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In the 1990s, our community group ran TSR events, promoted products for FASA Corporation, and helped introduce products in tabletop and live action theater similar to the very well known Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Efforts to malign this work in abuse of our children and minors at regional events forced law enforcement members to take a step back in 1997 from these events, as traffickers targeted families and property of persons acting as gatekeepers at these events.

It is with great fondness I recall Mr. Langly of our local comic shop taking a baseball bat to warn a drug dealer to stay away from his store and children there.

Unfortunately the risk and real injury to staff exceeded any benefit our charitable causes could generate, and so conventions wound down in the late 1990s. Narcotics and drug trafficking for-profit emulating our events in Georgia and California, and from Texas and Arkansas, further pushed our community away from public events.

Traffickers and pedophiles targeted the younger children in the same way Ted Bundy had, soliciting such events prior adult-oriented fan gatherings and concert like atmosphere as 'family friendly' and a 'good place to drop off children and young teens' - employing their peers or unpaid volunteers in place of the off duty law enforcement officers who staffed prior organized charity events.

When this conduct became extreme, our group pulled our funding of the 2007-2009 events, citing threats against our donors including violence to obtain funds not authorized or offered to SOONERCON at that time. As other older events likewise wound down, or ended suddenly as with the death due to cancer of Trek Expo hosts, the resentment among the community began to openly show its hatred for older persons and promoters opposed to state legalization of drugs and other 'ages 13 and up sexual content standards' brough in from China and asian countries via U.S. based sponsors in Texas and Michigan.

For reporting and opposing this, those companies employees began to act in an illegal organized labor activity against Oklahoma members, relying on radical Democratic tactics to threaten families, children, and property - now evident and visible in CNN and MSNBC coverage of riots in Portland and Seattle themed "ANTIFA" extremists.

We had been facing this abuse since 2001 in Dallas, Texas, and view the activity as INTERSTATE RACKETEERING by for-profit promoters and criminal organization to emulate real businesses in cover of drug distribution and human trafficking not tolerated by our generation.

At 45 years of age, we are 'Old D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) players' now relics of the past before Internet games and 'Death Celebration' eSports replaced our community fully. The stories we have to tell are to this generation 'hoaxes to emulate their favorite company, brand, or app', like "The Matrix" (1999), and their common core education leave them unable to believe in any reality other than the one they were sold and told about by their 'authority figures'. God forbid they open a physical book or talk to an old person about what really happened. It has been serialized, sanitized, and made for television to be real in their world.

Among those things are the violence and injury of human trafficking and debt bondage, modern day slavery, and abuse of public courts where community interest 'own police' in the same manner that gangsters and organized criminals or Big Oil once did. There is a collapse in the law enforcement and courts of our country, to the extent that it is being blamed on racism but arose from apathy and contempt for the needs and injury of individual people over the 'touted collective welfare' and 'great works' of socialism.

If you speak out against this, violence and death threats, made behind anonymous and child-like names are the result, and your safety falls to you and you alone. The police are afraid to act, afraid to investigate, and afraid to ask questions.

When my car was stolen in 2017, the ADA BUSINESS that knew the person holding my vehicle threatened to file harassment for asking where the suspect might be reached; and I suffered $16,000 USD in injury recovering my vehicle. My friend, $300,000 USD in surgeries thereafter. For a $24,000 USD car. This is the state of our legal system, and the problem.

This failure to protect ordinary persons is why we cannot let strangers into our homes, our back yards, or disclose to the public any of our hospitality as we did once; because there is no guarantee of security or protection afforded by modern Law Enforcement. The 'cost' of prosecuting crimes against individuals does not meet the 'returns' for the City or its enterprise, that we must take up such duty ourselves but continue to owe the state our loyalty despite this?

If you ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you'd know that relationship between the people who dwell outside the castle and those who dwell in it. As well as what role 'adventurers' play in such campaigns that are not filled with magic and fantasy justice.

The reality is: sometimes one person has to do something to stop a lot of people from doing a bad thing - and that person isn't always popular. In fact, protecting just one kid from a bunch of other kids (or adults) is a very dangerous job.

It isn't a job anyone wants. But D&D groups have always been a refuge for hurt, abused, neglected, and injured kids. People the courts and law enforcement refused to 'see' and due to their age or economic class refused to protect. It's war, for those kids and the families destroyed by that dereliction of duty. And War never Changes.

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