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Originally we were members of the local Computer Club (C64/128 Commodore) and Apple Macintosh User Group, who engaged in tabletop hobbies and demonstrations for Web Comics and Games in Ada, Oklahoma in the 1990s. In 2003, we reserved the domain to protect it from scams - common against United States Municipalities who were slow to secure their branding at a critical time of Internet growth.

Returning to Ada, we hoped to organize events for the community independent of education and economic class.

However, violence against our families and a false publication in 2002-2004 seeking to deceive the public in an ORDERED POSSESSION of a child, for purpose of concealment of that child illegally with violence reaching into our county and business activity obligated a public notice be made - mainly to dissuade incitement of violence now evident in 2020 riots and radical socailist targeting of persons and businesses.

Because of the direct threats of violence and murder in ongoing court cases and Federal fraud in such matters, our staff identity is not public information.

Our staff have given testimony in child abuse and vice activity targeting minors, and as such are being targeted to deflect lawful investigaiton of abuse of disabled persons, minors, and false claims to injure and suppress report of violence against children and vulnerable persons. Please keep this in mind in all such claims.

A community site featuring content on United States public policy and conflicts in the City of Ada, Oklahoma. Privately owned and operated. Not a publication of the incorporated municipal City of Ada.

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