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By this time in my life, I thought I would be reading "Snarfquest" (a comic serial, by Larry Elmore) to my grandchildren - not quoting Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg in her oral arguments on the limited powers of the civil courts and statutory law a duty of the states to compel they cease abuse of powers detailed in Turner v Rogers et al (2011) or sovereign immunity claims not made lawfully versus STATE OF TEXAS in due process already settled law of "Malone v Malone" (1979, OK Sup Court) or "Kelly v Kelly" (2007, OK Sup Court).

There are about a million other things I'd rather be doing, but a child needs this to be said, who has not seen his father or grandparents in violation of law for 18 years without cause. So it will be said here, now, and in the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION where the City of Ada is now and has always been located, per McCrist v STATE OF OKLAHOMA so ruled this July 2020.

It's odd, seeing the borders restored, but necessary - as we must regard Article II section II-6, of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, such incorporation and ratification of this right a protection of all persons in the UNITED STATES, that remedy in full is a duty of the UNITED STATES and all member states of the Union, not permitted their estoppel or administrative review any claim to disbar the Constitution of this or any state to persons in the United States or its territories and protected reservations.

That such statutory law has limitations, for which obstruction and fraud using modern mass communication may create delay not ordinary or lawful; to defraud, deceive, and abuse the rights of persons not subject or conditioned the civil court (76 O.S. 76-1, 76-6, 76-8) and to admit no right to limit the power of the peopel so injured to pursue their own relief and protection (76 O.S. 76-9) against such injury as the acts described in United States Treaty (The Convention on the Prevention and the Punishment of the War Crime Genocide); or the taking of such equity and suffrage rights by fraud not a design in stimulus withholding in 130,000 cases in Oklahoma as of 2020, illegal per Federal Law (45 CFR 303.100(a)3), and such acts consistent with planning of Genocide, complicity with genocide, and the act of Genocide on the taking for perpetual concealment of even one child from CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION or any territory or state without legal cause a RECORD (5 USC 557), and void (5 USC 706) for failure to make claims of an ordinary and civil procedure (5 USC 556(d)) in the carrying away of hostages for concealment in foreign jurisdiction hostile to the people of the Great State of Oklahoma and of the Chickasaw Nation Reservation.

These acts prohibited in the Lieber Code (General Order 100), to the preclusion of "a return to peace" after such hostilities, and the disregard of the rights of other men a duty before any law or order not met in those cases; war crimes on face and a renewed hostility not permitted the surrender of prior grievances or conditions made the 'peace' against which the Union exists; to include the destruction of the graves and monuments made to the disregard for the equal treatment of beligerant parties and combatants a condition of 'the peace' between the Confederate States of America and United States; and to such instigated act of War by STATE OF TEXAS, an incorporated state, who was in prior conflict the last party to surrender in the attempt to overthrow the Union and first to act August 11th 2001 against such Union in open war now evident in our streets in Portland, Seattle, New York City, Dallas, and other State business centers.

The question is not "North versus South", but "Constitution versus other theories of law and morality".

When the rights of even one no longer matter for the benefit of others, in any degree; and the exercise of the rights of one may quash the same rights in others to the threat of violence and bodily harm a consequence of their free exercise, is war the state between our people and any force or authority defending that act against the People of the United States, the American people, or any people of any tribe or nation that upon this Earth should stand.

The risk to one is not sufficient to warrant the surrender of another, nor compel their surrender of rights and protections to include their body and person, for the welfare of the economy, estate, or INTERSTATE COMMERCE grant no such power to the state to overcome the individual person; and such claims are barred in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA by statute, are a foreign theory of law, and alien to our country.

Where your education lacks these principles, it is incomplete, in our position - and a fraud. The welfare of the state and liability it assumes upon itself is not the duty of the people to deliver in substitution of their protection from encroachment against the individual liberties of any one.

Where we place the profit of a deed above these preservations and boundaries of human suffrage and dignity, do we justify crime and offense for pittance and destroy the value that is beyond any right to fair market claim, a proprietary franchise of the individual from which all our enterprise exist solely to ensure and sustain. And against such attack or abuse are all our labor and our procedes diluted should it result in real injury to even one at the expense of the franchise reserved to another.

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