH HASKELL AVENUE there themed "TERRABOX", a company of improper registry.


TERRABOX CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER "Michael Marino" and CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER "Sarah Moore" remain prepared to testify, and have filed complaint with DUN & BRADSTREET regarding fraud to conceal their appointment as genuine officers of a company so presented before JAMES ALLEN in securities solicitation and false books then reported dutifully by the auditors (above) to JAMES ALLEN in refusal to certify the books for prospectus; after which extortion began and was recorded in agreement in written context between the child captors and the owner of that firm, later documented in September 7 2011 letter to extort sent to 72 attorney firm employees in Oklahoma to conceal the child during ORDERED POSSESSION not publicly admitted and integral to such fraud before the UNITED STATES, concealed by STATE OF TEXAS and refused enforcement at any time.

Officer Michael Marino remains on the board of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and is prepared to testify from the EUROPEAN UNION in this matter, 21 years later and during the entire duration a witness to this fraud refused court deposition and consultation to carry a fraud. Mr. Marino and Ms. Moore married, and live now in Scotland. Other witnesses have been systematically intimidated, and request to remain concealed until a DOCKET HEARING and formal SUBPOENA is made to afford their appearance, denied by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to carry this fraud from 2001-2022.

Efforts to discredit this witness list, such as alleging the witnesses are imaginary or "cats" or some other contrived fraud, are therefore criminal public fraud to extort; and incorporated to securities fraud in STATE OF TEXAS by TERRABOX and employees there, who did take and knowingly conceal the service of process in May 2002 after fire destroyed the office of JAMES ALLEN following threats to destroy such building by arson sent in writing to witness KARA METZGER.


Kara Metzger did witness the threat of murder against James Allen by Veronica Petersen, and remains able to give information if protected from such abuse. Metzger was the primary leasee on the building destroyed by fire in 2002, and fled citing fear prior this and before end of lease, leaving Allen there during the attack while her animal was still at the location. Employees of TERRABOX abused the animals rescued and that is documented by letters and vet bills to the name of the animals, contributing to their early mortality. Only one of those animals ("Kitten/Gauntlet") remains alive today, in Ada Oklahoma. The other passed in 2008. A black cat stands guard at the office of the firm holding the promise made to the little girl when she was last allowed to see Allen, "To return, and bring the cat."

Each black cat has kept that promise, and the symbol of the modern SEVEN ALPHA encrypted key hive storage system is derived from that promise to a little girl.

The effort to conceal that promise, and what it means, has been the basis for the campaign to falsely style no parent-child bond or relationship or family between the parties; and to extinguish that using fraud from 2001-2022 in total suspension of all communication with the children, themed parental alienation, over the objection of the child (documented, Psychological Report) and to deny the ORDERED POSSESSION and communication then themed a registered court order in the STATE OF TEXAS from which STATE OF TEXAS has refuted to defraud all custody, informtion, location, and communication between the Oklahoma parent and the Texas children.

This fraud was apparently sustained for $720 million USD in Federal Grants per year from 2001-2022 by STATE OF TEXAS, and $1.5 billion USD in Federal Grants from 2001-2022 by STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Changes in law in 2017 obligated the States to comply, and to undertake Legislative time to perform the Statutory Law Changes. They have refused and denied a duty, while sustaining criminal EXCESSIVE FINES and public fraud to support the prior child taking, including false report to the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION of a conviction for a crime against JAMES ALLEN to obtain such funds in 2019, voiding all legal demands by that action and in false and knowing report - and to coerce by threat of false imprisonment and loss of family and property and death of immediate loved ones - cooperation by JAMES ALLEN in this fraud against his will.

JAMES ALLEN acted to protect his grandparents, the parents of his adoptive family who were older by far. ALLEN was adopted by persons in PONTOTOC COUNTY who were 40 years of age when ALLEN was born; and ALLEN was taken away from his mother and father by force against their will, through fraud and false claims. The adopting family had Alzheimer's Disease in hereditary disorder, and both parents suffered from brain cancer which caused serious issues in his childhood home and adult life, with major foreseeable and substantial medical costs and expenses obligating his pursuit of a high income royalty-bearing trade to support his parents and their family. Family deaths resulting from this fraud in 2001-2022 include the death of his uncle in 2002, a career military man; and Fred Taylor, a produce company owner; and Ann Klepper, a pediatrician and E.R. doctor at Mercy Regional Hospital in 2022.


Very few people have the duty of carry for their parents when they are the age of grandparents, with no intermediate generation or other income to help. The very real threat of watching your loved ones die, and of their suffering or abuse in inferior care, as occurred to that of Robert Klepper, are ever present at SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS and other firms working with SEVEN ALPHA products. Fraud and harassment to serve "narcissistic" claims concealing this extortion, blackmail, and economic fraud to injur and contribute to the death of vulnerable elderly persons, in context to securities fraud and commercial activity by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS contractors and TEK SYSTEMS employees in the taking, concealment, and abuse of a child - including ICANN use of domain names to extort over 2001-2022 with no protection from law enforcement as is obligated on concealment of a child, and to violate XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" and the "Emmett Till Antilynching Act" punctuate the need for a 4th Branch of Government to take over the domestic Civil Rights Enforcement of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and interdict in State fraud by the courts to carry out human trafficking, forced labor, and the permanent removal of children from family units to embezzle funds and benefits from the UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT using the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION and estates created by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS, their personal propert entitled transfer or surrender, per "Flemming v Nestor" (1960).

In concert with threats of "bad genes" and efforts to style the NATIVE AMERICAN traits of the adopted child with the physical health and geriatric issues of the adoptive family as if a "blood relationship" existed to defraud medical care for the child and obtain controlled substances from 2006-2019, this conduct represents a fraud by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to kidnap, extort, blackmail, and coerce participation in the UNITED STATES LABOR FORCE which is both EXCESSIVE FINES, debt bondage, and peonage barred by the 4th and 14th AMENDMENT; on fraud sustained by the NTT GROUP subsidiary and "atlas", "saturn", "harpoon", "titan", and "patriot" servers created to support the fraud in concert with employees in STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and STATE OF CALIFORNIA themed union labor in XXIII-1A rule violation. Use of "real estate investment trust" proxy firms further to create DATA CENTERS offering prefernce to NTT AMERICA / COGENT to gain access to and trade in capital investment classes barred to the company on incorporation, support a need for Congressional Hearings and a Federal Criminal Investigation in Antitrust Violation aided by State Governors and Attorney General participation to suspend DUE PROCESS, documented in MALONE v MALONE (1970), "KELLY v KELLY" (2007), and "Turner v Rogers, et al"; and in refusal to hear cases on appeal in "MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES".


The Emmett Till Antilynching Act, in April 2022, expresses the ultimate use of this "racism, sexual defamation of gender to gain commercial advantage, and organized human trafficking to exploit monopoly access to Interstate communications as a utility contractor or carrier" for which conspiracy against rights is evident in concert with the prior documents, destruction of a family, and organized retaliation to dilute the trademarks, copyright, and commission of the Oklahoma firm(s) named in extortion to conceal this child over 2001-2022 under commercial activity and abuse of privileges and access to commercial routers and services in aid to a foreign sovereign government and their nexus with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, NATION OF JAPAN, and extremist elements in commercial direct competition and equity stake (10%) with those countries embedded in DENMARK, SWEDEN, THE NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, ICELAND, and by licensee to proxy in STATE OF CALIFORNIA and STATE OF MICHIGAN distributing such product under false title back into the United States in an intellectual property laundering scheme and to defraud real domestic firms (MGM PICTURES) of substantial property made here and set in Oklahoma (NEAR DARK, film) and other literature, books, and artwork of the parent known by the trademark "STRYX" since 1992 and in contract in 1998 in public and well-recognized use before multiple publishers (TSR, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, STEVE JACKSON GAMES, FASA CORPORATION); central to such criminal attempt to defraud.

There can be no BERNE CONVENTION when children are used to coerce fraudulent conveyance of property for export or foreign use to violate the franchise rights of Oklahoma writers, artists, and developers - nor patent or trademark derived from such abuse to exploit a criminal gain of public confidence, "ex injuria jus non oritur".

Where innocent inspiration may exist, it has no claim where injury to the author to coerce surrender of a license or franchise or whole title to work or intangible property rights are enjoined the taking, concealment, and abuse of the parent-child relationship; or to coerce and monetize such rights of creative industry to meet demands contrary 45 CFR 302.56 rule, void on face and false claims of an unconstitutional contract, prohibited per XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 in Oklahoma from having any legal force or authority or right over the true party and author.

The public may be unaware of the degree of this "premeditated fraud", a product of radical foreign sovereign influence upon certain criminal agency installed in the United States. Or of the use of major films like The Terminator already found to be derived from "Twillight Zone" scrips decades prior made. Or of the relationship of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products to the real owners of Judge Dredd (2000 AD Publishing), and how that "look and feel" taking is a plagiarism repeated over decades (1987-2022) fraudulently sustaining an adaptation without clear title; by force and to dilute the market, having no legal authority. Artists note where designs, such as the "Ridley Scott film Alien" are directly placed in toys and figures, characters, and derived work without consent; beyond a simple "nod" to acknowledge some prior work - as is incorporated in claims of new and wholly separate work from which new claims and broad claims are falsified. This is evident in the WHITE WOLF work of ICELAND, as well as GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP claims, over the pre-existing "STRYX" name.

The name is widely known for publications in the 1990s as author of several fan-based books, as well as original work PIRANNA GAMES and THQ product competitive play in communities, as is known for its use of dual GTX 8800 SLI card testing for the game "SPACE MARINE" among several titles - prior to adaptation and use by ASUS COMPUTERS for video cards and other professional gamer electronic personal computer components - also without license from the "STRYX@CHICKASAW.COM" owner of those online game accounts.


The name "HERR MAGUS STRYX" literally means "Mr. Big Owl", or in the proper use in signature "H.M. Stryx" is an acronym of the English Naval code "Her Majesties Ship", still emblematic of British Naval Vessels. This use was prior to the appointment of a British Citizen to the Board and their witness in 2002-2022 of the prior events, and is a "nod" to that Director's loyalty over the conflict. It is also a breif form of the name found in the full text of the BEYOND WAR books, as "En Sanguine Seraphim Primo De La Nephilim En Silentium" - which is loosely translated: "In the Blood of the First Messenger of the Children of God in Silence." Known generally as "The Sanguine" of Beyond War. A term that, unlike the WHITE WOLF use of the term "Kindred" was employed to designate the complex backstory and technology of the books main characters (antagonists) from more traditional public-domain elements in "Vampire" stories. The word "Vampire" is public domain, and cannot be subject to trademark - nor claims of any kind by extension. Competitors have instead used Latin in look-alike efforts to the same word (Vampire) to promote their product, and increasingly begun to shift their "KINDRED" trademark to attempt to dilute the "SANGUINE" mark - a registered word prohibited use in the literature and print in Oklahoma for such purpose and prior made use as part of the "BEYOND WAR" game and paper-dice version. This sort of emulation, to attempt to "overcome" Oklahoma literature character work, names, characters, and titles - is repugnant copyright infringement of a high order threatened in 1998 and 1999, and sustained using the child concealment to defraud the market and seek registry in other foreign jurisdictions to harm the original author.

Beyond War, Sanguine, The Prayer of Blood, and the character names are registered works by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.


The conduct of these foreign companies, and of those persons concealing the child to defraud, are therefore little more than gross commercial and academic plagiarism consistent with prior AUTO INDUSTRY and COMPUTER ELECTRONIC reverse engineering and imitation by foreign competitors. The BEYOND WAR product, MSE Server Software Stack for LINUX and MICROSOFT WINDOWS systems, and other property of the firm remain proprietary software subject trade secret law in the State of Oklahoma; and further covered by TITLE 78 in Copyright and counterfeiting of goods protections directly targeted by the child taking, concealment, and abuse to overcome.

No one is disputing the graphic work done by some artists, but the actual product claims and effort to emulate the core features of the BEYOND WAR system and its navigation, control, and signal system stack - which more closely resemble battlefield signal warfare and fire control, maneuver, and automation of real time combat systems for physical aerospace and learning computer applications suitable for real-world data processing and applications in drone and unmanned civilian and military roles; including key human-computer interface elements foreign to the design of all competitors "imitation and entertainment social games" distinguish the importance of such tampering with the family of U.S. engineers and corporations, firms, and intellectual property rights central to prospectus and securities development in the State of Oklahoma and United States.

The Sanguine are a model of ground infantry and industry applications based on a fictional future-war design, for use in training and environmental exercise of advanced signal processing applications and distributed compute environments. Use of multi-core parallel architecture and NVIDIA multi-core discreete process and ray tracing technology as vendors vital to this work, are therefore elemental to the project, and have been in discussion since the process prior to the child taking and conception of this child in Texas. Effort to use the child to overcome the work and force its diluted sale and false representation to harm the military applications and domestic development of such a product in the United States, now eviden tin conflicts in Ukraine and Donbas region; and in developing conflict with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to assert control over the industry and monopoly of goods originating in Tiawan (REPUBLIC OF CHINA); make the fraud even more serious in ongoing 2022 conflicts to extort, blackmail, and dilute the rights of the Oklahoma firms.


SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has literally worked with development of virtualized operating systems and the Linux Kernel and distribution of such tools via REDHAT LABS (an IBM COMPANY) from onset of those projects, through SLICEHOST and in stack development and marshalling applications with RACKSPACE, to develop a private platform capable of carrying out the feature set of this software application infrastructure. Companies like IBM have tried to do this, with mainframe single servers and blade systems, unsuccessfully, and with laughable outcomes - for the SWEDISH and ICELAND firms - who are engaging in the present support of this fraud in Oklahoma and ongoing concealment of rights to extort the Oklahoma developer after threatening them to sell their work and soliciting them to work for the ICELAND firm after the taking of the child. Other firms that solicited the company were Activision-Blizzard, at the same time, for the same technology described in the software model then, and derived (VOXEL) work implemented by MOJANG for sale to MICROSOFT in diluted engineering of the central technology behind BEYOND WAR.

We therefore consider these actions in fraud to be "breach of the BERNE CONVENTION on genocide and human trafficking activity" in publication to extort, false trial, and concealment of a child to coerce surrender of trade secrets. And pursuant to the "Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906, invoke the right to void all such claims and sovereign demands to coerce or compel the surrender of such works and industrial trade secrets under color of law, upon hostage taking, and organized refusal to afford due process or witness entry of evidence proving fraud for 2001-2022 concealment of children in that effort to extort our industry and hold our family in consideration as collateral for discovery of technology and specimines of work necessary to produce the product. Effort to buy majority share in the NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2018-2022 coincided with false trial in PONTOTOC COUNTY and illegal collection activity barred by Federal Law.

Further, disruption of computer equipment in supply and transistor manufacturing in Ukraine, in concert with targeted attacks on U.S. networks by Ukraine based firms, parallel the prior assault by the PRC and NATION OF JAPAN activity against 2009-2022 developed networks and labor relations systematically in State of Oklahoma; to support a formal anti-trust complaint and broad network access termination with all nations engaged in that systematic fraud to extort the property and techniques necessary and central to this system, its registered network security model, and to force disclosure of infrastrucure through withholding of a child to coerce a transfer of technology with dual-use applications to a foreign government or reverse engineering of such technology prohibited by the WASSENAAR ARRANGEMENT and other protections from weapons exports.

As the map indicates, not all nations are signatories to the WASSENAAR ARRANGEMENT, and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN jointly appear to be engaging in this coercive activity per NTT GROUP / COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, by incorporated agency in STATE OF MICHIGAN, and in coordinated activity with presence in STATE OF CALIFORNIA and STATE OF TEXAS via ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS, and other firms not-of-registry (TERRABOX) to enter into STATE OF OKLAHOMA and assault to disable the registered firms engaged in the development, construction, and deployment of the proprietary software and hardware services fundamental to this industrial product and its use in real-time remote-operated combat and signal system; contrary the laws of the United States and other State of Oklahoma regulations obligating the parties to cease activity and commercial claims where they are not registered or "real" businesses, or acting via unidentified "resellers" or other proxy or contractor(s) in the same core busienss across State borders and to interdict Intrastate and Interstate and International trade by such fraud to extort and use of a child to do so under fraud violating Federal Law and terms of Federal Grant Programs themed to be mandatory and exclusive use of such terms and fiduciary claims (45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0).

The Fraud to assert there was, is, and never will be a legal right to something, pledged and endorsed in legal signature - to support illegal taking - begins and ends with the prior card (see PDF also) of a material proof of a parent-child relationship established under promise of legal marriage and a dowry to support such union, then paid and stolen to conceal the product of that union and to suspend the industry and technology of the parent in a criminal and foreign export of goods and franchise to undermine the fundamental rights of the incorporation of the State, Union, and contrary written pledge to make law those rules and remedy by the Congress of the United States - for which the separation of our national character and deliberate assembly is both lawful and wholly worked in the concealment of a child and effort to overthrow the commission of its INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly in assault upon UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS to this end, and in the commission of INTRASTATE COMMERCE also duly assaulted in LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY demands to forfeit property and rights of public prospectus and credit for foreign export - a criminal interdiction prohibited by the Hobbs Act.

From which a separation of national identity is a reserved right (1906, The Enabling of Statehood Act) where such offense is refused record or registry and due process and other rights (4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 14th) denied in order to impair or control or coerce the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment so described by Justice Ginsberg for the 9 unanimous members of the Supreme Court to this material legal question in 586 U.S. _____ (2019) case 17-1091 pronouncement of judgment preceding the opinion of record entered by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES.


A legal question a father's day card could have answered, if the parties but afforded due process or a simple opportunity for the parent of an abducted child to speak before the Congress of the United States or its delegated Courts of State and Federal Jusitce empowered by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES per FDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 express limited and exclusive powers, an authority of disobedience not granted to the States nor reserved in their acceptance of such funds at any time in any part; per 45 CFR and 2017 February rule.

The right to "Any Defense", per UIFSA prior REGISTRATION HEARING, entitled therealso a motion to report the 10th Amendment invocation of the reserved rights made in the Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906; a duty to comply or void the incorporation of the State of Oklahoma and Federal Union; and both STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES as legal bodies made solely entitled to exist by those commissions - collateral tendered to the parties in the 1906 "Enabling of Statehood Act" for the formation of State of Oklahoma - now owing and due any resistance to heave to and stand down in separation and relinquish the land, territory, property, franchise, and sovereign authority of persons denied those rights or injured as described in the principle documents there made Supreme Law; to include the taking, concealment, removal, and/or transport to foreign lands not subject to the United States of the child of any person entitled standing under those articles - duly made in the admission of the paper above.


At law - there is no retreat. There is only 5 USC 101 rule of Authority, 556(d) rule of evidence, and 706 section rule of relief "status quo ante bellum" for which no fraud or spoliation (23 O.S. 23-9.1) has power to overcome in this matter, themed subject TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD.

For those who wish to take our children, in false belief that their injury extinguish such rights on delay or obstruction, the price is in fact a country born in their place. The ORDER (Dec 2001), names a child that is born in DALLAS COUNTY on the same day as my son was born in DENTON COUNTY - which had no body but was made at law a legal thing. I would suggest, as that child is a nation - and no duty owed or due per the Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906 for his creation, the fraud to suggest payment for such right is a fraud against the incorporation of the State of Oklahoma and Federal Union; and to deny the birth of a country that is the collateral owing and due the recognition of the right and authority to such separation chosen by the act of taking my child from my legal home in registry for concealment and to never be returned - a clause of law executed like McGirt v State of Oklahoma - done irreparably now, without relief or settlement for the fraud or other injury - a duty of the UNITED STATES to make registry and accept as friendly in formal nature; for the ens legis (thing) was made by their agent Dee Miller, Judge of DALLAS COUNTY, and afforded stand 20 years this December 2021, to make it ancient and of legal authority therefore unassailable now.

Know your words. Regard your endorsement to the letter of the language upon the note you tender to others.


Intent, as a legal act of will, in contract - like oaths - has no bearing later at law without estoppel to afford the same right to relent and to deny the claim against a person under greater coercion and duress. I did what I did, always, to protect my family from injury in this abuse and public fraud. To suggest it is more, for the pledge of a national character promised collatereal by the Congress of the United States to condition this State and its incorporation and Federal Union also in ratification of a poison-pill by such Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1, is not my error. It is just a rule of law, known openly as "operation of law", and the term - expressly (per Blacks Law Dictionary, 11th Edition) has no right to void its making upon "intent" just because the price seems high and the effect of the act exceeds the intended limit of the District Court or State or Congress or government of the United States so made or delegated in its franchise of the Federal Union.

Granted the nature of our competitor, and their perfidy and penchant for open fraud - the ability to have a fresh start and clean slate without treaty or other obligation already disclamed by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and their proxy firms and equity in our industry; is clearly the only moral and ethical way to proceed without breaking every treaty and agreement the UNITED STATES has made systematically, as the 45th President proposed was good and proper where the other side is clearly not acting in "good faith".

The question is not - is there a nation made by this fraud - but rather, upon what values do we as a People accept that our agreements, community, and society must accept or abandon all claims over a person and grim and unlawful 'in-consideration' arguments (jus tertii) over our own bodies, our homes, our creative works and inventions, our children, and our bond with them. If you wish to know what terrorism and violence and tyranny look like - just read the letters I have been sent and those published to suggest that the child taken from 2502 Live Oak St STE 335, DALLAS TEXAS and burning of 7750 WILLOW WINDS COURT #224 BLDG 24 DALLAS TEXAS 75230 did, or the threats to witnesses at 5945 FREDDRICK SQUARE, UNIT D, Dallas Texas 75225 after assault at gunpoint and attempt to confiscate the property of the Oklahoma business in a pattern of human trafficking witnessed by Michael Marino and Sarah Moore de Marino did.


I witnessed persons brag about pouring sugar into the gas tank of Mr. Marino's motorcycle before my own car was sabotaged during a kidnapping and carjacking at 722 S Haskelle Avenue DALLAS TEXAS. Mark Deaver also encountered force to try to prevent my removal and rescue from the location, so witnessed also by his assistant; in effort to prevent my escape from TERRABOX and recovery of servers and equipment owned by the Oklahoma Firm. Failure to regard these matters, or act in recovery of a child; under such abuse and conditions with written threats of extortion, under color of a STATE civil contract and fraud to suggest no protection at law not afforded arbitration via the court - is itself the real offense.

A nation that cannot protect people or children ORDERED TO THEIR POSSESSION from retention, unless they first receive payment for services or revenue to justify investigation, has no legal basis to sustain claims.

Nor do any nations assoicated with such act, in fraud and taking, or in infringement to dilute marks and product, hold as national registries any enforcement claims against victims of this form of genocide and criminal extermination of persons based on (mis-assumed) gender or race or other characteristic of blood or heredity - or to style the victim of such violence guilty by a relationship to the sick or injured or elderly to be subject to violence and denied protection of law.

It seems like God almost played a joke on the United States, putting an adopted child under this form of abuse, to make a point. The perpetrators are aware that I am adopted, and the claims to doctors and to obtain controlled substances based on "family history" to drug the child - are further recorded evidence of a premeditated form of child abuse and substance trafficking in PLANO, TEXAS; which the TITLE IV AGENCY and officers involved denied any duty to stop or report, and suggest that the parent not granted their blessing has no authority to stop the abuse of a child or demand the HABEAS CORPUS right to enforcement of an existing COURT ORDER, even if it is fraudulent in the making and void in the Federal Law, without accepting such standing for the demands as well as the other rights therein per estoppel and 42 U.S.C. Section 1981 (equal enforcement).


200,000 per year lose all contact with a parent without legal cause int he present AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION system of arbitration. More than Adolph Hitler killed in the Second World War over 2001-2022. Consider how that impacts the United States, and consider my message.

Our property is not subject to arbitration after removal on threat of murder or serious injury to a child to obtain possession. No amount of time, distance, or convenience should ever change that basic question - and all that this fraud has done is seek to undermine that central issue. The oath, and the Counties named, admit the fraud. The State, presented with this evidence, has not for 3 years done so contrary 22 O.S. 22-13 rule; and 5 USC Section 706 duty at law.

Any claims to any property that would be based on that lack of DUE PROCESS, including the failure to produce the accuser in a court of law, or hold trial without them for 3 years while the accused is held over and denied acquittal - is contrary Federal Law and State Law.

While I do not wish to remain separated from the United States, in any capacity whatsoever, it must be my duty as a minor officer to separate our property, goods, and persons from the abuse of that authority in fraud to overcome their rights and title; as the parties making the demand for such goods cannot be acting in the lawful capacity of the commission of their office or any government or State; or have taken that State and Nation so far afield as to surrender it to a foreign sovereign contrary its authority and commission, in capture and illegal use under false authority. I do not attack what authority they pledge, but cit only my place upon the square of the true commission, and advise that the parties "join me in the law", which is the level before my measure and where I try despite confrontation to remain with constant measure. For I am not the Architect of the Universe or the maker of the thing, but a seeker who stands upon the square - and I know without having to swear - even in darkness, the square is still there.

These persons would have you douse the flame and follow their voice, for it is convenient and pleases your desire to believe in justice. To prey upon pride, that you would trust in your own faith in others above the judgement and the measure, and rush to judgement with a rope for my neck because others call for it with sweet words and innocent pleas to appeal to your inherent good will. To protect the world from the threat of something they do not know, but profess to know best, and in that clandestine franchise rely above all other measures.

The choice between brotherhood and truth is the hardest test. But it was signed upon the keystone, made in the heart of every one, what a parent knows for the love of their child, should not be undone for profit or for indenture or endorsement of another - and to this promise to a child there is no statute that would bear we abandon our children to such abuse or injury - nor harm in their discovery of the truth, which was alleged the sole defense in 2016 to their return - that the discovery would do more distress than the fraud a cause to conceal them further by DENTON COUNTY on no hearing and no witness and no evidence; fraud.

A civil contract, and relationship so made by people, is not entitled a Court to break for no lawful cause; least of which is the tear that the truth might bring a stolen child.

These are the matters our Artificial Intellience work with BEYOND WAR ultimately seek to address, in context to the initial control and articulation elements necessary to act upon them; and by integration with our customer base to develop other skills and nexus of information from which human behavior and automated assist technology may be better developed with moral and ethical aspects born of the struggling possession of which prompted the effort to take, export, and destroy the technology if it could not be obtained for foreign sovereign purpose and application in 2001-2022 fraud.


In essence - we teach machines to love and fight. The question is not how. The real question should be, "Why".

I hope this answers that question - and lays to rest any "narcissism" claims surrounding our artificial intelligence project for distributed signal warfare and combat assistance systems themed in the BEYOND WAR online entertainment product and SEVEN ALPHA secure network products and domains, identity systems, and augmented reality simulation tools for that online virtual environment project. Oklahoma Trade Secrets Law apply to these products, techniques, methods, and visualization systems - and will not be disclosed in open court to compel their protection or support such fraud as has been shown an illegal seizure of a child to extort and defraud AMERICAL EXRESS shareholders of over $60,000 USD invested prior to such taking; or other stakeholders threatened by the present fraud. The death of any stakeholder is grave, and in the loss of my foster mother to this abuse, and in recent April use of her name and other members of my family to extort and blackmail, I am wholly disgusted with the ongoing conduct of NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and ICELAND to sustain this criminal fraud over 2001-2022. Real people are dying. Tolerance for those claims or their excuses to extort and blackmail industrial capacity do not afford any lesser respect than that of an invading nation engaged in acts of war and ethnic genocide through COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and TEK SYSTEMS employees activity.

We will hold the nations responsible for such abuse of their franchise, and regard the acts of their people support genocide and securities fraud in context to the deaths and loss of children by our family in perpetuity; a knowing and criminal fraud to extort a vital technology and undermine the ordinary and basic rule of law in patent and copyright necessary for civil co-existence of sovereign nations. It is my most sincere hope that our weapons meet you on the battlefield one day, and pay our regards.

This is not an intent to do harm. It is just the natural consequence of ripping apart families and abusing people until they die of work like NAZI bastards, when the name of that designer is Kalishnikov or Allen. I don't have time - frankly - to explain it better, as I am needed now: to help others I will not expose to this fraud. So I will return to this later. Go watch the movie (Kalishnikov) and get the picture. This was, and always will be, a very bad idea - to mess with someone's family. Nation or not. By making this about "RIGHT TO WORK" they have made it about business - not family law - and that invites the franchise which grant license to that sole liability for the action of their commissioned officer(s). Whether those are a party to the act or not, the sanctions model works only against collective national interets - not individuals. Your boy screws up, your country gets cut from the roster of service as a whole and in all matters in future. It is the only way to apply correct (national) liability for industrial espionage and sabotage activity against a business shielded by foreign sovereign jurisdiction.


Another way to look at it is this: Iceland has 367 thousand people. Ukraine has 44 million. The Russian Federation has 144 million. Only one of these nations has not participated in harassment of my company and family. Donbass (Luhansk and Donetsk) have 4.1 million people I like more than ICELAND now, by far. You do the math. Or play one of those Swedish strategy games where they try to rationalize collaborating with the Nazis the last time Europe was undergoing genocide by blaming a lack of manpower.

When you ask why, just look at that Father's Day Card, and remember - someone lost a child because they were "Russian" rather than "Ukrainian" - over the same garbage racism that Texas has been holding up in 2001-2022. With over 1.5 million new border crossings in 2021 and 50% of them from countries other than Mexico, will Texas hold up to counter-intelligence remote signal systems and technologies used by persons crossing the border? The science predicts the outcome. But the violence warrants the lack of concern for the State of Texas as they already took children from our family and expected us to forget or move on. As of 2022, there are 1.7 million undocumented migrants in Texas alone, and those people have not tried to harm my family or children as Governor Abbott's policies have. So the conduct of these companies from China, Japan, and Sweden are higher on my list as a material threat than the collapse of the Southern Border to unlimited unmoderated immigration. Before that "community" gets here, small towns like Ada should regard the need to improve their security and take control over their own policy and security, including the use of identification systems issued locally and for local business to encourage stability and reduce crime among a civil common public. Especially to keep aggitators and criminal "con artists" preying on children out of our establishments, meetings, and events - as my firm has had to adopt over 2003-2022.


It is deluded narcissism to think I build tools "just for me". My vocation is industry and enterprise software applications with database services and disaster recovery, security, and privacy protection of managed information in real-time systems and process automation. The tools we are building will help people, by and far, by class. But despite that, there are still people trying to say this is about those of us who are already injured or wronged, and fail in their itty bitty mental illness to see the product is a global application and we will give it to anyone willing to resist the fraud that those human traffickers in Texas, Michigan, California, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, China, or other country "selling children" and predicating social and legal rights on "in-consideration" forced participation in labor to enjoy ordinary contact and influence with a child. As the abductors of my child once said, when they do away with my employment I won't be able to provide for my child - so that would prove I was unfit as a parent, after the fact. That is the core "delusion" of rights-for-services behind these criminals supporters, and a central tenent of Japan and China that must be rejected for the United States to surivive. It is contrary "mental health" to suggest otherwise, in those countries, as selfless work is proof of the "value" of a person, for which the "reward" is a bond with their child not made into a more productive "utility" (dominium utille) of the State.

This is why the law (45 CFR) and UNITED STATES official notice of terms (FEDERAL REGISTER) declared such claims illegal in 2017. Because there are enough States who are willing to look the other way for $2.2 billion USD in grants with no oversight in their use (just look at the TITLE IV budget in Oklahoma, its a mess); and no agency (a Branch of the Federal Government, like the Justice Department only focused on this form of corruption exclusively and from outside the jurisdiction) to provide oversight.

It is too late to get a better government or a Constitutional Amendment. We've move on, to "The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906" already. Perhaps one day we can move back, if there is still a United States (country) after the present government (UNITED STATES, at law) is done looting it.

When this struggle began, the debt was $5.8 trillion. Now it s $29.6 trillion USD. You tell me - who's winning? We used to laugh at John Travolta ordering a $5 milkshake. Now that is reality. Blaming fathers for that, when you rip their kids right out of their home without a warrant and refuse to let them speak to their parent contrary a signed court order - should be a damn good clue - after 20 years of that fraud. Ask who the abductors work for, and you will get your answer. They also deny you have a legal right to your child unless it is granted by a court, even if you are married or the child is in your home, contrary Oklahoma Constitution (Inherent Rights) and express law (Title 76, Inherent Rights and 76-8 rule on parent-child-relationship).


This has been going on a long time. It's just marked with a card, now. To commemorate the day. Signed by Veronica Petersen, before she abducted from the home of James Allen his child, by threatening to get out of the car and carry the baby into oncoming traffick. That's the person you are dealing with, when you let them tell you a story. The same one posing nude by the side of a public pool with a man, who is distinctly wearing shoes the child's father has never worn in his life, and drinking so much she would have died if she tried to leave Deep Ellum in that condition to return to The Colony. If I had not, with Sean Wayne Pike, saved her life by convincing her to not drive home drunk - none of this would be happening. But someone else would be dead in all likelihood if we did. All this comes from my stopping someone from killing themself - twice.

Not everyone is as mean to me when I do that. But they do call me narcissistic for talking about it to defend myself and what I have to do next. Because I'm going to eventually be unable to tell that story, or explain why I did it. That's what my software is for. Not just to assist in aiming and pulling triggers, but to understand basically why. Because I was defending people, other stakeholders, elderly persons, people with real illnesses (cancer), and the abuse over 2001-2022 has been nothing but an attempt to hasten their death to get what others want and inflict the maximum harm. I have watched too many people die over this to be okay, after that. I have been forced to tell this story over and over - and as a result, that card to me means as much as the number on the arm of a concentration camp, or the teeth in a box, or the boxcars full of shoes at Auschwitz-Birkenau. And the excuses now are the same as they were then - as are the people behind the claims - national socialist workers whose only unity is a diseased mind and narcissism rife with sociopath traits looking for someone to blame for their crimes.

The less on I learned from this is simple: We let too many survive, and some of them appear to be resident in the State of Texas, Michigan, and California. And the same companies who carried the cable that declared war on the United States (NTT GROUP) are in no way remorseful or changd since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagisaki. To the contrary, their people appear to be engaged in support of domestic radicals who share their beliefs, and will sell out the American people for an illegal claim on the "monopoly" of communicatona nd major network peering - so they can shut down any voice of dissent or criticism with a single complaint. SEVEN ALPHA products are designed to combat that. And that is why our core network technology actually bothers them. It is a viable alternative to a monopoly on transport and privacy, which holds different values than the Chinese Communist Party or Socialist government movements of Japan; and rejects the abuse and utilitarian populism now evident in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Iceland.

Nations that - even as Ukranians die - are profiting off the increasing price of oil to enrich their sovereign trust and public dividends paid out for that disruptive but ineffective response to war in Europe. The real winners of such a war are China and Japan, and the new economic block. War with Russia benefits only those parties. That is not a conspiracy. That is just the economic reality of the market. But it is an incentive, like the perceived economic success in Germany, to look the other way while the box cars roll by and people scream. And to say the same things as the prior century - that such people are "crazy" and "this is for their health" to take them to a place where they can "be helped".


Before you accept such claims, ask yourself what "help" means.

It means my child was abused for 20 years, so he never knew his family or the better years of their lives in our community, despite clear knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease in their future; and the urgency to go then quickly (2001 August) back to my home and bring my child; so they might gain the benefit of prior generations (an M.D.; an electrical engineer, a chemistry professor, a Command Sergeant Major of the Oklahoma National Guard, a Staff Sergeant of the Oklahoma National Guard, and a business which was built to support them and had for the prior year to the extent of its credit and so made vulnerable when the abduction was planned and executed full well knowing it would cause a $50,000 default to AMERICAN EXPRESS investors to detain the father in Texas against their will. We began to get letters in 2007 which detailed the plan to physically abuse and style me as mentally ill by DONALD BEAL, which were then carried forward in 2009 and 2011 by Alicia Scarbrough and Brian Young. In that time, when the child was ORDERED TO MY POSSESSION, those acts were crimes obligated prosecution. What we have today, is obstruction of justice - nothing less. And the product of that, in concert, is the loss of all confidence in the public recognize the reality of the situation or the welfare of such persons under fraud sustained in 2021-2022 ongoing threats to extort.

The Doctor, my child's grandmother, is dead now. Other specialists passed on. Death has been a constant companion inches away for years, fighting to survive after major brain cancer for the surviving parent, complicated by the health and welfare issues of surpassing 80 years old.


If you don't know why I fight - or who I fight for - you don't know me.

But before you pick up a weapon, just know - there is a lot more fighting to come. And I still carry my little girl's photo around, and keep the card from 2001. I also still have the cell phone, which went with the one that was stolen from my company in 2001 and on terminating the service after that, did Veronica Petersen call me (from a house with a phone) screaming in a psychotic rage that the house she was staying at (then allegedly the same house with the phone she was calling me on, per her claims prior, owned by Iva Petersen) did not have a phone - admitting her lie and fraud in that one act just prior to threatening to murder me if I ever attempted to see or speak to the children again before KARA METZGER.

This was a threat that Veronica Petersen has sustained with the help of Brian Wolfe (TERRABOX.COM onwer), Donald Beal, Alicia Scarbrough, and Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma. Who, in 2010-2013, threatened jointly to coerce me to not tell the public about this through the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY while the child was ORDERED TO MY POSSESSION according to the documents discovered in the 2018 filing to again seek to silence my complaint and disable my company coinciding with bidding to acquire NVIDIA CORPORATION.

We therefore do not allow those people to have contact with the family, nor have any of these persons had contact, contrary false claims to pass off a power of attorney during medical incapacity of my dead mother as if it were a guardianship over my persons, in ongoing (2022) fraud to extort; alleged as a material fact to a legal matter then a violation of TITLE 8 Section 37.03 on face - to deceive and incite the public to enjoin the fraud. I have about 51 other projects on the roster, and could use qualified help in those - but the conduct of these persons to interfere with our hiring and recruiting at regional events and shows where the company prior PAID to sponsor their operation, underlines the scope of organized labor intimidation and management intimidation the groups have engaged in - often using juvenile things like "Steampunk" or "family friendly cosplay" to approach and entice minors and young audiences to sexually explicit promotions, shows, events, and "underground" activities similar to those we once saw in a legitimate use on 23rd Street in Oklahoma City and 4th Street nightclub theatrical events, tabletop games, and collectable card games. The artwork attracts audiences friendly to narcotics and trafficking, and affords a good introduction to the commercial front of such activities with back-office connections to OnlyFans and other adult-oriented venues, events, and performance work exploitive of minors and young adults - and to suggest sex work as a viable alternative to support those habits and make extra "easy money".

Because my companies and I do not approve of this, and never have, the conflict between our commercial and business back-office service and those industries has never been positive prior to State legalizaton of marijuanna. Now that those businesses are public, and I have a user named FRW33D monitoring my TWITCH INTERACTIVE streams despite banning that account and hundreds of alts over 3 years of harassment, the presence of such conduct and solicitation damages permanently any relationship or hiring of the public in City of Ada and Pontotoc County.


Impersonation of East Central Students in 2011 and 2013 prior, using a similar fake name to impersonate local job candidates, makes this 2022 April fraud appear virtually identical to the prior threats that brought about a motion for a RESTRAINING ORDER against DONALD BEAL. Instead of recognizing the error of such conduct, Mr. Beal literally portrayed his conduct as an attack upon his person by the father of the child he was concealing; and fraudulently claimed he was losing $500/day just to appear in court. His probation record shows his earnings were $15/day according to his back child support, and his fraud to present himself as a qualified engineer appear to be impersonation of 2001 pay stubs for $60/hr and 2000 hours paid to JAMES ALLEN as a Senior Software Engineer for Nortel Networks via PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES. So this is sort of a "Catch me if you can" scenario, both of impersonation and public intimidation, including admission in written letter and on the stand of his acts to send 8 million ICMP messages to our network and tell Judge Kilgore that he simply pressed the wrong button to cause such a multi-day abuse of AT&T services to disable their contract with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma. ICMP messages can only be sent 1 per second unless additional specific commands are entered.

The public should be aware, therefore, that claims to support this activity will be regarded as criminal activity in any respect, and enjoined a child stealing act to abuse and conceal the child - who remains missing and endangered as of 2022 violating the ongoing ORDER themed to be a valid order by STATE OF TEXAS in knowing fraud. The child's whereabouts, welfare, and discovery of the nature of this fraud to extort his parent are unknown; and it is alleged that the firm aiding Donald Beal has assisted in concealing the child using GDPR laws from the European Union to obscure basic information ORDERED by Dee Miller to be provided to the Oklahoma Parent, which DENTON COUNTY claims in fraud to have suspended due to no fault or wrongdoing of record than threat to incarcerate the father if he did not enter into a temporary agreement for negotiation and from such terms the Texas parent then terminated all participation and fled, protected by STATE OF TEXAS in her "bad faith", to sustain such claim in 2016-2020, including time beyond the age of majority of the child to suggest an illegal violation without due process of 1st Amendment Rights.

State of Texas styled these claims under the fraud that no negative information, including cause for absence of the parent, could be shared with the child or it would be themed wrongdoing - effectively sustaining the fraud to uphold the "reptuation" of the Texas parent and accessories after the fact to defraud the child; and to rely then upon such fraud to suggest the child's will under deceit constituted the child's best interest, excessive abuse of public office to defraud.


Constructive termination of parental rights, with a lien/debt-bond instrument, is therefore evident in this fraud, and a form of improper TITLE IV CAUSE evident a duty to terminate the claim per 45 CFR §302.56(f) and 303.11(b)(17); which PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT is obligated to execute in ruling, as the UIFSA court required to hear the UIFSA Section 6 defense for 'fraud'. A duty not performed for fear STATE OF TEXAS will simply repeatedly re-apply until they get a new judge they can intimidate or pursue the matter in other States; forcing the parent of the abducted child to remain in the City of Ada and State of Oklahoma for the duration of such abuse to enjoy any protection from harm.

Every Fathers Day, we come under attack from those networks in DALLAS at the location of the January FOIA, or other COGENT COMMUNICATINOS / NTT sites; by which I have come to know the location of many of those data centers in Australia, Italy, Israel, and Singapore. Sites like the Panama faciilty and Omega Building, as well as address space of and DIGITAL OCEAN, are used to bombard our network in a constant flow of SYN packets to high ports in ongoing rotating source addresses to busy our NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION (NAT) tables and impact service and cover other brute-force login attempts exceeding 3000 per day in many instances from well-known sources.

We practically brace for the impact, annually, and see activity surge on major sales days like Black Friday and Christmas, in what appears to be a tradition of organized targeted and collective computer crime by the group related directed threats.

This is why I am always busy on holidays, rather than with my family, and part of an ongoing and long-term strategy to aggravate my office and personnel into a false presentation of emotional abuse; evident in the letters, threats, and 36 contacts on April 16 2022 in ongoing criminal unsolicited intimidation.

Knowing that these domains trace to ICELAND, then to ATLANTIC.NET and SHARKTECH.NET, via - affirms our concerns that the servers "" and "" are principle to this LOSTSERVER / LOOPBACK0 activity; and such names similar to "WINSOCK" used to confuse and deceive law enforcement in this pattern of criminal activity dating back to 2001 in the concealment of a child.

All to conceal from a child, the card above, and what it meant to his father; who still has it 21 years after the abduction. Odds are, when the two work duty trucks came to our door May 20 2020, that card and other files are what they were after. This is why we have a second party on-site 24/7 to ensure that there is a witness to such planned home invasion efforts, after report of similar plans in 2001 against our office on 925 East 9th Street in the City of Ada were relayed by a trusted informant. Similar break-ins at homes in the prior 2010-2013 extortion, sustain a pattern of these physical threats, and in concert with five mailboxes and shooting into the window of the business after sending public notics in 2009-2012 to direct people to do so, we regard all persons involved in those threats and tampering in 2015-2021 July destruction of U.S. Mail, and 2021 December theft of U.S. Mail, to be culpable.


Any firm employing these persons, therefore, during such ongoing and active criminal intimidation to impair our hiring and staffing, will be regarded as potentially involved by association, network service abuse, and may be blocked from contact or network services immediately without further evidence. This includes nations of origin where we deem such traffic to be substantial and abusive and organized, such as those named in our complaint for NS1.SHARKTECH.COM and NS2.SHARKTECH.COM traceroute.


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